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  1. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMISSION. PRESENTATION OF THE PROGRAM JoyToKey. HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM. HOW TO ACCURATE EXACTLY OUR EXECUTION OF KEY CONFIGURATION. START APPLICATION WHEN SYSTEM STARTING + READ CONFIGURATION, WITH THE START OF SYSTEM. ADDITIONAL OPTION WITH THE MINIMIZATION OF THE APPLICATION. 1. Hello. A year ago I bought my first Q-Smart Suzuka SW6060. Unfortunately, she did not have any additional software or some basic profiler, but I just wanted to correct it a little and make it easier to control it. After some time of searching, I found a program to use this guide. Two weeks ago I adapted the function of the buttons in my additional manual gearbox and so far it serves me well without any problems. I will present to you here a program called JoyToKey, there are many ways and programs for editing, replacing, configuring control options and assigning new functions in our devices integrated with a desktop computer (steering wheels, pads, other controllers, joysticks). The most common programs are used to map keys on the keyboard, for example to replace the selected key with another one, or to assign another function. In this guide I want to focus on the possibility of a simple key swap using the JoyToKey program, to facilitate the game in Euro truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator on the mode of singleplayer and multiplayer, or in other games or applications. Examples of use: -Profiling buttons and functions on the steering wheel (whatever you want). -Assigning the „x” keys from CB RADIO and „Tab” from the table displaying players located nearby on the server to the own steering wheel keys (whatever you want) in TruckersMultiPlayer. -Replacing the keys on the keyboard with the keys of the given controller and vice versa according to your own preferences. 2. The JoyToKey program will help us to do everything that I described, in the first point and even more additional things, it all depends on what YOU really want to do with it. You can assign several functions and key actions to it, even to the application of your choice, without worrying about overwriting files with settings in the system registry, because the program "maintains" the settings recommended by us only when running in the background of system processes, colloquially when it is running. When we turn it off, the settings assigned by us in this program automatically disappear and again we have the same settings before applying the program. So no worries. This is how the JoyToKey program looks after the first opening. 3. Use is not complicated. In addition, I use the unregistered version, because the license for this program largely does not add more options needed to configure keys and functions, only receive full updates, help program developers, and authentication of the application after the purchase of the license... To the point: I will demonstrate how to assign the „x” key from the CB RADIO to TruckersMultiPlayer to the own key on the steering wheel. We download the program after clicking, in this one LINK. After downloading, you need to create a folder called JoyToKey in the disc space of your choice and unpack the entire contents of the archive (4 files in total). Personally, I did it like this: Folder with factory extracted archive named JoyToKey_en.zip. Attention, selected three files (as in the picture below), there is a configuration created at a later time (I overwrote the .ini file „configuration file” with settings, and a log of recording activities performed in the program (see later point four). Additional three files, in my scope related to the recording of configuration options and the log of recording activities in the program. (***) We have made a basic configuration save folder on one of our available drives as the first location. Excellently. Next, we must additionally copy our newly created folder and paste it in the additional three locations below, in order to secure later settings of the „configuration file” , that is: * Location number two is the folder „My documents” ----> there we paste our folder from the first location. * Location number three is the folder „AppData” ----> to quickly go to it press the combination of keys Windows + r, after the path Your Disc:\Users\Your name user\AppData\Roaming and click OK and paste our folder there from the first location. For me it looks like this: Location number three. *Location number four (ADDITIONAL IF WE WANT TO PROGRAM START, WITH SYSTEM) is the folder „Startup” ----> there we just paste the same four files from the downloaded archive without a previously named folder. So we click our start bar and enter the tab of all programs and move / paste our four faces to the „Startup” folder and that's it. For me this folder is located here: Location number four. Sweet. Now we have only the setting of our new key combinations. The photo shows a program with my own steering wheel's old key settings (I have edited 5 function keys). In the upper left corner of the program, we have available options to use: JoyToKey program and assigned example five function keys. File(F) is used to create, save, search our profile with key settings. Settings(S) it is used to check settings, set keys in our used controller and link it to the exact application (if needed). Suspend it is used for temporary or temporary interruption of the function of buttons and setting them for a given profile or application with which we want to link it and give some additional priorities. Help(H) it is used for basic help in this program, optionally there is the possibility to activate the program license. If you want to change the key, for example, „x” from CB RADIO to your own button on the steering wheel (I will give an example on my other settings profile, and the replacement key will be the „OPTIONS” button on the steering wheel) it should highlight us in yellow selected function key in this table in the middle for configuration as in the picture: The highlighted function button in yellow indicates the button pressed on our controller for configuration (for example, I have the sign as „OPTIONS” on the steering wheel) and this is what yellow indicates to me. Then click on it twice with the left mouse button and you will see a window with the configuration: Window with configuration. Where we have a highlighted yellow place, we should assign a function key from the keyboard (our button will be „x”, because we want to replace it). After entering the key, click OK and it should be enough in terms of simply replacing the function of the keys. It should show us this setting when the conversion was successful: The „x” button from CB RADIO has just been replaced by the „OPTIONS” button on the steering wheel. The possibility of custom configurations is optional. You can additionally set the delays to start the configuration of the keys in the options or alternatively replace them with the other keys several times. Also what you want... 4. The save of our configuration will be a bit more „complicated” compared to previous activities. In order for everything to be written one time at the beginning we have to enter the options in the upper left corner and follow this „snake” shown below: Go to the option ----> File (F) ----> click ----> Rename ----> type in the name of our configuration, so that you can conveniently search for it ----> continue to enter again to ----> File (F) ----> click ----> Save ----> Enter the option ----> File (F) ----> click on --- -> Exit (X) ----> restart the program ----> then go back to ----> File (F) ----> click ----> Open file folder in Exploder - -> we check if there is our saved configuration file with the name that you set earlier, if you leave as it is, in the absence of this file you must look for it, in four configurations previously set [SEE THE POINT, IN THE GUIDE DEFINED SUCH (***) DESIGNED COLORED FOR RED] and paste it in the folder that will appear to you after launching the option „Open file folder in Exploder”, or as a last resort, repeat the initial steps of this „snake” ----> then click again in - -> File (F) - ---> and again clicking ----> Save. That's it from the save of our newly created configuration. 5. If you want the program to start after starting the system, you have to go back to the part of the guide [PLEASE LOOK AT THE DIAGNOSIS, in the GUIDE DEFINED SUCH (***) ASKING] and paste four files from the downloaded archive (ALSO WITH AN ADDITIONAL FILE OF OUR SAVED CONFIGURATION, PROVIDED IF YOU WANT TO CONFIGURATION ALSO TO IMMEDIATELY LOAD, THE CLASH WITH THIS PROGRAM IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONFIGURATIONS FROM NOTEBOOKS TO FIRE IN ALSO AT THE START TO AFTER THE CONFIGURATION KEY / KEYS DELETE WITH LOCATION NUMBER FOUR, TEXT FILES AND LEAVE ONLY FILE WITH EXTENSION .EXE) and that's all. Please be careful about the stability of files and overwrite, refresh actions, to save the settings! Therefore, it is better to leave there only the file with the .exe extension, our configuration file with the settings of the keys. 6. To do this, go to the option in the upper left corner: Go to the option ----> Settings(S) ----> and click in ----> Preferences...(P) and mark the options indicated in red as in the picture (save, overwrite several times, so that the program will remember our choice): The options indicated for the implementation of this guide point are marked in red in a rectangle. You can get additional general help by clicking on this here LINK. You have to try to overwrite a given activity several times, in this program because sometimes you do not save what you want to be saved because of the perfect poor stability of the program. The original version of the guide (POLISH) is located HERE. GREETING THE AUTHOR OF THIS GUIDE: ZDOBYWCA ZDOBYCZY!
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