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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Display Camera Icon when in Picture Mode Suggestion Description: To Display a Camera Icon above your Player name when you're busy taking a few snapshots with your camera. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Like the recent add on update with the NCZ Icon showing when in a NCZ area it would be a top notch idea to have a Camera appear when a user is busy taking some important selfies of their awesome trucks and surroundings and other people are trying to talk with them and getting ignored not knowing they are taking photos. Would also be handy for convoys to know if somebody is taking some photos aswell ? Also might give surrounding players to be aware someone is taking pictures and not drive in their shot ?
  2. [Sorry for my bad English] Hello! Today I was trying to put icon into license plate on my truck. The problems is...I cant understand where are they located. Earlier I found this topic where guy has the same problem as me and he got the answer that icons (.mat files) are located in base.scs/material/ui/ I extracted that file and cant find any .mat files but ones on folder font and I am not sure that's what I wanted. All I want is a Scania or YouTube logo in my license plate as I saw these on other players. So can someone please help me to get those files or just tell me where are they located? Thanks for reading and I hope ill get the answer soon!
  3. Alguém poderia me dizer uma boa dimensão, para imagem logo da empresa do VTC ?
  4. Öneri Adı: ÜLKE İCONU BAYRAĞI Önerinin Tanımı: Kişilerin hangi ülkeden olduğunu gösteren bir icon. bu icon oyuncudaki nickinin herhangi bir tarafına eklenebilir. Örnek Görsel veya Video: yok  Neden Eklenmeli/Değiştirilmeli/Çıkartılmalı?: Oyuncular o kişiyi hangi ülkeden olduğunu bu ülke iconundan öğrenebilirler. bu yüzden bu öneriyi öneririm. eklenmesinde fayda var. kalitelilik katar
  5. I have added truckers mp to steam with the "add a non-steam game to my library" in the "game" drop-down menu. that works quite good but I like to have steam sorting in grid view this would be an even larger issue in big picture mode. "Get to the problem!" in big picture mode truckers mp looks just like this! it's driving me insane! is there any official logo for truckers mp that would fit that size? if not what should I do?
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