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Found 8 results

  1. What is Share your Desktop? This is a place where users of all likes can share their creations, their workflow area, their something special. How can I post mine? Grab a screenshot of your desktop area. Upload the image to any picture host (e.g. Imgur). Paste the link to the image in a reply to the thread and it will automatically add your image for you. Rules The picture must be of your own desktop area. Keep images suitable for younger audiences This thread is not for posting your setup(s)/tower(s). You can find that thread here. We look forward to seeing your desktops! TruckersMP Media Team
  2. Let's see those setups!
  3. Hi all Want to share a little tip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUU-amGbI_0 First ETS2 video, so be gentle Cheers
  4. Rescue193uk_TMP Official Streamer It is only a few years since I have started gaming and even less time since I started streaming - I am in my second year of streaming on twitch. I started playing playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 in around 2013 and joined TruckersMP in December 2014. Some of you may recall the wonders of the Europort shenanigans area - the original C-D road! I had never even heard of twitch at this stage and really wasn't into gaming much at all. However, that changed when I was off work and discovered a number of streamers and began to follow them. Not all of them played TruckersMP or even ETS/ATS, but they inspired me & it was only a few months later that I began to follow @Sharkie2405 as he presented his Tea Before The Coffee TFM show. I soon became one of his stream moderators and eventually his stream mod manager. We both share a passion of ETS2 and streaming. He has given me lots of help and advice about streaming and equipment over the past 2 years. It was not long after that, I took the plunge and bought some basic equipment and organised myself to stream. My game at the time was solely ETS2 and initially on single player exploring mods of trucks and trailers - with a particular interest in retro and unusual trucks. I also had an interest in one of the UKs largest haulage and logistic companies Eddie Stobart & became a member of the "Stobart Spotters" club. I was even fortunate enough to attend a number of their truck fests where I could use my other interest - photography. Streaming continued and I enjoyed and still do enjoy streaming to the audiences and viewers who wish to follow my content. After sometime I was noticed by Trucker.FM and become one of their recognised streamers I have been in a number of VTCs in my time and earlier this year, @Sharkie2405 @TFM_Mikey TolleySolutions & I engineered and opened Outcast Transport VTC. The biggest and more exciting thing that has happened in my streaming career to date, is of course being successful in my application in becoming one of the official streamers for TruckersMP. This has given me the ability to give some fun, enjoyment and laughs back to the TMP community from a TMP perspective I never really took much notice of American Truck Simulator and it wasn't until I won a prize on the TFM #4 year birthday truckfest with this truck. I believe I won the Washington DLC and so I went and bought ATS. I now have all the map DLC and Promods Canada. I enjoy ATS now and I am really looking forward to the upcoming Wyoming & Texas DLC's & of course the soon to be released ETS DLC Iberia. On of the regular questions I get asked while streaming is; "what steering wheel do you use"? This is my current setup for driving: Steering Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX Pro Shifter: Thrustmaster TH8 Special Shifter Add On: SKRS Scania Mic: Audio Technica 2020
  5. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  6. Hello Truckers! I have problem with my steering wheel. I buy TRACER Drifter it was 270 degrees. And i can't setup this in ETS2... Can you send down below your setting for this or maybe commands on setup 270 degrees steering wheel in ETS2 or can remove the view of steering wheel. Please help me. .
  7. I've recently deinstalled the TMP Launcher due to an Error i had. Now i can't reinstall it. I get this message all the time. things i tried: -Use diffrent unzipper (winrar & 7zip) -Run as Admin -Made my Download File safe from Windows Defender so he doesn't deleter anything because he might think it's a Virus. -Downloaded from diffrent Browser
  8. Hello, If i want to update ETS2MP, i get this error: https://gyazo.com/15facd614657f7bc3b549756ac0ccd70 I updated Windows 10 today, i think the problem is: Windows 10 doesn't allow Ets2mp to update the files, but i'm not sure. I hope someone has a solution for this problem. ~Jurgen
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