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Found 75 results

  1. When I try to install the MP I received the following error. How to fix this error?
  2. Hello guys, today I tried to connect on South America server and not was possible connect. Does someone help me please? Follow screenshot of error.
  3. This is abit of a mouthful, so bare with me. I recently bought the Scandinavian DLC and recently updated to the version. Ever since I cannot connect to the Europe Server 2. Whenever I've tried or checked there's been 2227 or 2228 players online. My internet connection is fine, restarted Steam and the game. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help appreciated..
  4. I select a server (for example server europe 2) and it says logged in succesfully, but when i get into my truck, its says connecting to the server but nothing happens after that. Checked my firewall, everything is how it should be
  5. Hello, I know many people have posted about this, but this is in relation to the new patch (as title says) I am in Australia and I always play on Europe 2 with my Girlfriend and my Brother and usually we get a steady 350ms ping, max 380-390ms. But since the update, it ranges from 350-420ms ping (Not a HUGE difference, but still a difference). So my question is, could this possibly be because of the update? Now it isn't unplayable, but it is definitely more noticeable then before the update.
  6. Title says it all. I can connect to Europe 3 but not Europe 2. Thanks in advance for help.
  7. Hello Truckers... it shows on my ets2 homepage that serve is down and under maintenance .... bu when i see on truckersmp server page there are still 887 players playing.. HELP!
  8. Everytime I connect to EU#2 I crash. Its happened to me before in places like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. And now its happening no matter where I am. I have uploaded my crash logs. http://pastebin.com/264yxvPn Thanks;.
  9. Can't connect to Eu1, 2 and 3. But i can connect with South America and Hong Kong. Why? I have no ban.
  10. Anyone else getting this error?
  11. every time i try to connect with europe server (or others, no matter) it fails connecting successfully and says " connection to server has been broken, restart game to connect again". got this since 4 days now and it worked fine before so what i mean by that is it happened suddenly from one day to another and i have no explanation for that. got the latest MP version of ets 2. newest update through steam. tried reinstalling MP and SP about 3 times, no change. Any help would be highly appreciated because support is not even answering
  12. i can't connect to any server suddenly, two days ago all worked fine. Yesterday no more. "Connecting to Europe (number)...restart game to try again". Got the latest version. no ban or similiar. Any help? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, I was talking with a friend and he asked me. Can we play ETS2:MP in a private server with the map we want?
  14. Please note that I know the game is not supposed to support Linux. I am using the right version of ETS2 (Windows version). When I try to connect to a server (after double-clicking on my profile) the game crashes right after the game says the connection is made. I checked in the log to see what it was, and I suspect it is this error: fixme:winsock:WS_setsockopt IP_DONTFRAGMENT is silently ignored! (This is a WINE error, by the way, not a native Windows one, I don't think.) Anyways, after looking this up online, I get a bunch of stuff about setting up a Linux server, but most importantly, a few bug posts on the WINE page about this error with another game. Sadly, they weren't solved. None of the other posts on the forum here helped, either (probably because no one else is using WINE). I also am not using any DLC. Looking into the tutorial videos on YouTube to set it up with Wine, none of them get that error. SETTINGS OF WINE: Running in virtual desktop mode DLL "dwrite" disabled DLL "gameoverlayrenderer" disabled Thank you for any help. Thanks, CC
  15. Guest

    EU#2 Restart Required

    Hi, Recently I've been on Europe #2 server a few times and it has disconnected everybody from the game, meaning we have to restart the game. Is this a bug or is it just general server issues? It is everybody on the server (I'm presuming) who is encountering the problem. Kind Regards, Tom
  16. Hello. Today i bought ETS2 and upgraded it to the multiplayer version, by following your guides (downgrading to 1.21, installing the multiplayer-mod, and so on). In the first mission i played, i saw some other truck drivers, so i assume, that the multiplayer worked. But now, when i continue the game and it loads in, it says "Connecting to Server Europe #2" and a few seconds later it disappears. Then, at the top right corner, it says "OFFLINE" and i can't find out why it doesn't me to the server... For clarity, some screenshots here (File size too big, that's why i used imgur): http://imgur.com/a/HKFy0 I hope anyone can help me here Regards, Murph. 1.21.1s 1.21.1s
  17. Guest

    Cant Connect To EU2 Server

    it just says connecting to europe#1 server.... and thats it wont connect nothing more is said
  18. Hello community, i would like to play with a friend of mine on a private multiplayer server. Is there any way to create a private server on my local machine? I'm looking forward for your ideas
  19. Witam, czy ktoś z polskich developerów ets2mp mógłby napisać ruch drogowy z którego servera jest pokazywany na strone "www.ets2map.com" ? Za odpowiedź serdecznie dziękuje.
  20. Baetu

    Server Full

    Hello. For a few days I am trying to connect to EU1 and even if it is day or night the server is always full. Is that a bug or the server is actually full? In status the number of people never drops lower than 2480. Thank you and sorry for my english, not my native language.
  21. Hi guys! I can't connect to Europe 1 or 2. They are not full and they're online. I set my profile to public. So i don't know what is wrong. I appreciate, if you'll help me. Thanks!
  22. Hi! Today I started playing ETS2 MP and everything was OK, except connecting to sever. I registered and logged in correctly, but when I launched the game and started to play, I get the announcement, that "Cannot connect to server, it may be caused by your internet connection issues". I think the matter is my game or server. Server is OK, 'couse my friend is playing in the same time like me. So what's wrong? I attach screenshot of the announcement at the game.
  23. hello today i was trying to connect to the eu1 server for over 1 hour!!!!! why is it so long it doesent really matter weather there is lag so please change the server slots to 3500 for eu1 thank you.
  24. Hey guys, Whenever I start up ets 2 multiplayer, it says in the bottom left corner that I'm not connected to the server(europe 1) and that the connection is broken and that I will connect in 10 seconds. It keeps spamming:( and i was waiting for like 15 mins and nothing happened:( Help would be appreciated guys, thanks in advance.
  25. Hi everyone! I'm new to ETS2MP, and I have a quick question. My apologies if I have placed this comment in the wrong place (and I have been looking elsewhere for a solution to this problem)!! I have managed to set up the multiplayer, however, I am unable to connect to the ETS2MP servers - I believe this is due to the firewall in my university. So, is it possible to get hold of the protocols and server ports (so that the university can un-restrict them for me)? Protocols used: TCP / UDP Many thanks in advanced, Jonathan
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