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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Community, I wanted to log in normally, but then authenticating froze and the login couldn't be completed. Any Solutions please? https://imgur.com/a/u6Srliu Strangely enough, my picture is also classified as erotic, please don't pay attention to it, it's wrong
  2. As you can see when i open the launcher this popup comes up. Ive tried running truckersmp as admin, still does not work. I think its a problem with the files.
  3. Hi, when I go to play truckersmp, it sais "an error occurred while contacting our update servers" I tried all i found, but no one works for me. Here is a Screenshot
  4. can i use mods from workshop for more xp, no damage and momey for fast lvl to a nice truck? Are the DLC at multi? How to start? I am a newbe in this game
  5. help! i start ets2 mp game but i cant move my mouse when started at all
  6. Hello. After I installed the 1.30 Open Beta, then deinstalled it and I have go back to the old version. That is screenshot from the moment, when press "Launch ETS 2" -> http://prntscr.com/hcutam I tried to reinstall the Multiplayer, but nothing happened... Sorry if my ENG is bad.
  7. My game crashes on startup. Am i banned or is my game just doing weird stuff?
  8. Hello people, I'm from Germany so my English is not the best, but let us give this a try: I have the following problem: The Launcher of the ETS2MP (TruckersMP) begins ETS2 always in 64 bits. My play thereby falls always because the multiplayer modus runs only in 32 bits. How can I put it in such a way that it always starts in 32 bits? Thanks for all answers Kilian
  9. Hello today i wanted to start the TruckersMP over the launcher but when i hit (as admin and non-admin) Launch ETS2 i get always this: I reinstalled both (Game & Launcher) with full data clean. I hope someone can help. Thanks forward.
  10. hello when I put my truckersmp boot I get error message
  11. Hey, this morning I was able to play multiplayer. Now it doesn't start. I already reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP. When starting in the launcher a steam popup appears and asks if I want to start it with parameters "Launcher/Launcher.exe". It starts directly into the normal singleplayer ETS2. Can someone help me with that? I think the problem happened with installing the winter mod. Can I remove it? Can't find it in the folders...
  12. So, whenever I start up ETS2 or ETS2MP(or ATS/ATSMP), there is a message saying something about SDK features and that i should click OK. I had this message for a few months now, and it always worked when i clicked OK. But now when I click OK, my game just freezes and i have to close it via task manager. do you know what i could do? do you also had this issue?
  13. Hello! When I start the game(multiplayer) I get a window with options(directx,opengl, etc), I choose, click "start", the picker hangs the window disappears, it takes several minutes and runs the game itself.
  14. Hello Guys, Since a few days my ETS2MP doenst work, its the same problem like in this Theard, execaly like this. But i installed Service Pack 1 already and it doesnt work, SinglePlayer works fine but everytime i start ETS2, my graphics settings got resetet, sometimes ETS2MP works but sometimes not and everytime whether i start ETS2MP or Singleplayer it always resets my graphic settings.. I dont installed no mod or anything !! Windows 7 64bit Please help me !! Greez dannyraged
  15. When I click 'play' on the ETS2MP launcher (where the launch with DirectX and OpenGL options are) it crashes and says 'not responding'. I have tried starting as administrator several times and uninstalled and reinstalled the Euro Truck Simulator 2 steam file and multiplayer mod file, multiplayer directory is: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and Winter mod are installed. Beta selection is set to none. Operating system = Windows 10
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