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  1. Hi! I have a very serious doubt that it would be in the case of bans, but in a certain unfair way, in the case, it would be that I was in Brussels, in the game, when I left the workshop for the transinet, but there was no one, I saw in the tab that everyone were 0.0m away, I asked myself, Wow. When suddenly a truck appears in front of me, causing me and the other truck to fly, I don't know if that causes a ban, but if it is a ban, it would be kind of unfair, because my game didn't load properly, missing the players, and when it did, boom , accident, I can't illustrate it, because I was recording at the time, but in short: I entered the game, I was going to the company, I hadn't loaded the players, then when it loaded, there was one in front of me, causing an accident, where I and the other player to fly. Would this cause a ban? Kind of like the truck stayed inside mine when all the players loaded and and he and I fly Would this cause a ban?
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