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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys I've had a few people message me on steam about the winter mod not working for them, the problem is either not showing snow on the road or terrain or the mod not showing snow falling from the sky. And thought I would show you how I got both these problems fixed. First One: Winter Mod Not Showing Snow on Ground or Terrain. 1. Load up Multiplayer 2. Hit tab 3. Right click on your mouse and click the settings button. 4. Click on Mods tab. 5. Tick the Winter Mod. 6. Click on Apply and Ok. 7. Restart Game Second One: Snow Not Falling From the Sky 1. Again Load up Multiplayer 2. Click Esc then click on Options. 3. Then click on Game play. 4. Then find Rain probability. 5. Adjust the rectangle thing to about half way on the bar. 6. Go back into game and find a spot to rest and then sleep. 7. Then it should be snowing from the sky. Im not saying this is the only way to do it or that it will work for everyone, this is just what I did and it worked for me. Hope this helps a few people!! Happy Ice Road Trucking - Jacob
  2. Unsupported game version detected! Expected: ver. You have: ver. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the game version changer just crashes every time. -Any help ? -When will TruckersMP update to ?
  3. Guest

    Skoda Horn Not Working

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: PDP Xbox One X Controller Description of Issue: When I Press The Horn Button Whilst Using My Skoda ( From The Iveco Dealer, ), I Do Not hear Anything And Nor Do Other Players. I Can, However, Here Other Skoda Horns. Also, When I 'Equip' My Truck It Works Perfectly. How to reproduce: I'm Not Sure If Reproducing This Bug Is Possible. All I Do Is Press Horn And It Doesn't Work. Screenshots / Videos: Video or Screenshots Aren't Really Possible. I Can't Show You I'm Using My Horn.
  4. Hello, I cannot hear anyone in voice chat but they can hear me, for some reason i cannot see even see that they are talking, I ve watched all tutorials and I still have the issue, I have voice chat sound on full (In options), I ve checked if the radio in truck isnt turned off. Can someone help me ?
  5. Hello I have this problem that does not want to launch the program here is what says to me: 'C: \ ProgramData \ TruckersMP \ dataets2 \ ui \ speedlimiter.png' is refused to System.IO '__ Error.WinIOError (Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath to System.IO.File.InternalDelete(String path, Boolean checkHost) to LauncherV2.Md5Utils.FileNotMAtched(String file, String fileMd5) to LauncherV2.MainWindows.CheckForUpdates0). Press OK to try again or cancel to visit our download page Can someone help me please !!
  6. .Rhys.


    Hello, I recently got the DAF DLC but the slots isn't showing anything, this even happens in singleplayer. The only thing that shows up is the BigT Beacons in singleplayer. If anyone could possibly help then that would be awesome! Thanks
  7. Hello, I just recently started playing ETS2 and discovered this Multiplayer mod. I downloaded it today after making my account and got the launcher to open with ease, but now I am seemingly unable to properly download a new update that is on the launcher. It'll go up to a certain point and freeze there. I've tried leaving it and seeing it picks up later, no luck. I've tried restarting the download and that works sometimes but other times, no luck. I'm stuck at the launcher with it unable to patch due to freezing for some reason. Any suggestions? (edit - typo fix)
  8. I have joined TruckersMP forum and i need to get use to the enviroment. Doesnt anyone know,why my Cargos are zero? Does it start counting,since now after i created a account in the forum?
  9. Hello dear ETS2MP awesome developers. I have "serious" issues with ETS2MP : the game simply don't start. I did downgrade from the latest to 1.16.2 and restalled it twice. this time, no desktop icon was created I also went to the Status sections but they said all the server are done but also that this page is temporary (From the update I think) So... Is that normal that the game simply can't start without errors? More info : When I open ETS2 from Steam, it start normally.
  10. Evening people, so I recently reinstalled Euro Truck Sim 2 as I found out it now has multiplayer which is fantastic news! Well it would be if I could get it to work. So what have I done so far? - Installed multiplayer - Linked profiles - Set Steam to Beta .12 as the program requests - I run the program click continue game - Loading bar loads - Black screen comes up then boom program not responding. See attached for computer specs Pastebin game.crash >>> http://pastebin.com/b4jtGZbk Thanks for taking the time to help me, looking forward to your response. Regards, Matt
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