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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Community, I have been thinking on some suggestion that in my opinion would be a lot better, please read this hole page to fully understand my idea and imagine this within your head! Suggestion For The TruckersMP Team Within game to have the chat messages longer, possibly to the length of your screen, by implementing this i personally believe that Truckers-MP would succeed in more happy virtual trucking company owners, directors, CEO, founders etc, being extremely satisfied with this due to fitting more quality information in chat for recruiting, along with this feature if implemented to have a "Chat-Ban" within game, if you post to many messages in chat within a time frame you will be banned from typing in chat "Automated System" if it was also possible for admins to be able to ban people for an amount of time for spamming chat as well as the temporary system chat ban implementing this feature. I run a virtual trucking company "Nationwide-Transport" and my biggest problem is recruiting drivers that are not willing to download teamspeak or use it because they think me or my staff are attempting to scam or hack into their computer, personally i believe if this feature was completed we could add a few things such as requirements within the messages this will pre-warn people before adding our steams etc of the needed company requirements. "Key=Preventing time wasters" Additional to that we should have clickable links within game so you can click on websites etc through game, possibly this could be implemented around official BB Code or HTML code or a simple custom code made by TruckersMP developers such as "<L>www.website.co.uk</L>" in that demonstration you can see the opening link and the closing link quotation marks, we need to see what the truckers think before really implementing something like this or taking and deep consideration, this feature of clickable links may solve adding private steam when the recruits/applicants can click the links from game and apply via the websites without out another messaging service. If accepted possible implement some kind of vote via forums or the website so this can be officially reviewed by the truckers who play this game day in day out. Thank you for taking considerable time to read my suggestion. Your Sincerely, YungWellz.
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