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Found 9 results

  1. Is there a way to either get a paint mod or make one compatible with TruckersMP that looks close to Optimus Prime?
  2. Hello, Has anyone notice this when apply a skin from a Space_Paint_Jobs_Pack, player being kicked, because of Unsupported version? Do the developers know about this and can the problem be solved? Regards!
  3. Hallo Trucker MP Team, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Volvo in American Truck MP. Immer wenn ich eine Lackierung aus dem "American Truck Simulator - Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack" nehme, werde ich aus dem MP gekickt mit der Aufforderung, mein Paint Job zu wechsel. Nach dem wechsel der Lackierung, kann ich dann wieder ins Spiel ohne gekickt zu werden. Diese Problem ist nur bei dem Volvo, bei den anderen Trucks funktionieren die Lackierungen. MfG Michael
  4. Hey, Drivers! Do you know How can i use truck DLC paint job for SKODA. I know how can i open 'game.sii' file, but what should i edit? Please HELP ME
  5. Hello Everybody! I have a few days thinking about that, how can I get this paint job to new Scania S. Here is video / picture :
  6. Game: ATS MPMod Version: Used: Driving Force GTDescription of Issue: i noticed that after last update, Crystal Dimensions paint job not working on ATS but working on ETS, can you please fix this, thank youHow to reproduce: select the Crystal Dream paint .Screenshots / Videos: image below.
  7. Hey there, Hello everyone. Today I had bought the Christmas Paint Job but unfortunately it does not work in ETS2 MP. But why ?
  8. iggikoc


    Why am i kicked from server when i apply on a truck original DLC Slovak paint job?
  9. ok i'm in need of some help i'm just wondering if there is a way I can put a custom paint job on to a car and show it off to my friends in MP. and i'm wondering if any one knows of a decent free video editor.
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