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  1. Digital

    Easter Eggs

    This guide contains a list of all of the Easter Eggs in Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. SCS Software have been sneaky, placing many of them around the map for us to find! Below is a list of all the easter eggs we've found so far, and I will continue to update as more are found. Last Updated: 17th April 2017 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dinosaur Description: Although from the road it looks like ordinary walls, from the sky it appears to be a dinosaur! Location: Dover, United Kingdom Map American Truck Simulator Vivat Krokus Description: This is a message made out of bushes to spell out 'Vivat Krokus', which means 'Happy Easter', or 'Long Live The Easter Eggs'. (Thanks to RayRay5) Location: Redding, California Map Military Base Ducks Description: There are 3 rubber ducks which bounce up and down, attached to small boats that can be seen in the military base. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map LA River Duck Description: In one of LA's rivers is a duck attached to a boat being pulled around a small area. Location: Los Angeles, California Map Elephant Shrub Description: An elephant shaped from a shrub. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map Protesting Workers Description: There are a group of what appears to be workers protesting, with Police involved. There is also a dancing man on top of one of the roofs. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map Shack For Sale Description: A Shack MrCreeper's house at the side of the road with 2 'For Sale' signs pointing to it. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map UFO Screenshot to be updated Description: Many users claim to have spotted UFO's near Tonopah. On closer inspection these are 2 orange lights which fly across the sky. Location: Tonopah, Nevada Map Shadow Figure Description: This appears to be from the film 'Psycho' at Bates Motel. At night you can see a shadow figure in the window! Location: Bakersfield, California Map Rainbow Posters Description: There are 3 posters attached to a wall in Winnemucca which have rainbows and unicorns on them. Update: These can be seen on multiple walls around the map. Location: Winnemucca, Nevada Map Traffic Cone Monster Description: Also in Winnemucca are a bunch of traffic barrels shaped into a monster giving passing traffic a thumbs up! Location: Winnemucca, Nevada Map Traffic Cone Monster 2 Description: Another traffic cone monster appears near an airport on the 395. Location: Fresno, California Map Traffic Cone Monster 3 Description: A third traffic cone monster is located on the 89 between Flagstaff and Page. Location: Grand Canyon Village, Arizona Map Traffic Cone Monster 4 Description: A fourth traffic cone monster is located at the Bushnell Farms by Holbrook. Location: Holbrook, Arizona Map Traffic Cone Monster 5 Description: A fifth traffic cone monster is located in Phoenix. Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Tucson Racetrack Description: In Tucson there is a hidden racetrack, only accessed via a road blocked with traffic cones. It also features another traffic cone monster, 'SCS' spelt with traffic cones and other props. Location: Tucson, Arizona Map Phoenix Sewers Description: In Phoenix you will notice a rather large sewage system, but did you know you can race in it? Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Uncle Milan Description: Inside the Phoenix Sewers you can find a strange sign which says 'Uncle Milan is watching you!', along with some other funny props. Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Zombies Ahead Description: On an unfinished road heading towards Utah, north of Kayenta is a sign that says 'warning zombies ahead'. Are there zombies in Utah? Location: Kayenta, Arizona Map Daytime Dancer Description: This guy can be spotted dancing only during the day on top of the bridge. Location: Kingman, Arizona Map Woman Sat In Tree Description: A woman can be found sitting in a tree next to a motel. Can only be seen in the day. Location: Redding, California Map Paris Metro Sign Description: A "Métro" sign (Paris subway). Location: Sacramento, California Map Found one not on this list? Please post a detailed description, a screenshot and the location below.
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