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World Of Trucks


Found 14 results

  1. hello everyone today I would like to see your favorite truck designs and brands PASSION FOR DAF EINDHOVEN
  2. Hey Folks, Just curios, What truck is your favourite and why do you like to drive it? Personally mine is the Scania (The Old One) - I've always liked it since i played TMP. Let me know in the comments!
  3. MAN TGX EURO 6 truck . This German truck was added to Ets2 in the 1.34 update. Many players love this truck. What is your opinion about this truck? .
  4. What's your favorite truck brand? You can check out my trucks here: https://tor2141.imgbb.com/ Let me know what you think about these.
  5. Hello everyone! As most of you know, SCS Software uploaded a new teaser! For those that didn't watched the video, here is it: So, let the speculation begin! I personally think its the new MAN Euro6, because of the shape and the lights that are possible to see in the video. Also I did a little bit of research to be 99.99% sure, also if I was already pretty sure that I'm right. So, now a list of the important tweets: TWEETS FROM 02.08.2018 OR 8/2/2019: MAN UK: https://twitter.com/mantruckbusuk/status/1024949700481490950 SCS Software: https://twitter.com/scssoftware/status/1024934256798248960?lang=de TWEETS FROM THE 24.01.2019 OR 1/24/2019: MAN UK: https://twitter.com/mantruckbusuk/status/1088486170311442433 SCS Software: https://twitter.com/SCSsoftware/status/1088468586757279745 As I mentioned at the beginning, I'm pretty sure it's the new MAN Euro6. What do you think? Take care everyone. Sincerely Flying Cat
  6. What is the best truck brand? . Which brand of truck do you like? Which truck do you choose in multiplayer? Why you support this? What factors have to support this? Please leave a comment ...
  7. Siyah Bayrak Group' Ailemize Tüm ETS2 MP Oynayan Arkadaşlarımızı bekliyoruz. DLC konusu Konuşulur Kendimde bütün DLC'ler mevcuttur. Discord.gg/SYNMUBP NOT->Save Dosyaları yapacak Ve Moderatörlük Yapacak. Bizleri Tanıtacak Ciddi Düşünen Yardımcı olabilecek Dostları arıyoruz Bize ciddi yardımcı olucak dostluğumuzu ebediyet sürdürecek ailemize katkıda bulunacak Arkadaşları bekliyoruz. #SiyahBayrakGroup Teşşekkürlerhttp://discord.gg/SYNMUBP
  8. Hi, today I will tell you which truck is best to buy for beginners. > This is totally based on my opinion and experience. Each and every truck is unique and best for different features, Try each and every truck in-game and you will know which one is best for you. [ Please, Comment which Truck is Best and Which one is Worse in your opinion. Don't forget to mention the reason ] DAF I like DAF because of their design. This is best one for beginners Same basic engine as scania (360HP) Basic price is just 96K I recommend the XF 105. Mercedes-Benz If you have more than 100K than this is one of the best trucks in game I love side-skirts for 6x4 Powerful engines Best for towing I recommend New Actros Volvo Same as Mercedes expensive but good. Basic design Perfect for heavy trailers Most powerful engines [750hp] FH16 is the best MAN Good price, quality and design of vehicle 320HP engine (Same as mercedes) under 100K The TGX is nice Iveco This truck is cheapest in game Nice design Basic power just 310HP I recommend the Stralis Renault I do not recommended it Poor quality & expensive 450 HP Engine sounds like 10HP For the same (or lower) price you can buy Volvo, Man, Iveco, DAF or Mercedes-Benz Slowest truck Scania I love Scania trucks (best design) Basic price 112K Not recommended to new users (Expensive) Powerful engine [730HP] i recommend either the R 2012 or the new S series _____ Hope this GUIDE will be helpful for you. Please, Comment which Truck is Best and Which one is Worse in your opinion. Don't forget to mention the reason. [ Please mention if Information is wrong ]
  9. Cordial saludo compañeros camioneros, les comparto este hermoso video que vi de la historia de MAN; disfrútenlo
  10. Avec un chiffre d'affaire de 147 500 000 € et plus de 6 850 000 Km aux compteur l'entreprise LRDN (Les Routiers Du Net) Recrute des Chauffeur LRDN (Les Routiers Du Net) : RECRUTE Des Chauffeurs Plus d'info...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCoOOespDhU
  11. Mój własnoręcznie zrobiony SKRS Są chętni ? ;P
  12. toto5741


    "Il faut toujours connaître les limites du possible. Pas pour s'arrêter mais pour tenter l'impossible dans les meilleures conditions" Depuis 2015, notre entreprise ose ce qui peut paraître impossible pour certains : travailler, se maintenir et prospérer dans les métiers de la route. Au cœur d’une région peu favorisée, la Société de Transport (LT-Transport) se révèle, dans le secteur des transport routiers tant publics que privés comme une entreprise performante, dynamique disposant d’une structure efficace, d’un personnel très qualifié et d’un matériel moderne et adapté aux travaux à réaliser. Bien connue dans les régions strasbourg/Amsterdam, notre réputation n'est plus à faire. Le site que vous voulez maintenant visiter a été remanié et amélioré. Il vous donne la possibilité de vous informer, de demander un devis ou des renseignements et vous permet de vous exprimer à notre sujet. cordialement l’équipe administrative Tom PDG LT-Transport Léo DRH LT-Transport
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