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Found 1 result

  1. Hello,everyone! Have you had a wonderful moment and couldn't record it? Or want to report a player(s), but don't know how to record it? Contents: #1 OBS Studio (Need better computer configuration) #2 Radeon Software (Need "AMD" graphics card, if it is "Nvidia" graphics card, please go to #3) #3 Geforce Experience (Need "Nvidia" graphics card, if it is "AMD" graphics card, please go to #2) #4 Bandicam (Need to buy members) #5 Overwolf (Need better computer configuration) #6 MedalTV (Not Yet) #1 The FIrst: OBS Studio It looks like this Recommendation:80% Reasons for recommending and not recommending: Its recording function is very complete, the picture quality is very powerful, the only deficiency is that it requires the user's computer configuration is very high! Requirement:Better computer configuration. OBS Studio official website #2 The Second: Radeon Software It looks like this Recommendation:50% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:It is only applicable to the recording of games, not for software recording, before you have it, you need to have an "AMD" graphics card. Requirement:"AMD" graphics card needed. Radeon Software official website #3 The Third: GEFORCEĀ® EXPERIENCE It looks like this Recommendation:60% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:Compared with "Radon Software", the function of "GEFORCE EXPERIENCE" is very powerful. It can record your games, your software, and even take screenshots of your interface! Requirement:"NVIDIA" graphics card needed. Geforce Experience official website #4 The Fourth: Bandicam it looks like this Recommendation:80% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:Compared with OBS, Bandicam is undoubtedly a video recording software with complete functions, clear image quality and less system memory! But you need to buy it. If you have enough money, I recommend you use it! Requirement: Need to buy membership. Bandicam official website #5 The Fifth: Overwolf it looks like this Recommendation:70% Recommend by JamesS014 Reasons for recommending and not recommending:This video recording software is James recommended to me, and then I downloaded it and used it. This software has a very good picture effect in recording, but it has the same disadvantage as OBS, which requires higher computer configuration.However, it's enough to record your TMP game! Requirement: Better computer configuration needed. Overwolf official website #6 The Sixth: MedalTV it looks like this Recommendation:85% Reasons for recommending and not recommending: You can upload your in-game video quickly. It's a good choice when you need to upload lots of video. (I know lots of Game Moderator use it to upload evidence) Requirement: Not yet. Official website of MedalTV If you want to report a player, you can upload the video to Youtube or other vedio websites. You can refer to this post in the forum! If you have a better video recording software recommendation, feel free to leave a comment below! If you like this article, by make a reaction let me know!
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