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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. So as you could already imagine I have massive FPS issues. I play with everything on low 720p and I get 20fps.. I have a GeForce GT 1030 Intel Core i5-2400 8GB RAM DDR3 Please help me!
  2. EliteK1ng88 is trying to download TruckersMP but he can't because it's saying he hasn't played the games for 2 hours, but he's played them for longer than that. What can we do to fix it? THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED!
  3. La Trans PRO euro recrute! Qu'est-ce que la Trans PRO euro? La Trans PRO euro est une nouvelle entreprise qui vient d'ouvrir ses portes à des chauffeurs sur ETS2! Les conditions pour être choisi Pour être choisi et rentrer dans la team, vous devez remplir certaines conditions : Avoir plus de 14 ans Avoir de l'expérience sur le jeu Avoir TEAMSPEAK 3 Avoir un micro de relativement bonne qualité La première impression La première impression se fait en jeu, lorsque nous rencontrons la personne. Si vous ne parlez pas, ou que vous
  4. Hello! I have a question about how i can play with my friend, same company or same job? please dont say you need to make a request to play with my friend?!
  5. When I click 'play' on the ETS2MP launcher (where the launch with DirectX and OpenGL options are) it crashes and says 'not responding'. I have tried starting as administrator several times and uninstalled and reinstalled the Euro Truck Simulator 2 steam file and multiplayer mod file, multiplayer directory is: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and Winter mod are installed. Beta selection is set to none. Operating system = Windows 10
  6. Guest

    cant play Multiplayer

    Hello i cant play multiplayer. Unsapported game version Detected!To play ets2mp need to have version 1.21.1s(Steam release) Could not inject dll into the game procces... PLS HELP
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