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  1. Suggestion Name: Support for one of the winter addon. Namely: "Clean Roads" Suggestion Description: Grimes, the author of Frosty Winter Mod, developed and released the Clean Roads add-on.The files with the instructions were posted on the scs forum. Addon Clean Roads for American Truck Simulator was released yesterday: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1663010#p1663010 Addintionally, Clean Roads addon for Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released today: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1663357#p1663357 Added: 12.02.2022 15:40 utc: {Recently the author of the addon, Grimes, also posted addons on his official blog along with instructions as well: Clean Roads Addon v9.0 (ETS 2) https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ Clean Roads Addon v4.5 (ATS) https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/frosty-winter-weather-mod-ats/ } Any example images: source: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1663357#p1663357 and https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1663010#p1663010 Why should it be added?: It is an excellent option for people who like order because there is practically no snow on the roads. The roads are in a much better visual condition than having only the main frosty file without the heavy addition. A more choice for players related to addons and a favorable option to take, in my opinion, nicer photos. It more closely reflects the current situation in February in many places. It is getting warmer, the roads are clearer. SCS only started promoting Update 1.44 yesterday. So before the next posts are finally Open Beta, then Update for single player and finally support 1.44 on TruckersMP. It may take a few weeks or much more. Common sense dictates: there is no fear that update 1.44 will be released on TruckersMP in a few days and the work on supporting the addon: Clean Roads (1.43) will be ruined. It doesn't take long for developers to support individual addons. 38 days left until spring season begins, which is quite a long time.
  2. So I installed the Winter mod a while ago, and I thought I deleted it. I don't know if I missed something when I was removing it, or if this snow-like dots are part of the server right now until winter is over. Anyways, if not, I need help finding the files from the Winter mod to remove it.
  3. Hello, i did everything like shown in the guide but i dont have the winter mod in game... and yes I did it in the right folder, documents>ETS2MP>mod. I tryed everything, reinstalling truckersmp and the whole game several times on any harddrives i have but it still doesnt work. I even created a new ingame profile cause i thought it could be something with my profile, but thats not the case. I guess theres something wrong with the link between the mod folder and the actual game, but like i said i reinstalled everything several times even on the same harddrive, nothing works. Is there anything else I am missing here?
  4. Good morning / night! I wonder if the 1.39 winter mod is compatible with the 1.40? I don't want to test to avoid failing my game, and I preferred to come here straight to get a clearer answer. Thank you very much in advance!
  6. So there is the winter theme but not slippery, and that is the reason why I wanted this mod. The files (frosty_heavy_winter_8.scs and frosty_8.scs) are in the right place ETS2MP/mod. And the mods can't be corrupted because I have reloaded both of them like 5 times, I have reloaded ETS2 and truckersmp, and it will still work. I have watched like 5 videos and non of them work, I have tried the (run as administrator and then press f1 but still no work. I have tried to rename the mod folder to Mod (I changet it back to "mod") still no work. So I dont know what to do then. And I have tried also this mod in singleplayer but there is not also slippery, so am I missing something or am I stupid? The winter mod is worked just fine 2018 and 2019.
  7. Guten Abend Leute, ich hab mal eine Frage, und zwar kommt diesen Winter noch der Wintermod oder nicht? oder ist der schon da und ich bin einfach zu dumm und finde ihn nicht. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Felix Tissen
  8. Хочу погонять на зимнем моде ,какой мод поддерживает TruckersMP?
  9. Hey, Leider habe dazu noch nichts im Forum gefunden, deswegen frag ich hier mal ganz naiv, wann ist mit der Wintermod zu rechnen? Gibt es schon ein genaues Datum? Kann es kaum mehr erwarten wieder im Schnee zu fahren. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  10. Winter mod doesn't work. I tried to delete the mod files and download them again 2 times but still, it doesn't work no matter what I do
  11. Guest

    Winter mod ETS MP

    Winter mod is allowed from ets mp now, or nope?
  12. Suggestion name: Make slippery roads in the wintermod Suggestion description: It would be nice to see slippery roads in the (next) wintermod. For example: when you brake, it takes longer to stop and when you accelerate your wheels will start to spin. In the previous wintermods the breaking distance was the same as without the mod (not that realistic ). Any example images/video’s: Nope (not yet) Why should it be added?: Slippery roads would be more realistic instead of normal roads (so 'non-slippery' roads). I also think more people would download the mod if this will be added.
  13. Hey I have problem with wintermod when i play on main profile (that i created 1year ago and that was prob my first acc on ets2) wintermod work perfectly fine. and now i was created new acc wintermod technicly working but physics not i tried to create profile without wintermod and later put it into mods folder ect but nothing helps someone know how to fix that? I put wintermod into right folder (ETS2MP\mod) even try to put into Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod also sorry for my poor english
  14. fizik modunu indirirken 300 mb civarına gelince indirme baştan başlıyor,diğer dosyalar iniyor fakat 1 gblık fizik modunda böyle bir problem yaşıyorum sebebi nedir ?
  15. Bonsoir, j'ai malheureusement pas de neiges qui tombe, elle est au sol mais meme la pluie ne tombe plus je ne comprend pas . merci d'avance :)
  16. So everything would be fine, but i don't see snow on trees, grass, bushes in game. Problem only persist on Multiplayer screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/z1fjrCM
  17. Эта статья проведет вас через процесс установки зимнего мода для сезона 2019/20. Во-первых, вам нужно скачать мод (ы). ETS База - https://sharemods.com/zdmxhwpikdrh/frosty_7_3.scs.html Тяжелый зимний аддон - https://sharemods.com/lkrniy3494jf/frosty_heavy_winter_7_3.scs.html Физика - https://sharemods.com/n1uo9p1j5hj0/frosty_physics_7_3.scs.html Если вы хотите убедиться, что ваши файлы не повреждены, вы можете сравнить контрольные суммы ваших файлов и исходных. frosty_7_3.scs MD5: 81265DD2C3FA44F4FADA50C6A8EDE1AB SHA1: 20003EF0248D65B1FB33B9D6476F3691DA147210 frosty_heavy_winter_7_3.scs MD5: CF2103EE23E4012DFB812E66466DCD44 SHA1: BB73E2EF212C5520880EB41895AA9FF00E10C6E7 frosty_physics_7_3.scs MD5: 3DA71F1B32B2352427B85BE35CA71799 SHA1: B28375AAFE75F44DA9904952ABAF574A141E1D8A ATS База - https://sharemods.com/qwwrrh1920ho/frosty_ats_v2_7.scs.html Тяжелый зимний аддон - https://sharemods.com/xpr2178libdb/frosty_physics_ats_2_7.scs.html Если вы хотите убедиться, что ваши файлы не повреждены, вы можете сравнить контрольные суммы ваших файлов и исходных. frosty_ats_v2_7.scs MD5: A7B0DD4CDCC9A32161E20DF0BE8A6A9F SHA1: 4271AA083FFDB463E61829A5FF39BF488C5D8ABB frosty_physics_ats_v2_7.scs MD5: F339024E099A7EA391B5A084A3C3CEB9 SHA1: E62C305A42C9C1D6BF6E40E126A6552DF6C1A417 Вам нужно создать папку в каталоге ETS2MP (она обычно находится в ваших документах) и создать папку «mod». Ваш каталог ETS2MP должен выглядеть следующим образом: Тот же процесс необходимо выполнить для вашего каталога ATSMP. Ваш каталог ATSMP должен выглядеть следующим образом: После этого переместите моды во вновь созданную папку, убедившись, что вы не переименовываете их или тому подобное. В противном случае вам будет просто запрещено присоединяться к серверу. Ваша папка модов должна выглядеть следующим образом, в зависимости от того, какие моды установлены. И ваша папка модов ATSMP должна выглядеть так, в зависимости от того, какие моды установлены. После вы сможете войти и подключиться к игре с включенным зимним модом. Устранение неполадок: «Ошибка при подключении к серверу» Возможно, файлы повреждены и, следовательно, требуют повторной загрузки. Убедитесь, что файлы полностью загружены, прежде чем переносить их в папку вашего мода. Убедитесь, что вы не переименовали ни один из модов. «Снег не появляется в игре» «Не появляется в списке модов» Убедитесь, что вы устанавливаете его в правильном каталоге, а не в стандартную папку Euro Truck Simulator 2 или American Truck Simulator, он должен находиться в папках ETS2MP и ATSMP соответственно. Как и в случае с ProMods, зимние файлы модов не появятся в вашем менеджере модов при запуске мультиплеера, это нормально. Если файлы зимних модов находятся в правильной папке ETS2MP или ATSMP соответственно, то они будут правильно подключены лаунчером.
  18. Добавьте пожалуйста зимний мод, уже Декабрь пора добавлять его, думаю меня многие поддержат за эту тему!
  19. Arkadaşlar bilgisayar'ı formatladım ve TMP launcher'i tekrar yükledim. Ve oyuna giriş yaptığımda TMP nin ayarlarında mods kısmına baktığımda tik atılmış şekildeydi ancak mod çalışmıyordu ve launcher de güncellemer yapılırken kar modu yükleme için bir seçenek yoktu ve inmediğinden dolayı oyunda çalışmıyordu. Ben TMP'nin kar modunu nasıl kurabilirim?
  20. Hello there, (General Kenobi) I've installed the Winter Mod (all the 3 mods) but none of them are working on ets2 when i use the launcher. If i launch ets2 they come up, but if i launch TruckersMP the mod manager says they're incompatible or not there. In that screenshot theres what happens if i launch the game through TruckersMP, if offline, you know what a normal page with working mods it's like, don't you?
  21. Zdravím, do hry byla přidána podpora pro Frosty Winter Weather Mod v7.0. Tato modifikace Vám do hry přidá zasněženou mapu a oproti minulému roku si můžete stáhnout i upravenou fyziku speciálně k této modifikaci. Poznámka: Oproti minulému roku je modifikace nepovinná, je na každém uživateli jestli si jí chce stáhnout nebo ne. Pokud chcete hrát nadále TruckersMP bez této modifikace tak si jí nemusíte stáhnout. Jak získat modifikaci? Tento rok není možné stáhnout modifikaci přes TruckersMP klient jako tomu bylo minulý rok, a proto si ji musíte stáhnout z autorovy oficiální stránky, kterou naleznete zde: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ Přímé odkazy: https://sharemods.com/2e4hxhspy8qc/frosty_7_0.scs.html https://sharemods.com/paf4303iqju6/frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs.html https://sharemods.com/ziju1s9ikhgo/frosty_physics_7_01.scs.html Nemusíte si stáhnout všechny tři, pokud chcete, můžete používat pouze např. pouze frosty_7_0.scs. Nebo frosty_7_0.scs + frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs. Pokud se chcete ujistit, že soubory nejsou poškozený ani upravený, můžete si porovnat kontrolní součet ("checksum") stažených a originálních souborů. Hashe souborů: frosty_7_0.scs MD5: 21302e3528168fa2f5aefb800296a881 SHA1: 06d16e1062b2ab0e5cf8c10815c8d18304496b12 frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs MD5: 946a9a459bdad1bc507761c5bbe22c1e SHA1: b4f967e191ee369eeef823de5ecabd62082dbd62 frosty_physics_7_01.scs MD5: 8d7a180887a8ff1b741dd5122a5955d6 SHA1: 2e472b8016debb1690d6521e6753a4f5a6a42f6b Note: Pro získání kontrolního součtu souborů na Windows lze použít HashTab. Instalace Pro správnou instalaci stačí všechny tři soubory přesunout do : Dokumenty/ETS2MP/mod ( Složka "mod" nemusí existovat a proto si jí musíte vytvořit ) Poznámka: Pro správnou funkčnost módu je zakázáno měnit jména souborů. Abyste se mohli připojit na servery, je povoleno používat pouze neupravené modifikace. Odkaz na originální topic v angličtině:
  22. Guest


    Does anyone know when will wintermod turned off?
  23. Salut à tous ! Cela fait un bon moment que le Wintermod est arrivé sur le multi de ETS 2. Je sais qu'on peut le désactiver même si je trouve le rendu sur le jeu vraiment sympa. Je voulais savoir si il allait être retiré un jour ou si il allait rester tout le temps et que c'était à nous de l'enlever lorsqu'on le souhaitait. Si quelqu'un peut me renseigner. Merci
  24. Lukasz [PL]


    Witam, jak wyłączyć wintermod w TruckersMP?
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