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Found 5 results

  1. Hello truckers and carrers! () It seems that a lot of you want to use the Scout car mod in singleplayer. Either just for fun, or to solve issues; like your car turning into an old Scania when you load your multiplayer profile in singleplayer. I have a simple solution that doesn't require you to download anything. This solution allows the game to use the files of the mod that came with the TMP client. It works by creating a symbolic link in windows, which will allow the game to find the files from multiplayer and use them in singleplayer. It works for both ETS2 and ATS. This wi
  2. Suggestion Name: Police cars. Suggestion Description: Ok so, people have an opportunity to become a Police officer, there can be applications for it and if you pass them you have access to the Police cars and you can pull people over. for a reason E.G breaking the law. Any example images: Police cars. https://imgur.com/a/H8eHTaM Why should it be added?: I think it would be fun and would get more people involved and would give people who are NOT that interesting in trucking for long distance it would give the game more opportunity's for people and the server.
  3. Hey, How can i be Police and use Police Lights/LEDs and and Police Paintjob? best regards
  4. How can i be a police officer in game?
  5. Hey, I'm a Israeli soldier I would like to serve in the game a police officer I know the rules and im able for the service How do i become a police officer?
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