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Found 4 results

  1. i have a speed limiter issue. i closed speed limiter in my settings and tab menu but when i take any trailer, speed auto limited 90km/h
  2. hello first of all. My suggestion for truckersmp is to enforce the speed limit only in the city. 110 is not enough speed, yes we are not racing, but I think anyone who wants should be able to reach high speeds.It would be great if you could start a poll among the truckersmp players. I think there should be a new speed limit or no speed limit on highways. It can be hard to overtake at the current speed limit. some people have lag, but they go with 110 or 100 and you cannot pass with 10 kmh. I would be very happy if you consider this suggestion. By the way, I know that you have servers with no speed limit, but Simulation 1 should also be edited. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
  3. Guest

    Simülasyon 1 sorunları...

    Simülasyon 1 de neredeyse her akşam kickleniyorum. Bir süre sonra bazen tekrar kendiliğinden bağlıyor ,bazen bağlamıyor. Daha önceden ise bağlantı sorunları yaşamıştım fakat 1 2 dakika sonra otomatik bağlanmıştı. Bu akşam ise 1 saat denememe ve beklememe rağmen bağlanamadım . Simülasyon 2 boş olduğu için girmek istemiyorum girsem bile eğlenceli olmuyor... Bu sorun sadece bendemi var yoksa sizlerde var mı? Ve ya var mıydı?
  4. Hello everyone I tried to connect to Sim1 server "Connection with server has broken" Many times, even if the connection is ready "Unreliable connection" disconnects from the server. 1, erasing the DNS cache and reinstalling the luckers MP launcher were meaningless 2, In the SIM 2 server, there is no "connection with server has broken" or "unreliable connection". 3, Sim1 servers can connect to less than 10 people. 4, another PC can be connected to the Sim1 server. A video showing me trying to connect to the sim1 server
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