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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, My friend would like to play ets2 mp, but he forgot his e-mail and password. When he tries to create a new account it says "Steam ID's already associate with this account". Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SirGustavo
  2. cosiektrucker

    steam id

    Witam, Mam taki problem otóż bo długiej przerwie chciałem sobie znowu pograć na multi, i wynikł problem. Chcąc pobrać moda, musiałem się zalogować, jako, że nie pamiętałem swoich "pasów" na poprzednie konto, postanowiłem stworzyć na nowo, ale przy próbie powiązania go ze steamem mam komunikat:" to steamid jest juz powiazane z innym kontem..." I teraz problem. Nie wiem na jaki ja mail tamto zakładałem konto, żeby przypomnieć sobie do niego hasło. Co w takiej sytuacji moge zrobic? Nie da się jakoś zresetować tego powiązania, i powiązać je na nowo z innym mailem?
  3. Hi, It is impossible for me to login in ETS 2 Mp. I went to truckersmp.com website and it is asked to associate a steam ID now, but when I cliked on my steam account, this messag appears ! steam ID is already associated with an account I have only one steam account for years, and I played ets2mp long time ago and i know my login and pass. If I have already a account associated, why it is not working on the login page of ets2mp? Thank you in advance for answers Blackcassis
  4. So i bought my game on a different account when i try to make a new account with my steam id it says: Fix the errors below and try again Steam ID is already associated with an account But i forget the email of that account where that steam account is connected. So do you guys maybe know how to fix this, I would really appreciate that. Thanks for your help btw, Greatz.
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