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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I quite like challenging myself and regularly try to climb steep roads on the Promods Kirkenes and Iceland hills. I try to have the biggest ratio between engine power vs cargo weight (smallest engine with the heaviest cargo possible). Before people complain: NO I'm not taking the Locomotive all the time and usually take smaller cargos ~30T-45T and almost never take the Scania 730 or Volvo 750. I'm usually more with other brands with ~500bhp engines. But imagine you're stopped, stuck in traffic (can't reverse), and need to climb. In that scenario I would says that you have 3 possibilities: You have enough power and grip and you climb. Perfect! You seem to have enough power but don't have any grip. Your wheels are turning but you don't move. No grip. And if you try shifting to the next gear up you don't have enough power and it stalls. Your wheels are not even moving, even in 1st gear, and you basically don't have enough power: game over! My question is mainly about number 2. Any tips to get more traction/grip in that scenario? What works best for you? I have tried several things but without much success. I guess this also greatly depends on your physics settings? Mine are very realistic and I play with a keyboard (full throttle or off the pedal only ?) However if you want to share your tips for traction/grip in general please feel free as I'm sure it will benefit others! Thanks,
  2. So recently, I've been doing some caravan deliveries in my skoda scout. I have automatic traction/gear change in ETS2 settings so I was shocked to see that I had to be changing gear manually. I've also been into the settings and the traction/gear change option is greyed out. Is this a bug or is this part of the game? Because it seems a bit silly as I like to have automatic gear changes as I'm rusty on manual ones and when to change to be effective at accelerating. I did have a short break off TMP so it might've come out then when i wasn't playing. Thanks for any support given
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