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Found 9 results

  1. Can someone help me with editing my Steering Wheel Logo? And with some other interior changes...?
  2. Hello guys, do you know how to do interior from Scania Streamline to Scania R2009 with all parts of Mighty Griffin DLC?
  3. Помогите пожалуйста, хочу поменять цвет обшивки но к великому сожалению не могу руки кривые. Качал модом через стим в одиночке работает а вот в Mp не заводится. Видел не раз у стримеров кастомный цвет обшивки. Хочу также
  4. I need help. I have been searching for a tutorial/guide to how to get a custom interior in multiplayer. I know you can get it by having it as an local mod but the problem is I dont know how to. I have already made a local mod addon hookup but the interior isnt a addon hookup its a addon itself. I have heard you need to make the custom interior addon as an addon hookup and then make the addon hookup to a local mod. My problem is i cant find anything on the internet explaining how to make it a addon hookup. I would appreciate your help! By a interior addon i mean something like
  5. Hello, do you want an instruction video/tutorial how to change your steering wheel, interior, engine... For example: - 750pk engine from Volvo to a renault --> so you have 750pk in your renault. - Interior from scania in a MAN truck. -...
  6. Suggestion Name: Allow Interior and exterior items ETS2 and ATS Suggestion Description: Would it be theoretically possible that TMP bv has its own MODs for interior and perhaps also engine sounds for driving at TMP? Any example images: - Why should it be added?: I personally like decorating the cabin more to my taste. In itself I would think that this does not have to be disturbing for the other players. Does anyone have an idea why ATS has no more choice in interior items? In ETS2 you have a bit more choice of interior item
  7. Mesela şunun gibi kabin içinde renk değişimi yapmak veya herhangi birşey eklemek serbest mi zaten dışardaki kişiler aracın iç kısmını göremiyor, ama birini reportladığımızda kabin ekranda çıkacağı için ban yermiyiz ??? Yanıtlarsanız sevinirim.
  8. Hello, I have been seeing in a lot of youtube videos that people have an interior lightning mod which works in MP , I have tried a bunch of 'em but i am not sure which one suits for this MP mod. Can you please help me in getting the link ? Or , can you guys give me your interior lightning mod ?!
  9. Hello, I have a quick question to ask. Will mods that change the texture of the interiors work on TruckersMP? I was curious to know as I would like to use one of those mods. It is just a colour change in the textures so would it work on MultiPlayer? Thanks.
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