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Found 3 results

  1. There are many fuel stations in ETS2. When you ever visited Duisburg in the Multiplayer you know how many players there are. This guide will show you how to enter the stations, where you can wait for fueling up and how to exit the station again without creating a traffic jam. There are three different types of stations. in this tutorial I only write about the small one because the others are not so important in the Multiplayer. Some important things before we start: Gas stations are not non-collision zone, if you can try to refuel at low traffic areas or at your garages! 1 - Where can I enter? This sounds easy but that is not right. Many users enter the fuel station wrong. It is important to enter correctly otherwise there will be a jam on the station. This are signs at every station which shows where to enter and where not: Here is a photo where you can see the station from the top: When you follow all the traffic rules there would not be that traffic jam like now. 2 - Where can I wait or park? When there is much traffic like in Duisburg you often have to wait before fueling up. But you have to park correctly otherwise there will be also a traffic jam. The green boxes are right parked trucks and the red boxes not. You can see that it is important that the street is clean of parked trucks. Make sure that you do not block the driveways and exits. 3 - Fuel up together It is also possible fuel up with two trucks at the same moment! But be careful when you want to exit. Remember that you have to park as right as possible. 4 - Where to exit? When you want to exit the station be sure that nobody is on the street and you can drive on the road without blocking other drivers. Remember the right direction to exit. Thank you for reading my tutorial. Please rate comment! Enjoy your day, Lasse
  2. Suggestion Name: Scout Car Estate/Station Suggestion Description: The same scout car which is already in the game ( sedan ) but a station version of it. Any example images: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.skoda.nl%2Fstationwagen&psig=AOvVaw0dmRSU6UMjEADlFIuoeTXB&ust=1583859583469000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCMjuoPHujegCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD Why should it be added?: More diffrence in the cars that drive around, now al cars look the same. Regards, TruckersMP Team
  3. Suggestion Name: Possible solution for jams in front of the service stations. Suggestion Description: We all know that, in a city, especially in Calais and Duisburg, service stations are like hell. So one little solution can make it better. I mean better, not completely solve it. To solve it completely we all should be patient and know to give road. The thing is this : When you crashed and go to service with your trailer, you can not come out so easily, and even if you do you are not safe at all. I'll explain with image : Think you are the marked guy, and you have a long trailer as the blue does. If your nose is out of the service, your trailer will hit the blue guy's trailer and take damage. So in order to make your trailer not to take damage, and to lessen that jam chaos (like small example in top-left, in front of POSPED), my suggestion is this : Suggestion : When you F7+Enter, your trailer will automatically be teleported to the closest gas station or a big company's park lot (like LKW), or to the park spots if possible in city (Mannheim has a big one). The system is that : You mark these teleport spots like no-collion zones, when we hit F7+Enter, system will automatically take our trailer to the closest spot. And if we won't be able to take our trailer within 5 minutes, our job will automatically be cancelled. Why should it be added? : So that we can get out of service stations far more easily, no more blocking when getting out, no more collusions. And think this image, think it without trailers. Thanks for giving us this suggestions oppurtunity.
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