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Found 194 results

  1. thejajko101

    Problem with tab.

    Hello, my friend have problem with tab look at picture. What to do?
  2. Hello everyone!! So lately i started playing ETS 2 TruckersMP,i played it on my lately profile and i only managed to drive one mission(job),cause i dont have my own truck to do jobs,so next time i tried starting new job,none of them were recommended,it says ("It is impossible to find jobs that match your requirements"),idk what was the problem,i tried finding my profile in Documents so that i can go to config.cfg but it doesent appear to be there,cause i just began playing so i dont know how to sleep in game,i tried F7+Enter but idk where to use it,also i think i cant sleep in game cause i cant take a job to drive.Any help?
  3. MLT.Atak

    TMP Launcher Update Problem

    Hello there I'm having some kind of launching problem. Apparently there is some sore of connection problem and launcher doesn't update TMP. I've red some topics in Turkish but that UltraSurf thing doesn't work and it sounds weird to download some other app that doesn't belong to TMP to fix the problem. There is some pix of it. TY
  4. xMatiPLx

    Zlecenia worldoftrucks

    Witajcie mam pewnie problem od dłuższego czasu próbuje się uporać z problemem braku zleceń z WoT i dalej nie wiem czemu, mi to nie działa. Wyskakuje komunikat "Nie ma żadnych konkretów w twojej okolicy" Jeśli ktoś miał taki problem lub wie jak go rozwiązać to proszę o odpowiedz w temacie.
  5. spekis1991

    I do not understand

    Hallo! I dont know is this a write place to write it but i hope so! I have met today one idiot on road! I want to make a report but happens this! Screenshot with ID and what happens when i write it! If i do something wrong writing a report please lett me know!
  6. neuras

    SSL/TSL connection failed

    https://i.hizliresim.com/1EXGDG.jpg I cant solve this problem. Please help me.
  7. Siemanko. Mam problem z ETS2 i ATS od kiedy go kupiłem. Koledzy nie mają z nim do czynienia, a mnie niestety się dostało. Reinstalacja gier nie pomogła i nie wiem co może być powodem tego błędu. Problem pojawia się wtedy gdy chcę teleportować się do serwisu. kiedy to zrobię to gra robi to: Nic wtedy nie można zrobić. Gra nie reaguje na nic i trzeba ją zrestartować i tak za każdym razem. jakieś pomysły?
  8. Frixi0n

    Problem z logitech g29

    Cześć od niedawna mam problem, ponieważ gdy wchodzę w ets2 kierownica ciężko się obraca, kiedyś włączałem ffb i wyłączałem wszystko działało dobrze, teraz to nic nie daje, kierownica chodzi ciężko nawet w grze. Proszę o pomoc.
  9. Проблема с запуском лаунчера при запуске выбивает данное: Какая актуальная версия игры на данный момент?
  10. Randy Cunningham

    Problem z etsem

    Witam, Mam pewny problem z grą. Gdy gram często wywala mnie z gry i ładuje grę na nowo ,są wczytywane mapy. Myślę że jest to problem z moim profilem, ale gdy gram na 1.31 wszystko działa poprawnie, problemem jest w wersja1.32. Też tak macie ?
  11. Hello, When I try to start the TruckersMP application on my PC, the following error message is popping up. I tried reinstalling the client, but nothing happened. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/kymlz8
  12. Hello, I started creating modifications that allow me to take from the market one and the same load (eg. a yacht) from each company (in other words, only one and the same trailer is available on the entire map in market) but I would like that after switching off this modification (or wanting to be more precise I mean enter the multiplayer mode thanks to the TruckersMP mod) I still have a hooked yacht and the game to see that it is a yacht with a given weight (not a cement for example). I have created several versions of this modification, but each has some disadvantages. Version 1 (base) - Download This is a base version of modyfication. This is only visual change of trailers but the cargos and weights are not changed. Every files in \def\vehicle\trailer\ location has changed. For example: brick_trailer.sii excavator.sii Version 2 - Download Here I modifired the same files as in version 1 but here in additional I edit a every .sii files in \def\cargo\ directory without subfolders. For example: acetylene.sii carrots.sii The success is even ok, but only partially. Yes, all loads are called Yacht, weigh 6.5 tons, but in the game files they are still not yachts and after switching off the modification the appearance of the trailer itself remains as a yacht, but the game informs me that I carry, for example, cement weighing 22 tons. This is a section of game save after save with this mod: This is a 2 main versions of mod but I try to every variables: - Version 3: with *.sii files in \def\cargo\*\ location and try to change a trailer def: but this is not working, - Version 4: with edit a \def\cargo.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht cargo. It even worked but the number of generated trailers in market not satisfied me because I would like a many the same trailers from the one city (in this example from Poznan I have one yacht trailer and from Lodz I have nothing). - Version 5: with edit a \def\vehicle\trailer_storage.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht trailer but it works the same or worse than the previous example (v4). Sincerely? I ran out of ideas, so I thought to try and ask for help here. Maybe some of you know the golden mean for my problem. I want the modification to always show that I am carrying a yacht (as a trailer and as a cargo in information - F6 or menu) and that it doesn't generate an economy reset. Examples 1 and 2 don't generate an economy reset, but the others probably do.
  13. Guest

    Witam mam problem...

    Witam 14 - 15 dni temu zbanował mnie admin AlexXX za Blocking, Inappropriate Name Tag+reckless driving+blocking overtake+intentional ramming - zgodze sie z tym ale jade sobie po prostu ciezarowka bez naczepy i nagle zlapalem laga i zajechalem droge widac to na tym filmie : nie prosze tutaj o unban ale pytam sie czy jest mozliwosc unbana :F bo troche mi szkoda konta dziekuje i czekam na odpowiedz MaTMaR2K
  14. hii my friend need help When he buy ETS2 they make an account on TruckersMP and when he want to play and when he write his email and password they say "Email or password is invalid" but he is mean his wrong write his email or pass and he is try my acc (email and pass) but they also doesnt want work and they also say "Email or password is invalid" and he watching on yt and one man say to try support Truckermp they help him and that is it Im try all stuffs and they not help me but guys pleasee helpp mee " theses credentials do not match our records"
  15. TheMiksPlayZ

    CB radio not reciving sound?

    Well , I have a problem with the CB-radio... It works... but it doesn't. I can speak to my friends and the little speaker displays in bottom right , they can hear me but when they respond i cannot hear them and there is no nicknames in top left of the screen. I am connected to Channel 19 , My Headphones work perfectly with other voice comunicators and the game sounds and the settings are set to as loud as possible. Can any one help ? I was looking through the forums yet I could not find an answer :c
  16. I was and still have this problem of freezing players in cities with great movement. After performing several tests I found that it comes from a blocking of the TruckersMP server with my ip (I do not know if it is related to numbering or is something random). The temporary solution I found to the problem is to use proxy to change the ip and get to run normally. The problem that VPN are expensive and TruckersMP taking better science of this problem has to solve it immediately. Many players face this problem and are banned confused by hacker use. And the answer I see from TruckersMP is that it's a connection problem which is not true. After using proxy the connection becomes much more unstable causing slowness. Below is a video of the bug.
  17. Доброго времени суток господа. Столкнулся с проблемой, что начал появляться фриз, когда в TAB'e появляется игрок. Когда 1-2 игрока - совсем микрофриз, а если заезжать в "плотные города" то зависает на подольше. Может кто сталкивался с похожей проблемой? Как решить ёё? Графен на ультрах, масштаб 400%, из настроек МП выключил загрузку аксессуаров, флагов, водителя (ну если вдруг нужно)
  18. alex2008514


    Hello, I have a problem. I can't go into multiplayer. Because he writes "invalid email or password". Although I enter everything correctly.
  19. perepierz

    Problem with DLC

    Today i bought vive la france dlc, now the problem is: if i start truckersmp he doesn't update my dlc list so it says "This loading depends from a dlc u don't have". The fact is my ETS2 single player works well with the dlc and has no conflict with it..
  20. Hallo, habe leider ein Problem mit dem Auto.Wenn ich die Gangschaltung auf Automatisch aktiviere geht das Auto nur bis Gang A1 sodass ich nur 35 Kmh fahren kann.Wenn ich aber manuell schalte geht es höher als 1.Warum geht es nicht in automatischer Gangschaltung beim Auto?Wenn ich Automatische Gangschaltung beim Lkw aktiviere funktioniert alles wunderbar.Würde mich über Hilfe freuen!
  21. Rares221

    ATS Multiplayer login problem

    Hey, i can't login on ATS. says that: invalid email or password. but on ETS2 works..
  22. Hello. Community Manager Anriandor give me link on this forum. Here my problem with ATS on main profile: Yesterday there was an error. Due to my extension to the browser, I could not normally bind ATS to the main account from Kesha_F1. I had to register one more account on KeshaF1. This is the mail of my team. I ask you to untie and delete the account KeshaF1, and linked the ATS to my main account Kesha_F1. When i disable my extention (uBlock origin), i can see green button Steam https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/change_account.php I hope you can help me. Best regards, Kesha_F1
  23. Papa Deee

    Could not login to ATS2 MP

    Hi, I have 5 hours played now and im still not able to register my game. It isn't shared and when I go on the truckersmp website to click on "check games" nothing happens. I've tried that 5 times I think but im still not able to connect to the ATS MP but ETS2 MP works fine for me. Edit: sorry for the topic I mean ATS not ATS2
  24. Game:Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version:1.31 Controllers Used:Logitech G27 Description of Issue: I can not change the screen resolution from full screen to onscreen. When I click apply the changes, the game freezes. How to reproduce: You can change the resolution only in a single version of the game. Screenshots / Videos:none