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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there, in the past recruitment, I thought I could apply to join the team but the things happened "You cannot apply because you have a ban last 12 months!" Now, my last ban expired 12th October, 2020 UTC 00:52 & till now my active ban is zero. So why I couldn't apply for "Join the team"
  2. Hello, since the report system is often on very high load, it may helps to indroduce a new role. The "Report Moderator". This role has no permissions ingame, it's only for processing reports on the website. This could help a lot to finish reports faster, since they don't need an "ingame training" like Game Moderators. What do you guys think of this?
  3. Hi there... Less than two months left to complete 12 months playing this game. After that, I can join with Game Moderator. ... But I have some questions about Game Moderator. ... Will my report pages be displayed? Because I have more than 15 out of 16 reports pages, and all reports were accepted by the Moderator. [Is that an extra advantage?] I think, some moderators know me because of the large number of reports I issued within a day. ... @Mr_Zuhair_16 Driver
  4. This is only technical question, as I haven't found a response to it yet. The rules state that in order to join team (as a mod, etc) you cannot have more than 3 bans on your profile. I would like to ask, do the expired bans (past 1 year) count to that, if they do not count into your ban duration?
  5. Hi, sorry for the wrong topic but i couldn't select the recrutiment one... btw i play TruckersMP server since almost 2 years and always wanted to be part of the TruckersMP team. If it is possible, how can i try to be part of the TruckersMP team as helper or game moderator or reporter? And if it is closed at the moment, when will the recruitment be open? Thanks for answering me
  6. Hallo, vom 07. Januar bis zum 01. März um 00:59 Uhr, suchen wir talentierte Personen, die unserem Support Team beitreten möchten. Als Mitglied des Support Teams werdet ihr diejenigen sein, auf die die Nutzer zugehen wenn sie Probleme mit TruckersMP haben und ihr werdet die Aufgabe haben, solche Probleme zu lösen. Das macht ihr zum Beispiel in den Tickets in unserem Support System, in privaten Nachrichten, in Beiträgen in unserem Forum und dem Hilfe Kanal auf dem Discord Server. Anforderungen Gutes Verständnis von TruckersMP und den Regeln Mitgl
  7. I am just curious when the next game mod recruitment will roughly be as a IRL long haul truck driver who enjoys simulation games and been playing ATS for over a year now would love to try and get on that team any rough guesses would be appreciated thanks!
  8. Hello! I've got banned in the past 12 months for a silly thing that i did, so i can't be recluitment, that's a shame! I am a good player and i want to be more. Isn't there a way to be recluitment without pass 12 months?
  9. i am in ban. I want to be a game manager. Do I still have a chance?
  10. Topic Title: No format in recruitment application TruckersMP ID: 1163966 URL: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment/application/[Applicaton-ID] Server Time / Date: 27-02-2018 10:50 (27 February) How to reproduce: Log in -> Account -> Recruitment -> Apply for this position -> Submit application -> Your previous applications -> view Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.167 Safari/537.36 Screenshots: I added line breaks in my application: They disappear when I look at my application afte
  11. Herkese selam ! İnsanlara yardımcı olacak yeni destekçiler arıyoruz. Lütfen gereksinimleri kontrol edin ve başvurunuzu gönderin.Geçmişte başvurmuş ve seçilmemişseniz, tekrar başvurabilirsiniz. Başvuru İçin Gereksinimler: Minimum 17 yaşında olmak. Topluluğumuzda aktif olmalısınız. Yeterli İngilizce dil bilgisine sahip olmalısınız. Oyun ve forum kurallarını anlamalı ve saygı duymalısınız. Bir anlaşmazlıkta sakin ve kibar kalmalısınız. Eğer bir şey bilmiyorsanız, sorular sorabilir ve kendinizi bilgilendirebilirsiniz. TruckersMP fo
  12. Herkese Selam; İnsanlara yardım etmek için yeni ekip üyeleri arıyoruz. Gereksinimleri kontrol edin ve başvurunuzu gönderin. Başvuru İçin Gereksinimler: Minimum 17 yaşında olmak. TruckersMP Forumunda en az 100 mesajınız olması. Topluluğumuzda aktif olmalısınız. Yeterli İngilizce dil bilgisine sahip olmalısınız Facebook'ta bir hesabınız olmalıdır ve Facebook'ta bir sayfayı nasıl yöneteceğinizi / yönettiğinizi bilmeniz gerekir. Bir anlaşmazlıkta sakin ve kibar kalmalısınız. Eğer bir şey bilmiyorsanız, sorular sorabilir ve kend
  13. Bekkem & de Vries InterTrans B & V Intertrans is een Eurotruck Simulator 2 virtueel Transportbedrijf. We zijn nog steeds op zoek naar chauffeurs, als je geïnteresseerd bent kan je een aanvraag sturen naar [email protected] (let op dit was eerder een ander email adres, maar wegens geen toegang is deze gewijzigd) in je email graag het volgende melden: - je online naam - je leeftijd, heb je geen ervaring ook helemaal geen probleem wat verwachten wij als B & V InterTrans: - tijdens het rijden je aan de verkeersregels
  14. Hello, I really want to join your team but, I've got problem. I've been banned for Car + Trailer but, I was new and I didn't know that you can take trailer to your car and I was surprised that actually you can take it so, I drove a bit but it was boring so I've cancelled that job shortly. Now I know that it is not allowed but earlier, I didn't know that.And what to do now about joining your wonderful Team? I will never do Car + Trailer again but, can You do something about this? I will be happy of Anything You say but I just want to know what to do in this situation. I'll be check
  15. Joining the TruckersMP Team There have been many questions and confusion as to how to join the team. This guide will aim to clear some of these misinterpretations and misconceptions. → Never join the team to become an admin! You will fail at your quest. It can take a very long time to go through the ranks. You will just get impatient and quit eventually. → Patience is a virtue. In order to join the team, you need to meet the requirements in the first place. That can take some time. Never expect to join t
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