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Found 2 results

  1. Hello dear trucking community! I have been thinking about sharing my proposal and idea with you. Every VTC leader has the possibility to get an event server as soon as the requirements match. How about that certain people of choice get Kick/TPR/Ban rights for the server? That means as soon as a player does not follow the rules he will be kicked or banned. Note that the player is only banned from the event server. Wouldn't that be a good thing? With kind regards
  2. Suggestion Name: TMP Profile - Option to hide SteamID & Steam Account Suggestion Description: Make it possible to hide our SteamID and Steam Account (link) on our TruckersMP Profile, in Settings menu. Of course except Staff members! After I used the Support system, and got a detailed answer to my question about it (Thanks btw. ), I started to make this suggestion. Why should it be added?: I think that, the SteamID and clickable Steam Account link on our Profile are violates our rights and privacy. Maybe with this little and possible change We would prevent harassment(s) on our Steam Profile. It would not be necessary to set our Steam Profile as Private to prevent harassment(s) and any other similar unwanted activity by being outside the TruckersMP servers. People can simple search on our player names and find our SteamID and clickable Steam Account link now, without registration. Any example images: I made this example image, as we can see that everybody can check our steamID and click on our steam profile. No need to be logged in or register an account. https://prnt.sc/or18o0 It would be a nice option: https://prnt.sc/or1ara Im curious what do you think about this Feel free to vote on it, and if it will be opened to discussion make a comment!
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