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Found 3 results

  1. On September 28th we discovered a suspicious file on the web server hosting our forums leading to immediate investigation into the matter. As a precaution we took the forums offline while we verify the integrity of our systems. The file’s existence on this server is our fault and we do not believe unauthorized access has occurred, but we cannot be fully certain. Potential access would have included our forum and website databases, including registered emails and passwords. Out of an abundance of caution we will imposing password resets on everyone over the weekend. --> View post on homepage
  2. First of all, hello everyone. 1) The basis of the idea that I suggest : I had an idea after what I saw today in server EU#2 ETS2 and I'd like to share it to see if other people share the same point of view. For several months we had a lot of DLC on ETS2 but unfortunately these DLC are not totally compatible with the mentality of certain groups of players. I think of the DLC Heavy Cargo and Special Transport where our trailers are very heavy and especially very delicate. Recently it was impossible to enjoy a pleasant session by pulling my trailer of 51 tones with my "little" Scania S 8x4 730hp. Several times I was harpooning the tractor and the trailer voluntarily and completely free for no reason. Reporting the players in the middle of the game does not work because the problem has to last long enough for a moderator or administrator to notice. It only remains to create a ticket with a link to a video evidence or attach screenshots. The processing time and response are desired because we are a lot of players to create incident reports. 2) The idea : Kicker, Ban temporarily or for a defined period a player can not be enough today. I propose that we remove the kick because inefficient. Apply a 24h banishment from the start to the first incarnation against the offending player. But if it is part of a vtc or a team should apply a ban of 2, 4, 6, 12 or 24h for all members of the team of the player to educate the whole team that did the offending player. Only then will you get the rules. There are tired of these players who play in ETS2MP as if it was a vulgar GTA, a simulation game is not to make the bumper car or mario kart, if not as much as they play solo. A multi-player game requires a deep respect of the rules. Here in ETS2MP too little respect the rules of the road (highway code), speed limits, distances, etc ... It is these players who are dragging down to the level of gameplay. - In this sense a second idea comes to me, why not limit the access to the MP according to the number of hours on the game ? Because the experience of the profile anyone can change that, but it is more difficult to change the time spent on the steam game. Prohibit access to the MP for players who have less than 30 hours of play on ETS2. Because the ability to drive well on ETS2 comes mainly from the time we spent on it. It is not having 7 hours of play "Steam" on ETS2 that one is good driver. 3) CONCLUSIONS : - Apply a ban of minimum duration to all members of a Steam group or a VTC when a player of the same group or VTC is penalized by an incident report to raise awareness of the group. - Limit access to the MP to all players who have less than 30 hours of Steam play time at ETS2. - Apply the same rules in ATS. Sorry if i make some errors of synthax, etc.. in english, i'm French and i use Google Translate.
  3. Internationale Gesellschaft für Logistik und Transport -Verbindet Europa- Das Team der IGLT sucht neue Fahrer und DU könntest einer davon sein! Gesucht werden sowohl Neulinge als auch Profis Gliederung -Wir stellen uns vor -Was bieten wir euch -Jobangebot -Kontakt Wir stellen uns vor IGLT oder auch Internationale Gesellschaft für Logistik und Transport ist eine realitätsnah gestaltete Spedition im Bereich ETS 2, ATS und Omsi 2. Die Chefs bieten lang Jährige Erfahrung und haben immer ein offenes Ohr. Nach dem Relaunch am 28.10.2017 sind wir wieder am Start Was bieten wir euch Wir bieten euch: - 32 Slots großen Teamspeak - 2 Musikbots - Moderne Website - 2 Whatsapp-Gruppe (Info/Schreibgruppe) - Frei LKW wahl - Skins für Truck und Trailer im Workshop - OMSI 2 Gesellschaft - Konvoi Security - Wöchentlicher Freitagskonvoi Jobangebot FAHRER Sie fahren in der von Ihnen ausgewählten Zugmaschine durch ganz Europa. Ob im Singelplayer oder im Multiplayer können sie Aufträge durch die Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map verfrachten, DISPONENT Sie Teilen die Aufgaben auf und schauen ob diese durchgeführt werden, außerdem setzen sie das Wochenziel für einzelne Fahrer fest welche diese erfüllen müssen. Lust bekommen ein Mitglied unseres Teams zu werden ? BUCHHALTER Sie können der Schatzmeister unserer Spedition werden. Hier bestimmen sie die Gehälter der Fahrer sowie Sonderzahlungen. Wenn Sie Interesse an diesem Job haben bewerben Sie sich ! AUSBILDER Du kannst gut Fahren? und willst deine Erfahrungen mit neuen Fahrern Teilen, hast Geduld mit Extremen fällen? Dann bist du hier an der Richtigen Adresse ! Schicke uns deine Bewerbung ! Bei Interesse bitte eine Bewerbung an die [email protected] schreiben Kontakt Teamspeak 3 : ts3.spedition-iglt.com Website: http://weber-schifferdecker.de/ E-Mail: [email protected] Forum: http://community.spedition-iglt.com Youtube Kanal: https://goo.gl/uF6qzO
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