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Found 16 results

  1. Promods oynarken yöneticiden oyundan çıkmak zorunda kaldım tekrar girmek istediğimde ise Sorry, but your Steam ID is already associated with existing TruckersMP account. şu hatayı aldım lütfen yardımcı olabilirmisiniz ? Hesabımın çalınmadığına eminim.
  2. I get this error when I open it after I get this error fast record
  3. Hello Friends Can anyone of you help me fix the problem I was in? I tried to download the truckersmp today and ran into a problem with the versions and got the message that appears in the picture What should I do to fix the problem?
  4. Hi there, i just need a bit of help to do with this caravan mod. I've looked in the job market, slept loads of times, and still there is no caravan to be seen, please help me
  5. Hi guys, my name is Arnold and I have a problem. I want to play with my friend but it doesn't work . I have ETS2 installed on my hard drive and the launcher on the same disk as well (version 1004), but after the installation (with the correct directory of my ETS2 chosen), the launcher tries to start but nothing appears. I don't know what to do. The only thing I see is a loading circle next to my cursor for like half a second, but that's it. I have the latest version of ETS2 installed, game files are verified, latest steam version installed. If you have suggestions or a solution, feel free to respond please.
  6. So I have played ETS2 Multiplayer before ATS was supported. I tried to play ATS Multiplayer today by deleting then downloading the launcher and it was there. But it says u have to register the game and I keep trying but it wont register. it keeps saying "Fix the errors below and try again. We are still checking if you own the game, please be patient, it can take up to 5 minutes. But I own the game i've waited 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and an hour but nothing it also says "We are checking now, please come back in a couple of minutes" I really want to play with a friend but I cant please help me.
  7. http://prntscr.com/f7pw5n help me i dont know what the problem
  8. when I came on the main screen multiplayer password in the password section gives an error found such an e-mail password, but the system can not log in to the right you help me
  9. arkadaşlar cümleten selamın aleyküm pcyi formatlamadan önce multiplayerı sıkıntısız oynuyordum format attım diriverleri falan herşeyi güncel bir şekilde kurdum ama mp acılmıyor launcher ekranı geliyor launc ets2 diyorum görev yöneticisinde bir 30 saniye gözüküyor sonra kapanıyor ne yaptıysan bi sonuca ulaşamadım konuyuda doğru yeremi actım ondan hiç bi bilgim yok bi yardım ederseniz cok sevinirim
  10. hi today im download new update for ets2 but i cant luncher online plz help me
  11. "connection with has been server broken" what can I do
  12. I get unban and i want to connect on europe 1 and he is connecting he is give me crash. Can you help me please?
  13. Wczoraj grałem normalnie na ets 2 mp, dziś próbowałem i pisało że mam zmienić do wersji jak sie nie mylę, dobra zmieniłem... teraz gdy próbuję włączyć to wyskakuje mi komunikat - 'Euro Truck Simulator 2 - przestał działaś' i jedyne co moge z tym zrobić to zamknąć to. Uruchamianie poprzez administratora, re-install wraz z usunięciem z panelu programów nie pomaga, pomocy bo mam chęć pograć ;c
  14. guys when I start the euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer, I automatically get a certain service? then after I do this service and I will look for other services simply nothing on the list, how can I solve this? help!!!!!! OBS: sorry my English, because I used the google translator because I do not speak English .. the error in this image: http://prntscr.com/5bxae6
  15. GBS

    Have a problem

    I have a new profil in this game I start the game .. i make first quest ... done ..but when i want to start again no have nothing to do !! no quest no routes ..nothing help me plz
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