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Found 4 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Non-Collision Zones In Bus Stations Suggestion Description: There are lots of convoys starting at bus depots around ETS2 And it would be helpful if it was a non-collision zone Any example images: Yes, http://prnt.sc/cbfx0y Why should it be added? It means that convoys starting there don't damage their truck before hand
  2. Suggestion Name: Collision vs Non-collision handling Suggestion Description: I think that the collision of trucks outside of non-collision zones with trucks inside non-collision zones can be improved to help with the chaos in front of these zones, and the incapability of players to form a queue for entering and exiting such zones. Especially for company areas where trucks drive onto the parking dialog field and stop, with their trailer still reaching out of the zone. Currently non-collision only works for trucks within the zone, as trucks outside of the zone still collide with those
  3. Suggestion Name: Non-Collision delay Suggestion Description: I like the idea of a delay after leaving a non-collision zone. So you can collide e.g. 4 seconds after leaving the zone, so there would not be as much chaos and accidents at exits. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It would prevent the chaos on leaving or entering a non-collision zone EDIT: Please decline this I did not know this is already implemented in a way,
  4. Not sure if anyone has already reported this, but Roma's Service Station is missing a non-collision zone. Recently had a big pileup when people were trying to enter
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