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  1. Hello I want to ask you why, if I send application 2 weeks ago for recruiment which has been finished week ago why i still have no answer with statut "Declined"? If you have that mess there maybe you need your own support team? Thank you
  2. Can anybody please help, I cannot even get on the game???!
  3. Please help I get this when I launch TruckersMP??? >>><<<
  4. Здравствуйте, господа. У меня вопрос. Не нашёл я ответа на него на просторах интернета и решил его задать тут. Захотелось мне помогать людям в ETS. Решил посмотреть на сайте всякие варианты, как и чем помочь. Нашёл страничку где вербуют в "Саппорты" (Game Mod). Читаю - "Обработка отчетов на сайте, проверка, что все игроки следуют правилам."(Обращение сообщает сайт, проверяя, что все игроки следуют правилам.) Думаю, ну это хорошо, я бы был рад чем то помогать, а дальше такая надпись - Вы не можете подать заявку, потому что вы были заблокированы в прошлом году. (Вы не можете подать заявку, п
  5. Guest

    HQ Screenshots

    Hi guys I was testing the hq_resolution command in single player mode, but when I tried to use it inside MP, the game instantly crashed And I wanted to know if it's my mistake or the platform does not allow this Thanks More info about HQ Resolution screenshots: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=203684
  6. I tried everything,installing new patch doesn't show me a caravan,I tried those ''economy reset 1/0'' also doesnt help,I tried to look at low weight on freight market,but the lowest is 4t,load for a truck.. I have my car,tried driving to multiple states,now Im tired already,can anyone help me how to see,drive a caravan in ets2 mp with a car,I have a new car skoda extra d and stillnothing...
  7. I read the article on this forum and the article is titled color tab when I read and follow the instructions did not succeed I changed color and when open TMP it announces update and tab color to wear No. please help me with.
  8. You've got no jobs on your job list, what do you do? Follow this guide, and I will talk you through how to fix your jobs list Close ETS2, but keep Steam open Open your ETS2 profiles folder in your Documents (on Windows, this is usually "C:\Users\[your user name here]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles") Navigate to the profile in which the issue is occuring (if unsure, look at the date in which the fodler was "modified" and this will tell you which is which, as long as your last used profile was the one you are having problems with) Open config.cfg with a
  9. I did not get into the game when I first updated Truckers.MP
  10. change the color of the tab bar game is not Please help me
  11. Hallo,und zwar seid dem ich eine neue grafikkarte habe stürzt manchmal truckersmp ab.singelplayer funktioniert einwandfrei.z.b wenn ich den playertag ändere dann stürzt es ab.
  12. I do not have this issue in SP, but while in MP I have random lag spikes every 10 seconds or so. My FPS will drop 20-30 frames for just a second and return to normal. We have tried to uninstall truckers MP and when reinstalled had the same issue. We downgraded the graphics of the game, and still the FPS issues are still there. Any other suggestions to why my FPS is doing this? It makes playing MP with my buddies terrible.
  13. So last night I updated MP, and the game. I tried to launch it says Gamer Version Not Detected and Cannot initialize client core....
  14. So I updated ATS, and now I can't even get in says. UNDETECTED GAME VERSION, first when I updated MP I had issues like Client protocol........ Been trying to fix this for the last three hours and 37min.....
  15. So, I updated MP and every time I try to play it says. Cannot connect to the server. Your client protocol version dose not match with the server one. You should re download the mod through the launcher. 1. I don't have mods. 2. i deleted and re downloaded MP. ( Im not sure what to do im not good with computers.)
  16. Oyuna yeni başlayan arkadaşlar için Tag nedir ve nereden nasıl yazılır? Tag oyunda Nickname'inizin yanında gözüken rengini ayarlayabildiğiniz ve admin, police vb. TMP kurallarına aykırı şeyler dışında istediğinizi yazabildiğiniz bir alandır. Gelelim bunu nereye nasıl yazacağımıza? ilk olarak TMP'yi çalıştırdığımızda karşımıza gelen ekrandan oyuna bağlanıyoruz. Daha sonra 1. görselde gördüğünüz ekranda ok işaretli olan alana tıklıyoruz. kırmızı ok ile belirttiğim alana tıkladıktan sonra açılan pencerede 2. görselde gördüğünüz "Player Tag" kısmına TMP' kurallar
  17. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Exactly one month ago (on 23rd of November) I've applied to Support Team. I've applied to Translator Team on 13th of December and I have answer to it! ( Negative ) So I would like to remind you of my application. Pleas give me an answer to that topic. Thank You for your time pilkaqqqq Have a Merry Christmas!
  18. Owen.

    Useful Posts

    Hey, I was just wondering what are useful posts. Are they the number in the green box on my profile ? If so what is the best way to raise them. As I am extremley interested in joining the TruckersMP Staff Team at some point and would love some support on how to get my useful posts higher. Thanks, Owen_Miller
  19. zna ktoś bezpośredni kontakt do supportu World of trucks ???
  20. Здравствуйте, друг забыл почту на которую регистрировал аккаунт на сайте, что ему делать? Вот ссылка на профиль стима http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thu_Reiaze/
  21. Hello, I am unable to start ATSMP. Every time i try i receive the error that I have attached. I was just wondering if anybody had a solution or workaround. I have uninstalled the program multiple time and every time i get the same error. ETS2MP works perfectly and the base game files were selected the same way during instillation. Thanks for any advice.
  22. Hi... For a few days I've been trying to install the Multiplayer Mod, but it is not working. I've tried everything I could think of (re-installing the mod, re-installing the game, re-downloading the game, rebooting, making sure the Truckers MP Launcher is installed in the ETS2 Steamapps Folder). Everytime I try to launch TruckersMP, I get either no SCS Software nor ETS2 logo, or a glitchy version of both (the SCS logo with a white background and everything buggy, and the ETS2 logo with a big white rectangle in the lower-left side), and I'm thrown into the Singleplayer Profile menu (most of the
  23. Hello, I am wondering when you start up the game online Mod for the first time do you make a new account and have two in-game? Or can you start off the single player account you have created already?
  24. I was just wondering if there's a Mac version for the client because I would really like to play. If not, is there an easy way to play it on Mac?
  25. Hey there! Anybody knows a solution to my game keeping crashing while pressing the buttons f7 + enter to go to service and fix
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