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Found 77 results

  1. Help Please click to updates button before error message https://u.stuartd.co.uk/images/MjQ2MGIzOTYyNGI.png
  2. Private server in multiplayer for convoy Can we have a dedicated server for a convoy in multiplayer?
  3. Merhaba benim aklımda size önerebileceğim bir fikrim var. Banlı Kişilere Özel Sunucu [Perma yasak Hariç] Banlı Olan kişilere Özel Bir sunucu olucak, Bu sunucuda herkes hayelet modunda olucak. Banlı Olan kisiler girebilecek. [Perma yasaklı kisiler hariç] Burda herşeye izin verilebilecek. [Hakaret, Hile vb. şeyler] Banlı olmayan insanlar, bu sunucuya erişilir. Benim fikrim buydu. saygılarla,
  4. Hello there, I've been banned from ets2mp for around 2 weeks because we drove like idiots. We did this because we were having fun by ramming each other to see little bugs in the game and server. When we hit (accidentally and on purpose) a random stranger that drove by, he recorded us and reported us on the forum. I agree with his points, but it would be nice to have a server where we can do this stuff. Reporting people by recording it is a little cowardly because you can ramm people, and record them when they hit you back so you only got the moment they hit you. I did things that were not allowed to do, and i'm justly banned. I hope you guys can fix a server where we can drive like idiots (it is and it stays a game) so we can have a fun time on the less serious side of the game. Greets: -eiktijd- a player who loves the game from all points
  5. Hello. After launching ETS2MP, occured error: Ping test shows no connection to server: Tried find fix from here, but without result. Reinstalling game and launcher, rebooting router, disabling firewall, lauching as administrator, cleaning %appdata%, %temp%, ProgramData, updating .NET Framework, port forwarding 42860, 42880, 42890, 42999 ports not helping.
  6. Başlat menüsü üzerinden Control Panel seçiniz. Açılan pencereden “User Accounts” kısmına tıklıyoruz. Ardından “Change your Windows password” kısmına tıklıyoruz. Açılan pencere üzerinden yeniden “Change your password” yazısına tıklıyoruz. Change password” butonuna tıklayarak işlemi tamamlayabilirsiniz. Current password: Mevcut şifreniz New password: Yeni şifreniz (Windows Server 2008 işletim sistemleri için en az 1 büyük 1 küçük harf ve bir rakam olması gerekli. 8 karakter olmalı.) Confirm new password: Yeni şifreniz tekrar
  7. Hello from indonesia Recently i bought ETS2 from steam, but after installed truckersMP it says "cant connect to server" for a million time Once i checked my internet, it runs well Tried reinstall MP and ETS2 didnt work pls help Sorry for bad english
  8. How i can add a server in our own vtc convoy?
  9. I want to participate on the new event, but for some reason I cant connect, Its only for me or anyone else? "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE."
  10. When I enter the server, my game exits the main screen.I enter, everything normal, I choose the profile, everything normal, loads normal then when I boot into the drive it loads up a part and when it connects on the server the game minimizes and it stays that way.
  11. What is GROFR server? I mean somebody can explain me what is it doing?And why the game admins added this server?
  12. So, I updated MP and every time I try to play it says. Cannot connect to the server. Your client protocol version dose not match with the server one. You should re download the mod through the launcher. 1. I don't have mods. 2. i deleted and re downloaded MP. ( Im not sure what to do im not good with computers.)
  13. Hey guys, for some reason my Launcher suddenly decided to not find any servers whatsoever, despite everything working like a charm yesterday. Got 2 screenshots of the error for you guys: https://imgur.com/0u5kHNL https://imgur.com/oxr1fKa So far i've tried the following solutions/troubleshooting steps: - restarted my PC - restarted my router - checked my Firewall/Antivirus for an error/some kind of blocking -> also tried completely turning everything off....to no avail. - ran the launcher as an administrator - checked for some kind of Windows Update -> nothing happened between yesterday evening and now - cleared my cache dns - finally decided to do a fresh TruckersMP install - that also did NOT help ... PS: My internet connection in general is working absolutely fine - so no, im pretty sure that's not the problem! Im kind of at a loss over here - any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. bartjedonald


    Hee ff een vraagje ik zou t wel leuk vinden om met iemand samen in Multiplayer te zijn (nederlander) als je met me wilt spelen Add me dan op skype: BetuweBartje Nog een vraag welke server zitten de meeste nederlanders? ik hoop snel een skype berichtje te krijgen
  15. Fala galera beleza ?! Bom, o pessoal vivia reclamando que o ping no Europa #1 para Brasileiros e outras regiões do mundo era um abusurdo, que tinha que ter um host para nós aqui da América do Sul... Algúns adm's até falaram que era muito pouco provavel eles colocarem um host aqui, por causa de valores e etcs... E felizmente colocaram um host que beneficiam a nossa área ( Brasil ) com ping de 5 a 55, e parece que os Brasileiros, e outros países da América do Sul permanecem jogando no Europa #1 por conta de ser um servidor mais lotado... Uns joga em outros servidores, até mesmo por falta de informação... Mais oque vocês acham que está acontecendo ?! Falta de informações que existe um servidor melhor para os Brasileiros ( South America ) ou vocês acham, que eles preferem ficar num server mais lotado, do que ajudar a crescer um que tem uma jogabilidade ( ping ) melhor para nós ?! Mais enfim, eu pensei em criar este tópico também para divulgar, e pedir ajuda de vocês, para divulgar de algúm jeito. Para que uma boa parte dos players da América do Sul saber que existe agora um server melhor para nós. Porque ontem mesmo, 5 amigos meus não sabiam que já existia, e alguns não entendem inglês e não sabem o significado de "South America". E podem ter casos que não saibam América Do Sul é nossa área, vai saber... As escolas de hoje em dia no Brasil... Mais enfim... Valeu !
  16. Hello, I wrote to @mwl4 about an event server. With @scarface0359 I have already clarified everything else. @mwl4 has read the message, but is not responding. Proof: http://prntscr.com/gnfwlz http://prntscr.com/gnfwqc Can anyone help me, please? I need answer because event is in 3 days. Best regards, xaverracer
  17. Türkiye serveri lazım avrupa serverlerinde akn varsa pingimiz 90-170 arasında oluyor yani türkiye serverine ihtiyacamız var
  18. I am trying to play euro truck online but i can't find a good server that does not kick me for high ping.Is there a good server to play on if you are in new zealand
  19. what is the haulage server?
  20. HI! I have a problem. I saw at several youtubers who played on other servers than eu1 eu3 eu4 us sa hk im ets2. How do I access other servers like eu69. Here is a link to the one that played on the eu69 server look at the inscription Serwer: Europa 69 here is the link: And sorry for my english i am from Poland.
  21. Buenas, soy de argentina y por lo general me conecto al server de sudamerica, ultimamente estoy teniendo ping alto alrededor de 160ms cuando antes solía estar por 30-40ms, a alguien mas le pasa? Saben de alguien que se pueda contactar con los administradores del server para resolverlo? Saludos.
  22. Hello Guys, i want to play ETS 2 MP with my friend but when i start ETS 2 MP in the launcher it comes ingame the server error: "Timeout.. Try again.." I reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP, i disabled my anti virus program and i turned the firewall off.. But the same error every time.. I hope you can help me! Have a nice day, Jannis Here a picture from the error:
  23. Hey, this morning I was able to play multiplayer. Now it doesn't start. I already reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP. When starting in the launcher a steam popup appears and asks if I want to start it with parameters "Launcher/Launcher.exe". It starts directly into the normal singleplayer ETS2. Can someone help me with that? I think the problem happened with installing the winter mod. Can I remove it? Can't find it in the folders...
  24. Mod Version: ETS v1.26.3.2 - MP v1.0.0.4Controllers Used: KeyboardDescription of Issue: Server refuses and closes the connection after 2 hours driving in mp server, 2 days straight (yesterday and today)How to reproduce: Connect again to mp launcher and serverScreenshots / Videos: As shown here Can someone please help solving this issue? After 2h driving, didnt stop in any place, just doing my cargos, the server goes offline and send me that message, just when I was entering the park of the company to deliver my cargo. First message was yesterday and I'm pretty sure no one is using my steam account or my ID. Dont understand the reason of that message. Second message, was today, just some minutes ago and again same thing, almost 2h driving, didnt stop in any place and when I was 150 kms from my destination, the server goes offline and I got that message.
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