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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I have a very serious doubt that it would be in the case of bans, but in a certain unfair way, in the case, it would be that I was in Brussels, in the game, when I left the workshop for the transinet, but there was no one, I saw in the tab that everyone were 0.0m away, I asked myself, Wow. When suddenly a truck appears in front of me, causing me and the other truck to fly, I don't know if that causes a ban, but if it is a ban, it would be kind of unfair, because my game didn't load properly, missing the players, and when it did, boom , accident, I can't illustrate it, because I was recording at the time, but in short: I entered the game, I was going to the company, I hadn't loaded the players, then when it loaded, there was one in front of me, causing an accident, where I and the other player to fly. Would this cause a ban? Kind of like the truck stayed inside mine when all the players loaded and and he and I fly Would this cause a ban?
  2. Guest

    Change My name

    Hello i need to change my name back to SamS160 But i have to what until august 23 at 17:03 anyone know how i can change it before than or can truckersmp staff change it for to go to another VTC Thanks Sammm
  3. Whenever I am online when using the game comes with the camera to take pictures after the picture, the Tab list is not displayed in the picture, I tried many ways, but there is never used to help me! The Tab list is not displayed! The name of the player is not! The administrator mode runs, OpenGL mode does not work, reset or not, I quickly crash!
  4. Hello, good afternoon, from Argentina Buenos Aires, I have problems when I start and start playing the euro being on server promods or simulation when I want to minimize the game what it does is freeze and I have to close the game with homework tools I don't know what to do, I did everything, delete profile, look for errors all but it is not solved the first time it happens to me, I do not have any mods added anything weird. I hope your help thanks.
  5. Guest

    Help Version 1.28

    Hallo. Mein Euro Truck Simulator 2 hat sich in die version 1.28 geupdatet. Ich kann das nicht zurücksetzen und jetzt kann ich TruckersMP nicht starten weil das nicht die Richtige Version ist. Kommt für TruckersMP ein 1.28 Update und wenn ja wann????? Und wie stelle ich das zurück ein???????
  6. It says about connection error. the message read is like Access to path is denied ''core_ets2ll '' i can't send the screenshot here because the file is too big
  7. Okay so.... my game freezes always when I am trying to sleep, teleport with a ferry or a train, going to garage. SP works fine without any freezing. I have no drivers recruited. I am not using any kind of hacks or mods. Don't tell me to wait, because when I wait it gives me some kind of error: Assertion failed! File : Sound/buffer.cxx That's the error what I am trying to sleep and it freezes and then after 20sec-1min it shows me this error. I tried to uninstall both SP and MP 3 times. So I am hoping to get some real answer here. Thank you in advance! P.S. I am writing this in my friend's place, because he does not have forum profile.
  8. I Have Been Playing ats for about a year now and I bought ETS2 just a few days ago. I have played for over 2 hours and my profile is public. When I hit check now nothing happens. I have been waiting Patiently for 3 hours and it will still won't say anything. It says it will take a few mins but I have been waiting for hours! Please Help! Soon!
  9. Hi, My ban ended almost 1 hour ago but Whenever I try to log in the game says "You are banned"! .... plus 1 month .... etc Why can't I log on? Regards, MrMilan_ https://truckersmp.com/user/1133940 (ban ended 14:18, it's now 15:14 dutch time GMT+1)
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