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Found 4 results

  1. Hello dear Truckers and Staffs of TMP, In all my years (and there are a hell of a lot of them that I've already spent in TMP) I've seen a lot of people who haven't learned from their spells and continue to drive just as badly as before. According to the motto: "Well now I'm unbanned again, now I can carry on like this, what should happen except another weekly break". And it is precisely because of such attitudes from some players who misunderstand the seriousness of the simulation that we should take much tougher action. I'm not talking about extending the ban period in general, but simply putting a stop to the user and sending him to the online simulation forever for his serious offenses. Many of you know the infamous situation on the route from Duisburg to Calais, and know about the dangers that lurk there on the route - players who think they have to turn a simulation into a racing game, recklessly overtaking oncoming traffic, possibly endangering others and simply ignore it. This must be the end of it! For all these years I've had enough of seeing sensible truckers being put in danger by other reckless drivers! That's why I don't want to beat around the bush any further and get to the point. Set a maximum upper limit of 20 bans at most, after which a stop must be put in place if such drivers simply cannot make a clear decision from their punishments and believe that by re-acting they are muddying the waters of TMP's moderation work! Because if they took this seriously, they would behave differently, which they have not done so far. Ergo: pull the ripcord and or take a kind of online driver license test. Because things absolutely cannot go on like this. I understand that drivers from other countries are used to different situations, but that doesn't give them the right to bring that into the game and drive exactly the same as wherever they come from. I can only speak for Germany, but our country has significantly more decency in traffic than in certain other countries. I can of course understand why TMP would reject this proposal, as they would lose money by losing players. But is it really worth it? So I would rather have an online experience with perhaps fewer players, but with serious players who take the simulation seriously. And I think I also speak for the well-being of the TMP moderators who sacrifice their valuable time every day for our gaming experience, because God knows they have better things to do than explaining to such players every day what they have done wrong, despite that all those who confirmed TMP regulations at the start of the game. Therefore, at this point I would like to express my appreciation for your valuable time and work that you sacrifice every day for our gaming experience. @TMP-Management think about it calmly. So where do you put your priority? For the benefit of a better gaming experience, or is money really more important to you due to the constantly increasing number of players? I would appreciate it if you would pay some attention to the suggestion. (I understand the aspect that the servers obviously have to be paid for and are not run by air and love.) I would therefore like to thank you in advance for at least considering this for the benefit of everyone. Not only to relieve the burden of moderation, but also to promote a better gaming experience for the players. I would therefore like to thank you for your valuable time reading. Sincerely, Optimus Prime. o7
  2. Hello everyone, Since the original thread has been brutally closed (for some timing reasons apparently), I'm just creating this topic to allow people to continue discussing with ALL the community (not only 1 staff member via feedback). Because there were on-going discussions with interesting exchanges between various members. To continue with what people said recently, while I can understand why we stop showing moderators names and the ban durations: to avoid having harassing moderators or getting spammed with people complaining about not good enough bans given. Why don't we punish these few people who are abusing the feedback/appeal/DMs instead of hiding information to 100% of the players?
  3. Suggestion Name: Annoucement about Hackers on the server for Game Moderators Suggestion Description: I'm coming up with a suggestion that I think could be pushed through this community. I was wondering what else we could add to TMP to make it better place and full of new features that might improve the game experiences. Since there have been quite a few hackers here lately who are just wasting their time to make the game bored for others (mainly Calais-Duisburg road), I thought of adding a feature for game moderators in the form of an announcement! Any example images: How it should look like? If there is a player who is hacking, he will be reported via TAB and once the player send a report it will automatically annouced and be sent to the chat admins in the form of a red message that it is hacking, giving the player's ID, TMPID. (Player: RedWolf [CZ] (1140) was reported for §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing - please check him as soon as possible) Why it should be added: It should be added for the reason that admins can't be everywhere when something is going on. This way, they'll get notified immediately, and be able to teleport to the location and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. It is also for the reason that a player will be reported, but before the report is resolved, he can create problems on the road for an hour or more if none of the admins on the road notice him - > That means it will be fast action and the current player will not have longer access to make create inappropriate behaviour. If we leave it as it is now, players can hack there for up to an hour before anyone notices them, or before the report is resolved.
  4. How to the in-game staff and moderation team decide what punishment to give you. Do the staff think twice? Do they discuss with the violator of his/her actions.
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