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Found 4 results

  1. HOW TO INSTALL RESHADE/SWEETFX FOR ETS2/ATS Quick FAQ before we get started: What is ReShade/SweetFX? ReShade and SweetFX are both basically "filters" for videogames. They make the game look better by changing the colors, contrast, sharpening etc. Does it affect my FPS? It really depends on your PC. The best way to find out is by trying it out. More information about this in the guide and links below. Can I turn it on/off without restarting the game? Yes, if your PC can't handle it for example in busier a
  2. ETS2 / ATS için ReShade / SweetFX Kurulumu Öncelikle aklınıza gelebilecek soruları cevaplayalım; ReShade / SweetFX Nedir? ReShade / SweetFX temel olarak oyunlar için olan grafik filtreleridir. Renkleri, kontrastı, keskinliği vb. ayarları değiştirerek oyunun daha güzel görünmesini sağlar. FPS'ye etkisi var mı? Bunun hakkında bir kesinlik yok, bilgisayar özelliklerinize bağlı. Tabiiki bunu öğrenmek için denemelisiniz. Oyun içinde iken açılıp / kapanıyor mu? Evet, örnek olarak kalabalık alanlarda sadece bir tuşa basarak açıp / kapatab
  3. ETS 2 - sweetfx v2.0 Tryb graficzny dla systemów 64-bitowych Realistyczny tryb graficzny sweetfx v2 do Euro Truck Simulator 2 GALERIA: Cechy: - Bardziej realistyczna atmosfera powietrza - Zaawansowany system oświetlenia - realistyczne i zagęszczone drogi -zmiękczanie krawędzi -Ulepszone szczegóły odbić -Noc bardziej realistyczna i ciemna -I więcej ... Instalacja: - pliki w archiwum po pobraniu należy wrzucić do katalogu \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ bin \ win_x64. Wersja Gry: (Be
  4. Hi guys, I can't seem to find the list of supported mods for multiplayer (maybe the can be stickied in an obvious place?), I know the lists exists because I've seen links, but the links were broken. So as the title says, can we use the SweetFX mod on multiplayer? I don't think it adds additional files, though I can't be sure since I haven't downloaded it yet just in case I can't use it.
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