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  1. 3-4 month ago i had this issue that says, unsupported game version, yet i know a lot of people have this issue, but mine doesn't want to be fixed, so i decided to stop playing and wait until more updates come. So today i decided to download the MP again and guess what UNSUPPORTED F*IING VERSION!!! Says i need the 1.14.2s yet my game is set to 1.14.2s, i tried everything, i did the thing on steam that change the game version, never worked and now i'm here, asking help on the forum ;(
  2. Dani-RUs

    Help Me !

    Why can not I get into the game? I installed everything and it does not enter! ​
  3. Ola galera algum saber como resolver isso ,Ao entra no modo online ...SalvE do meu andamento do modo offline não aparece Por que no off a verão esta 1.14 né....ai quando tenta entra no online pedir para coloca na versão 1.12 ... Ai eu faço o processo que todos pedi que e ir na " Steam " game propriedade >Aba>Beta > e coloco no 1.12 ai ao baixa entro no game ...Mas na Hora de escolher o Motorista aparece os slot do salve a msg SAVE INCOMPATIVEL ! TENTE ATUALIZAR O JOGO PARA A ULTIMA VERSÃO DISPONIVEL
  4. Hi, Since the new update to the multiplayer mod I have not been able to make my truck go any faster than 55MPH. Speed Limiter is OFF and I have changed no settings. I've tried reinstalling the game but to no resolution. Thanks in advance, Jazzy.
  5. hey there ive been euro truck simulator multiplier 2 for a while now but before the new update the collisions and speed limiter used to be turned on but now on this new update you can go up to any speed and the collision is turned off is this temp or a bug or is it staying this way
  6. I keep on getting this error that says "Unsupported Game version Detected! to play ETS2MP you need to have ETS21.12.1s(steam Release) Please help!!! (Note: I have verson 1.14.2)
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