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Found 9 results

  1. Hello dear TruckersMP players, I bought the Tobii Eyetracker 5 a few months ago. The eye tracker itself works really well and without any problems. However, if I start Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TMP and want to play normally, everything works great until I move my mouse. If I'm in the first person view and just look around with my head so that the eyetracker takes over the movement, it works perfectly, but as soon as I move my mouse in the third person view, in the menu, the settings or on the map, the game starts to lag incredibly. In case someone has the same problem, here is the solution that worked for me: I found out that it has something to do with Tobii's Experience software, because as soon as I close it I don't have any more lags. The eyetracker then logically no longer works. Well I've tried a number of solutions from the internet and from Tobii's Support, but none of them really helped. In fact, I found the problem myself and was able to solve it. In itself, it is not due to the experience software, but to Discord, more precisely to the Discord overlay. Very simple, you have to turn this off in the Discord settings, lo and behold, it all works without any problems. Kind regards, Single Turbo
  2. Hallo Leute, Seit Ein Paar Tagen habe ich ein Problem: Das Problem sind Immer wieder (Häufig innerhalb 2 Minuten) Extreme 20 Sekunden Lags Mein Spiel Lagt dann Extrem und andere Leiden da drunter. Meine Frage: Kann man das Beheben oder liegt das am Eingeschalteten CB Funk oder am Radio? (Mods sind keine Aktiv)
  3. Moin, mal ne Frage an die Runde. Wie seht ihr das, wenn der LKW/Auto hinter einem nur nen Abstand von etwa 50-30m bei ca 80-110KM/H hat, aber man dann absichtlich durch zb drücken der "Drucken" Taste o.ä. laggt, würde dies dann ein triftiger Ban-Grund sein oder eher nicht, weil es ja eigentlich "nur" laggs gewesen sind?
  4. Good morning/afternoon oder evening together , Suggestion Name: No parking zone at Duisburg city to reduce server lgs Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, maybe you will ask now, why this thread ? Let me explain, why... I can guess that you see all days (real time) driver they are parking on the sidewalk and this could harder to drive out of service, company or similar. Maybe we can change it like the europoort rule with "no parking at EP" ? Everyone they are parking on the side they should be kicked or teleport to the service and this could maybe be better to reduce the server lags. I know that idea sound weird but this is the same like the DC road, everyone could have server lags, more reports on TMP etc. Maybe will the parker move away from the area and the city will smaller of driver. I hope you can understand me and know what I want to try to explain you. I wish you all a good day kind regards Loading Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because I think this could help, that the city will smaller of drivers and will reduce lags/server lags. The same could be added by Calais city and similar citys with high traffic. I know that could an bad/worse idea because they can't anymore parking on the sidewalk but maybe can it help us all to make the server better and free of lags. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me what I want to try to explain you I wish you all a good day/evening Kind regards Loading
  5. Hello guys I'm playing ets mp with I3 / 4GB Ram / Intel 620. In LOW and HIGH graphics both have 5-9 FPS in Calais . And also same fps both settings . 15 - 30 fps in roads . And too lagging in high population areas and at Night Anyone have any Lag FIX ?? (That case have only in MP no any lag in SP)
  6. Доброго времени суток господа. Столкнулся с проблемой, что начал появляться фриз, когда в TAB'e появляется игрок. Когда 1-2 игрока - совсем микрофриз, а если заезжать в "плотные города" то зависает на подольше. Может кто сталкивался с похожей проблемой? Как решить ёё? Графен на ультрах, масштаб 400%, из настроек МП выключил загрузку аксессуаров, флагов, водителя (ну если вдруг нужно)
  7. [ CST ] nokyja SVK


    Čaute, mám takú otázku predtým, ako ETS šlapalo na ultra v pohode akonáhle som zbadal hráčov s návesmi (módmi) či už s farbami alebo typmi návesov tak mi hrozne klesá FPS, je možné, že to je práve tým?
  8. ENG Hi, After starting ETS 2 MP with DirectX I have lags and sing player haven't lags ( In Single player + medium graphics ) Whatttttt? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PL Witam, po uruchomieniu ETS 2 MP z DirectX mam lagi a na "singlu" nie mam ( na MP mam najsłabszą grafike a na singlu miałem średnią - to i to z DirectX ) OCO CHODZI
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