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  1. народ підкажіть, що робити рацію постійно включена без натискання кнопок і без значка підключення мікрофона для розмови. Нібіто схоже на те як включена функція в Discord " Активація голосом"
  2. Играл играл, зашел и понять не могу почему 90 еду. зашел в настройки (думал галочка слетела) и вот было удивление когда я увидел что галочку не снять/поставить не могу. Не в мультиплеере не в онлайне. Что может быть?
  3. Expected ver. [rev. e24f1f8e86d1] you have ver. however when I look at the steam beta, I cannot find ver., when I load 1.41.x, which resembles the expected version, I get the same error? I've reinstalled Truckers MP and validated Euro Truck Simulator 3 but no change.
  4. Hello I have a problem I can't get rid of some sort of console that shows warnings and FPS and tells me everything I just did in commands how do I get rid of it? Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/7UhIGvt?
  5. So I was playing ETS2MP for about more than a month now and since I accidentally booted up singleplayer mode, it automatically it updated to the very newest version of the game. Now, like said on the title, I do not know how to downgrade the game still by staying above version 1.41.0 / 1.40 . I thought to myself, I should rather just completely, yes completely reinstall the game, but I wasn't very sure if it will help. Also, what does the "s" even stand for (At the expected version shown on Image) Is it a good idea to reinstall the game? Should I change something in the games code? Tips and Ideas will be great! Thanks to anyone that will help? Magentilized
  6. I really just want to play TruckersMP, I have created an Account, set everything to public, etc... . But what annoyed me was at the Login in the Game (basically I can login to the website, but not in the game). I have tried everything I could from other users like delete the "bin" folder and stuff like that. Also, the eMail from my Steam account was changed after I created the TruckersMP account (I reset It) I also heard that the activation eMail is not needed. Should I give it a go? Fact: If I trie I dont get an eMail. Not even in my "Junk/Spam" folder. I even double checked my eMail! Should I also enable this "Two-factor Authentication" ? Sorry for posting this in 2021 Help and Tips would be Perfect! Thanks for those that will give me some.
  7. This is a guide I made in the hopes of helping those who want to better their driving skills if they are new, or just give a refresher to those who are already experienced. My first piece of advice: treat the track looking holes in the road, like guiders for your drive My Second piece of advice: ALWAYS, be sure to watch your mirrors for more than oncoming trucks, use them when making turns, when you are driving on a freeway, or just for general safety. Try and make it a habit to check your mirrors when you turn your blinker on. My Third piece of advice: If you cannot see the white lines on the roads in your mirrors, you are to far into the other lane, be sure to get back into your lane, making sure someone is not trying to overtake you. If you see someone overtaking you, stay where you are, if there are two players in each lane, then be sure to let them go around you. You can do this by making sure you keep your eyes on the road, and your wheel straight. After they have overtaken you, try and merge back into your lane. My fourth piece of advice: This is exclusive advice for those who do not have certain DLCS (Krone DLC, all tuning packs, etc.) If you are behind someone with the Krone trailer DLC, you will be able to tell, by the letters saying "BUY DLC KRONE" You will have difficulty trying to see their taillights, as they are not outlined. On truck DLCS, you will have to be extra careful, they have no break lights, at all. Both of them you be sure to keep extra distance. My fifth piece of advice: Be sure to obey admins NO MATTER WHAT remember that they can and WILL ban you if you break the rules. Admin names can include: anything with senior/manager or if they have a red name in the chat. This should go without saying, but I have seen too many times now where people get banned when it was a simple warning where they did not obey. Okay, I hope this advice help you on the road, drive safely ?
  8. when i am using beacons in the trucker mp sever my game starts to jump forward for me but when i looked at my fps counter it was at a steady 58fps can any one help please
  9. english: I installed promods 2.52 for version 1.39, I did everything but it gives an error when entering, when I update ets 2 to version 1.40, trucker says please downgrade when entering mp. turkish: 1.39 sürümü için promods 2.52 yükledim herşeyi yaptım ama girerken not found hatası veriyor, ets 2 yi 1.40 sürümüne güncellediğimde trucker mp'ye girerken lütfen sürüm düşürün diyor.
  10. I just bought a trailer, made 2-3 deliveries and crashes started. I play in multiplayer, there are no mods or DLCs. I tried to deliver the usual cargo, after that I already took it on a personal trailer, it did not help. Reinstalling the game didn't help.
  11. Having an issue where it crashes, and freezes my whole monitor on start up: Ran with openGL Ran with Direct X11 Ran windows troublshooter Reinstalled 2x Verified Game Files Verified Game Version Updated Graphics card drivers Single player works, just not Truckers MP Launced with administrator Right clicked and installed as administrator Checked Forums For Help Screenshot of frozen screen (mouse dosent work on it) (I took photo with phone since screen froze ): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/813463065533480980/826968354157887508/image0.jpg Comments Here is the game log in pastebin https://pastebin.com/f73ppjBe I have updated drivers also. It cuts out all computer sound, and makes whole monitor not work. (Second monitor still works) I cannot close the game either. I have also re-installed ATS
  12. Ever had errors when you want to play ETS2? Well, never fear! Nadz is here! So, errors? Quite annoying when you want to jump onto the roads and listen to some Euro Truck Radio right? Well... here are some error fixes that may help you! 1) Internal Error [ERROR 500] Well, there are many reason why this may happen, but most likely it is the server end of TruckersMP. It may be too many people are trying to update at the same time or it may be stuff like this, however, if you try later, it should be fixed, however, in some cases, it may not, then please get into contact with one of TMP Developers or one of the team members. 2) Steam won't update/Gets stuck [NO ERROR CODE] So.. you want to play TMP and it just won't update? Or it gets stuck at a certain number? Well.. Don't worry! It will probably just need a couple of minutes, however ,if it doesn't fix after you give it around 30 minutes, try restarting the client. If that doesn't work, you should probably get into touch with Steam. 3) Error occurred while contacting our servers [NO ERROR CODE] Normally, this happens because ETS2 is already open in background, you can close it via Task Manager [Cntrl+Alt+Del] then click on Task Manager. It may not be the first one it should be there, and if it isn't then try restarting your PC. If this doesn't work, try contacting a TMP Developer. ------------------------- More to come soon Have you had any other issues that have been solved and want to participate in this post? Message me on discord [Nadz#0567] Credits: Nadz [Nadz#0567]
  13. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  14. My truckersmp has an invalid client i did an update and is now not working how do I undo the update/client and reinstall it so i can play or any other suggestions?
  15. Hello i have a question about HTC double trailers in Ets 2 mp and now i can get cargo for them outside of Finland. I got one HTC trailer in Germany that i got there using a mod from the workshop in single-player but when i join multiplayer i don't have any cargo for it available. I am asking is there any program or a tool that i can use to add cargo into the game? I seen some people use that type of programs but when i click on the links that are here they are ded or they expired along with the pictures that helped with the setup.
  16. I pressed the "ok" button again and again. But this article came again. Please help.
  17. As An Example, You Can Look At The Inscription "TruckersMP" In This Picture.
  18. Hi, I installed this mode, and it gave me this error. How can I solve the problem, I tried everything I found on other topics and nothing worked. (I have windows 7 proffesional)
  19. I need to know how i can enter someone information into truckersmp to get them in the vtc but im nots sure how to do this can someone please Help!
  20. Добрый день! Столкнулся с несколькими проблемами касаемо зимы. Первая: у меня не скачивается базовый зимний мод и тяжелый мод тоже, при скачивании через share mods на третьем шаге крашится сайт. Вторая: при установке модов(доп. зимние) в папку ets2mp/mod моды в игре не появляются, хотя эти же моды в обычной етске работают. Может я что-то делаю не правильно?
  21. Arkadaşlar, sorum çok basit. ETS2 MP uyumlu modlar mevcut mu? Eğer mevcut ise nereden ulaşabilirim. Nasıl yapabilirim? Teşekkürler.
  22. Can someone help me with editing my Steering Wheel Logo? And with some other interior changes...?
  23. Und zwar hab ich ein wenig mit Save Editing gespielt und mir einen Trailer gezaubert wie unten im Video zu sehen. Nun meine Frage, ist dieser eigentlich erlaubt oder bekomm ich dafür nen Ban (da dieser ja in meine Räder geht) ?! ^^ {Es geht also nur darum ob das okay ist mit meinen Rädern oder ob ich irgendwie schauen obs da was anderes gibt.} An alle Leser: Vielen dank fürs drüber schauen und helfen LG: HandOfClash [GPE] /André\ GoldenPhoenixExpress Owner
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