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  1. PromodsV2.57 中文与英文【 DLC 地图,涂装 】 中文与英文互译 红色为:( PromodsV2.57 网红矿山 以及雪山 必要的DLC )
  2. Hello, I am making a video about the busiest route in Promods, and I would like to know if anyone knows how it originated, was discovered, etc. primarily the beginnings of this route. Why is it that other similar routes don't have the same number of people daily? I am genuinely interested in knowing a lot. This is my first post to generate discussion.
  3. Hi. Today I tried the challenge of driving double trailers in Kirkenes road to the quarry. Since I know it is not permitted in Promods Server, I chose to drive in Promods Arcade, since there aren't collisions between players. I have been kicked anyway. The question is: why? There aren't collisions therefore no one blocks each other... Why should I get kicked? I mean, I can try that in single-player, of course, but what's the reason I can't drive in that road also if the collisions are disabled?
  4. Hello forum, As $ubject says. I have Promods Canada loaded in my profile but when I connect to tmp, it will refuse to load the mods; FWIW here is the list of files in the mod/ directory: raloh@nethreen /cygdrive/c/Users/raloh/Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod $ ls promods-ats-assets-v125a.scs promods-ats-map-v125a.scs promods-ats-def-v125a.scs promods-ats-models-v125a.scs Is it a problem of file names?
  5. Guide to Install the ProMods for Singleplayer As we have known in TruckersMP's official announcement (link), ProMods will be supported by TruckersMP soon with the release of v2.42 pack and relative updates of TruckersMP. Although the support has not been published yet, I believe there is a great amount of players who want to enjoy playing the ProMods in advance, excluding those who have installed ProMods before the reveal. So this is the for those who want to experience ProMods but don't know how to install it, only for SINGLEPLAYER. NOTE: This guide only serves for those who want to play ProMods as SINGLEPLAYER. The tutorial for multiplayer supports will be published by TruckersMP after the release of new version of both TruckersMP and ProMods, as says the news above. To begin with, you need to go to ProMods' Official Website (accessible by clicking), and create an account or login to your existing account via clicking the login button at the upper right corner of the web page. By following the step-by-step instructions of the website, you will easily create an account if you don't have any. After successfully login to your account, you will be accessible to the menu bar at the top left side of the web page, as shows the picture below. Then, please click the Download button and you will be accessible to the downloading process. Before starting your journey, you can first choose your language, out of many languages from all over the world (I didn't count it because the amount is very huge and it's useless for me) After selecting your language (I will show all contents in English throughout this guide), the first process requires you to generate a Def file, as a prerequisite to launch ProMods. Your web page will be similar to this: please click click here to generate your def file and your will be proceeded to a new page, like this: To generate the def file, you need to pre-estimate your PC, ranked by "low-spec", "average", "high performance" and "extreme performance", then choose what you think your PC can be classed. After choosing your PC level, please, based on the description, select your sound, damage and color preferences (I choose default as same to the base game). Then check the boxes if you have Rusmap and/or Special Transport DLC. Then after all configurations are set up, click generate and your def file will be automatically downloaded. After your file is fully downloaded (it would take only few moments), you can find your def file in your download folder, named like below: then please move your def file to the following directory: Document/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. Please make sure that no any extra folder within the mod folder where your DEF FILE is located. Afterwards, you can forward to step 2, where you can download the core files of ProMods. As you can see in the picture, you will have two options to download the mod, by purchase with higher speed, or for free with lower speed (by average cost 5 times the time of downloading using the first option). If you wan to use the purchase method, just click the 2.41 Full mod in 1 archive button in left tab, and you will be able to see a new tab like this: (The price is 1 euro and will be displayed as equivalent to your local currency, such as US dollar for me) Then click Buy and Download button to begin your purchase. After you input all the required information of your bank card or connect your Paypal account, you will be able to complete your purchase by clicking place your order or something similar and you can access to a new download panel if you successfully submit your payment. At that panel your mod will be automatically downloaded or by clicking Confirm Download. Please follow the instructions on website that may guide you to download if there are any more steps. Due to the huge amount of the mod, it may cost you couple minutes to wait for its downloading. During this time please double check your SSD where your OS and Document folder is located and preserve at least 15 gigabytes to make sure that your mod can run perfectly. After your download is completed, you will get a compressed file named promods-v2.41.7z. Please use 7-zip or any decompression software that is compatible with .7z files to decompress the downloaded file to anywhere you can find later on. You can download 7-zip via this link. Then open your decompressed folder, you will see many .scs files and a .txt file named README. Please move all the .scs files to where your def file is located: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod.You MUST put your core files and def file in SAME DIRECTORY, without any extra folders within the mod folder. After this, you are done before launching the game. If you choose to endure slow speed to download for free, in the right tab below, click every links one by one from 2.41 Multipack mod archive 1 to 2.41 Multipack mod archive 7 After clicking each link, you will be proceeded to a new tab, like the below. Then your archives will be downloaded automatically and all that you need to do is to move back (DO NOT CLOSE) and click the next link until you have clicked total of 7 links. Same with the previous method, head to your download folder and find tour downloaded files, decompress all the compressed files and move all the .scs files to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod and DO NOT put these files to any extra folders within the directory. If you wan to play with trailer and middle east add-on, you can click Trailer & Company Pack v1.23 and Middle-East Add-On Pack v2.41, the packs will be downloaded automatically as the option 2, and use same method to decompose and move to the mod folder at the dedicated directory. After you fully move the files to the directory, your mod folder would include the files as shows in the picture below, of which the me-x and tcp-x files are not required if you want only to play the ProMods base map. Be sure that you have purchase and install all the 5 map-expansion DLCs in your steam account Then launch the ETS2 as Singleplayer and enable all the mods named with promods in your mod-manager tab then load your profile. If nothing accidental happens, you will be successful to play with ProMods. You can check on your map: if you can see Iceland at upper left corner, it indicated that you are in the ProMods. Good luck on your journey!!! Edmund Disclaimer: This guide is only for those who want to play ProMods as Singlrplayer, which is not the compatible pack for TruckersMP Multiplayer support. If you want to seek for MP support guides, this could not be what you desire. If you have any confusions, feel free to reply to this topic ?
  6. Hello truckers! Have you ever driven on Kirkenes Quarry (Road) in Promods server? Is it easy for you to drive on that road? If not, why?
  7. I can't login to Promods I follow all the steps and nothing happens when I press accept what can I do about it?
  8. Is it possible to play on the ProMods server using ProMods version 1.9.1?
  9. Hello I have a question, I have heard from someone. That if you come in the quarry in Kirkenes (ProMods) of MS stone that you have priority is this true or is this just a recommendation. Or do those who come from the City have priority. Or how do you see that?
  10. Description: so I know why in the ProMods server why there is that restriction, but it feel out of place in the PM arcade server, since there is no collisions anyways, why should we be restricted still? Should it be there in the first place for that server? Image of what it is right now (will be in a google disc link as a single ets2 screenshot is over 500kB) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaxqlp-_jAhJCMXl4wLjg65eeoILgvs1/view?usp=share_link Why it should be "added" (technically, removing something) : well, as i said, there aren't any collisions to start whit in the arcade servers, so why prohibit something if the only that could be hurted is yourself
  11. Guest

    Promods crashing

    For some reason Promods is crashing (100% of the time) when the map is opened and zoomed in or out, it's happened at the least 8 times now. It doesn't happen on non-promods servers and it doesn't happen whilst in single player either. I've file checked with steam and it's fine, i've file checked with the TMP launcher and that's fine, i've even redownloaded the promods files (including the Middle East files) and the crashes stil happen. I kinda need the map so I can set custom routes. Any help with this would be fantastic as it's really annoying.
  12. When opening the game through the launcher everything is fine until I select the ProMods server. When I do the game just freezes on the server screen. I tried joining the base game server and everything works fine. What should I do?
  13. today I downloaded Promods for ETS2, tried it first on singleplayer ETS2 on a new profile and everything worked flawlessly. Then I started the game trough TruckersMP and the mods weren't there, tried loading the new profile I created to test the mod and nothing, tried creating another new profile and nothing, tried with my main profile and nothing. The mods manager doesn't detect anything, it's empty how to fix?
  14. Hi, I have since recently have my game crash when trying to load my profile when loading into the promods servers (scs map works fine just like promods on singleplayer), i have redownloaded the tmp launcher and reinstalled it just like reunzipping both promods and promods me from my allready downloaded files. Any suggestions on how to fix this or what could be causing this are greatly appreciated thanks in advance, vincent123456789016
  15. I believe there's an issue on the job dispatcher when you try to use Karesuando (Sweden) as the Source City. I've tried using different Destination Cities and all gave the same error. Only when I changed to another Source, the dispatcher generated the job. This is probably due to the recent release of the ProMods 2.60 servers. Can you look into it?
  16. ProMods not found One or more required files of the ProMods map modification could not be found in your Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder This message appear after I replace ProMods v2.57. I'm pretty sure that they're no missing file in my folder. Before TruckersMP support ETS2 1.42 I was using ProMods v2.56 it was fine. I did try ProMods v2.57 in singleplayer it totally works fine. This is login screenshot https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjBccQ1rluWmy1RxJ2-4u4ip767A?e=MhK2xQ This is Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod folder https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjBccQ1rluWmy1XYJHTrD3ZX7WhU?e=LqTfsx
  17. Suggestion Name: Revision of non-collision zones required Suggestion Description: As the title suggests Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A few weeks ago at the start of Promods at TMP, as I boarded a boat smaller than those used in the base maps in a port, confident that I was entering an NCZ, when by my astonishment it hit a truck parked inside the boat, By chance, it was a game moderator, when I hit the truck slowly and without causing damage, I was teleported by the moderator to the nearest garage with the message that I rammed ... Regardless of this, I notice that Promods, NCZs are too small. The collision areas should be defined to be broader, identical to those used in base maps, or better than it is currently. I also note that some workshops are not covered by NCZ, and also within some companies in some cities. It is hard to describe which ones, as I watch as I play. I think it is necessary to review this situation, which can sometimes lead to complications in traffic management in these places. I also notice that some players are beginning to wait for them to get out of Promods boats, the players inside them. This is if anyone remembers to leave, because some of them when they have just made the trip, remain static inside the boat for some time, making it impossible for others to enter. Thanks
  18. Hi there. Was playing on TMP ETS2 Promods server, and noticed a lot more lag than usual. The experience is similar to floating back and forth while driving, with frame rates as low as 28fps. This would be playable if it were a smooth 28fps. My usual frame rate is 60fps prior to the latest updates. I experience more of this lag while in the in-cab view (Viewpoint 1), but still notice it in Viewpoint 6 too. This only started occurring as of the latest TMP updates - previous versions I did not have this issue Specs: Dell XPS 8910. i7 6700 3.4-4.0GHz, 32GB DDR4 2666MHz, GTX 1070 8GB, Windows 7 Pro SP1. I know my computer is not at fault, as I was playing recently (i.e. within the last few days) with no issues I am using the latest Steam Client for Windows 7, TMP client with patch version, ETS2 version, Promods 2.56. Disabling DLC's and/or mods also does not solve the issue, and I have verified all my files are correct. My in-game settings are also optimal for my system, and were working fine prior to the latest updates. [EDIT] - SOLVED BY REINSTALLING TRUCKERSMP CLIENT.
  19. Zuletzt geändert am: 28/04/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY) Aktuelle Mods Unterstützt von TruckersMP. 1. ProMods v2.55: ProMods Support enthüllung ProMods Forum Beitrag: Anleitung wie man ProMods installiert: Promods Installationsanleitung 2. Grimes Frühlings Wetter Mod Frühling auf TruckersMP Forum Post: Wie man den Frühlings Mod installiert: Frühlings Mod Installationsanleitung 3. ProMods Canada V1.0.1 ProMods Canada Support enthüllung ProMods Canada Forum Beitrag: [Wird aktualisiert, sobald neue Inhalte von TruckersMP unterstützt werden] Ich hoffe dieser Leitfaden hilft weiter welche Mods zurzeit unterstützt werden von TruckersMP. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Tim.
  20. La TGO organise un convoi le Lundi soir ! Nous vous attendons nombreux le Lundi 8 Mars 2021 à 21h sur promods pour rouler tous ensembles. Le départ se fera à 21h30. ---------------------------------------------------- Trajet : --------------------------------------------------- BYDGOSZCZ (Pologne) --> LVIV (Ukraine) Nous nous retrouverons tous à 21h à l'entreprise Biedronka à Bydgoszcz puis nous partirons en direction de Lviv (Nestlé). La distance du convoi est de 965 kms. ---------------------------------------------------- La cargaison : ---------------------------------------------------- Nous transporterons dans une remorque bachée du Lait (milk) ---------------------------------------------------- Information du convoi : ---------------------------------------------------- - Etre sur la Cibi 10. - Faire le pleins de carburant avant de partir et regler votre GPS sur eviter les autoroutes. - Aucune publicité autorisée sous quelque forme que ce soit, sauf autorisation du staff. - Les entreprises doivent doivent respecter leur emplacement communiqué par l’équipe au préalable. - Tout le monde doit suivre les indication de l’équipe et le trajet du convoi. - Pendant le convoi, vous devez avoir un camion et une remorque (Pas de double remorque ni de voiture) . - Les dépassements son interdit et vous devez rester dans l’ordre donner au préalable. Si vous perdez votre place vous resterez à la fin du convoi - merci de respecter aussi les règles de truckersmp. L’équipe de la TGO et ses partenaires souhaite vous voir nombreux à leur convoi. bonne route à tous et à très bientôt
  21. Cześć! Wczoraj zainstalowałem najnowszą wesje promods, chciałem pograc na truckers mp (oczywiście wchodzę na Simulation Promods) ale wyskakuje komunikat z brakiem modów. Na singlu działa normalnie. Pls pomocy
  22. GLOBALNY TRANSPORT EUROPEJSKI Mamy przyjemność zaprosić na konwój solenizantów Nairobi i Cris . Informacje dotyczące konwoju: Data: 14.03.2021 r. Godzina zbiórki: 19:00 Godzina wyjazdu: 19:30 Ładunek: do 15t Miejsce początkowe: [FR] Reims (Stein Bruch) Miejsce docelowe: [PL] Rzeszów (Warsztat-Plac Manewrowy) Serwer: Promods Discord: https://discord.gg/tyAYcH8 REGULAMINA: 1. Każdy uczestnik konwoju jest zobowiązany do przyjechania z naprawionym i zatankowanym programem. 2. Na miejscu zbiórki zbiórki plików wejściowych - poszukiwawcze. 3. Odstęp miedzy innymi uczniami nie mniejszy niż 100m 4. Zakaz wyprzedzania bez wcześniejszej zgody pilota 5. Gdy dojedziemy na miejsce gasimy zestawy. 6. Nie wtrącamy się komuś w rozmowę. 7. Maksymalna prędkość 95-105 KM / H (Autostrada) 70-80 KM / H (Landówki) 50-60 KM / H (Miasto) 8.Zakaz wczytywania się podczas konwoju. 9.Zakaz reklamowania firmy podczas konwoju. 10. Brak znajomość regulaminu nie zwalnia jego przestrzegania go. Reims Start Trasa Koniec Rzeszów ORGANIZATOR: KONWÓJ TYLKO I WYŁĄCZNIE DLA ZAPROSZONYCH FIRM:
  23. Wir die Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit bringen seit dem 05.06.2020 euch sicher ans Ziel Wir machen Sicherheit aus Leidenschaft Die Rainbow Express will gern ein Geburtstagkonvio ereignallten und hat uns als Absicherungsunternehmen gehören diese Konvoi abzusichern Die Fahrerin Lisa-Lena hat geburstag und zusammen mit dem Rainbow Express und ihren Partner und co. diesen Tag gehört Über die Teilnehmerzahl wissen wir noch nicht genau wieviele kommen. Informationen zur Veranstaltung Wann Freitag, 19.03.2021 Treffen ab 18 Uhr Abfahrt um 19.00 Uhr Server: EU3 ProMods Schutz IL-SEC Veranstaltungsplanung Treffpunkt: Stadt Dublin Ziel: Londonderry Pause: Galway Länge der Strecke: 977 km Link zur Route: folgt Link zur Einladung: https://trucky.events/event/detail/lisa-lena-geburtstagskonvoy-5fefbb25badc1 VERANSTALTUNGSREGELN - Keine Werbung jeglicher Kunst stirbt. - Die Teilnehmer müssen ein PKW haben, aber kein Anhänger. - müssen des Konvois müssen alle Rechte auf der Strecke bleiben. - Die teilnehmenden Rechte nur zu den Konvois der Hauptstädte Rechte - Die Sicherheitsfirma kann jede Straße oder gehört. Die Sicherheitsfirma kann nur LKWs helfen - Event-Mitarbeiter können kommen oder teleportieren, wenn Sie kein Mitglied sind und die Regeln regeln. - Eventpersonal darf Skoda-Verantwortungsbedürftige. Wir haben uns über eine schnelle und positive Antwort gegeben Ihre cartman911 Spediteur der Inter-LOGISTIK [ IL] Mit Teilhaber der Inter-LOGISITK-Sicherheit [IL-Sec]
  24. Hello everyone I have big problem, i cant play on promods server because everytime push notification "promods not found....". I dont know what can i do, i have the newest promods files, all downloaded from official page and i can play normal on singleplayer. I can play in other servers multiplayers so its dont problem with eurotruck, all my files its not zip, all is scs. files, i check this. I have other modifications but when i kick this mods its same, i cant play too because "promods not found". Next problem can be with def file, when i download file without special transport its same "promods not found" so i think that its not problem with def file. What can i do, why promods is good on single but i cant play multiplayer?!!?
  25. Olá caminhoneiros, Recebemos muitas perguntas em nossas redes sociais sobre isso, e hoje estamos muito animados em anunciar que estamos apoiando o ProMods Canada no TruckersMP! Se você não pegou o stream, nós nos juntamos a alguns membros da equipe ProMods para um passeio através do ProMods Canadá em um servidor privado. Assista a este stream aqui, onde os Desenvolvedores ProMods responderam algumas das perguntas do chat. Algo diferente em comparação com a forma como o ProMods para Euro Truck Simulator 2 funciona no TruckersMP é que o ProMods Canada será habilitado em todos os servidores. Apesar de estar habilitado em todos os servidores, é opcional utilizá-lo nos servidores. Isso significa que, com ou sem ProMods Canada, você poderá se conectar a qualquer servidor da American Truck Simulator. Se você não tiver o ProMods Canada instalado, poderá dirigir na área de jogo base, mas com o ProMods Canada também poderá dirigir na área de mod. Como instalo o ProMods Canada para que funcione no TruckersMP? Da mesma forma como é feito com ProMods no Euro Truck Simulator 2, você precisa colocar os arquivos mod em sua pasta de mod no American Truck Simulator, como faria para instalar mods para o modo SinglePlayer. Ao iniciar o TruckersMP, os arquivos do ProMods Canada serão pesquisados e os arquivos serão carregados automaticamente (você não precisa se preocupar com o gerenciador de mod). Um guia passo a passo pode ser encontrado aqui: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1129 Onde eu faço o download do ProMods Canada? Você pode baixar ProMods Canada agora mesmo do site de nosso parceiro: https://www.promods.net/setup.php Quais DLCs são necessários para usar o ProMods Canada? Para ProMods Canadá, você só precisa ter as DLCs do Oregon e Washington Estamos ansiosos para vê-lo dirigindo pela ProMods Canadá! Desejamos-lhe uma feliz e segura viagem, - Equipe TruckersMP
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