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Found 3 results

  1. Aquí una de las primeras entregas de fotografías hechas por la empresa Truck Monkey ESP. Gracias por vuestras fotos!
  2. SourCrowd

    CB Channels

    Hi, this is a Suggestion for all Players in every Language. How we all know, the most of the Players using the CB Channel 19, because it's the standard setup of the TMP. The Problem is, if everbody talking through this Channel it makes us harder to understand to each other. How about to organize those channel for every Language? Let me share you my thoughts. * those allready claimed by the each Languages. This is just a Example, if you Guys want to claim another Channel, just tell it to me which Channel & which Language. I'll change it. This is all voluntary. If we do this all together as a Community, we'll have nice list of Channels for each language. Let me know if you agree or disagree and tell me your improvements & critics. Yours SourCrowd I don't mine if you telling your friends about it.
  3. In this topic all Support Team members will be listed, as well as their native languages. You can find all supported languages by the TruckersMP Support Team in this topic. Please remember that all members listed below can support you in English and their native language. You can click on a language to get redirected to the help section of that language. Posts in the main help sections should be written in English only. English ONLY @Ali. German @NeonLeon @GGF MD English ONLY @Stubborn__ @SvartWolf @Jamie R German @maksch @MatzeOnTour @BlizzardCrow Spanish x Turkish @BlizzardCrow @TheBear1 Russian @Skazochniсk @raffaeloo @BLVCKSK!LL Georgian @BLVCKSK!LL Danish @General18 Latvian @raffaeloo Romanian @Rico. @MightyPower Greek @MightyPower Swedish @TheRealKing Italian @vldv44_ Chinese @Crestune~ Polish @JJay @Caramba2412 Portuguese @Flindix - -
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