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Found 4 results

  1. RobinOfaT


    Hey! So me and my friend made new profiles yesterday since we got bored and wanted to startover again. So we grinded for atleast 6-8 hours. And when i went back to the PC today and loaded up TMP my profile was gone? I created a new one and tried to look at all my profiles but there was just the one that i created 10 seconds before? This has happend to me 2-3 times by the time span of 2 days. Its really annoying since i dont really bother start from level 0 and work my way up again. Is there and easy solutions to this or do i just have to create a new profile and grind for a couple of hours? Thanks have a good day!
  2. Hi. I was messing in my profiles in documents earlier today and accidentally renamed one of my profiles. This made the profile i renamed disappear ingame, and i didnt notice that before i just started up my computer now. Im unable to hit CTRL+Z since the comuter was turned off. I still have all files from the last user but i dont know the long combination of the profile in my documents. Since i have all the files i tried making a new profile and paste all the old files into the new one. But my new profile didnt change to the last one that was lost. So i really need help!! And i dont want to start over in ETS2.
  3. Yesterday I worked my butt off getting that Raven degsin pack on my online profile on v 1.15. Today I downgraded and when I pressed "Continue" on the profiles page it said incompatible save. Every one of them! Does this mean I have to restart everything please tell me no! Or do I just wait for MP to update?
  4. Hey guys, this question is especially for the Admins: Do we need a new ETS2-profile, if the patch 0.1.1 will be out ? I'm asking for a friend, because he does a mega project and needs information about the upcoming patch. Regards, Mercord7
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