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Found 9 results

  1. Most of us are listening to some or many artists daily. Which artists do you listen daily to? I listen daily to: - ILLENIUM - Excision - SLANDER - Nurko - Said The Sky - MitiS - Seven Lions
  2. Hey! I love listening to music when I am out driving(ingame) or actually during whatever I do in life. So simple as that, music is a huge part of my life, and I wanted to ask here what is everyone's favourite genre, artist or specific song? My favourite artist varies a lot depending on what I do, but my definite favourite genre is rap and in general LoFi music. Some of my favourite artist: Sobel Tymek Lana Del Rey Tyla Yaweh BOOsted Halsey Hollywood Undead I hope this thread will help others find new music to add to the
  3. Suggestion description: Create a space below interests, where the Spotify user can be seen, with a link to that profile to explore his music (optional for each player) so that other players or forum visitors in said profile they can see and listen to their music and follow that player on spotify apart from the forum Example picture: * Yellow section in the image to be added * Why should it be added? This modification should be added to the forum profile so that other players c
  4. There are no wrong answers to this one What are your go to driving songs? looking to extend my driving playlist with your help
  5. Hi all, I hope this finds you in good health. So, recently, I started a list of the most iconic collaborations in music to date, and the list may be a bit biased, so I want to know your opinion on the topic! What do you think is the most iconic collaboration on a single song? It can be from any era, but I want to know what song stands out most in your mind. Personally, I think it has to be Lady Gaga's Telephone, which featured the one and only, Queen Bey. I have vivid memories of flipping through the music channels on TV as a child, and hoping I'll find Telephone on one
  6. Suggestion Name: Radio Area on Forum live! Suggestion Description: This suggestion is for the people who's online and wanted to chill out here on forum. You can listen to the live radio which is operated by bot. And if possibly added, the area can be added on Others. Any example: ** Check example below, just like Discord. Why should it be added?: It's important to have a happy community. Nowadays here on our forum there are lot of great people! This extends the peaceful and orderly of the community! Credit (Google Photos) Regard
  7. I have a Problem with my PC. if the game ist started then i cant start music over Windows Media Player, VLC or youtube. If i restart the Windows Audio Service then i can play music but no more ingame sound. What can i do?
  8. Lowering the music volume doesnt stop the background music in ETS2, i preferable like to have a quiet BG sound I was late for my delivery because i wrote this fourm
  9. Hello guys and gals this here is DJ Outlaw From Ultimate Sounds Radio In The Uk,I just wanted to drop a line in here and tell you guys about out new station domain as we have moved to a new site now.You also can also listen to us in-game WOOHOO anyways got a little exicted there,but if you like to check us out come on over to http://ultimate-soundz.co.uk/we will love to have you,myself i dj live all the way from the usa and I mostly play classic rock but i do take request,look forward to seeing you there.
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