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Found 9 results

  1. I use job dispatcher to have vaccines as cargo. For example I was driving Helsinki (Aero Baltica) > Brusel (FCP) with only small jump after unloading. But when parking in Frankfurt am Main (Transinet) then there was no space for me to properly align to unload spot. (I am not enough experienced to reverse HCT and I know Finland is only country made for HCT) So I am asking what's your recommended HCT-friendly highly payed route?
  2. Hello together, as you know, ETS 2 allows long trailer combos up to 3 parts. Therefore the 3 following trailer combos are the most common ones: https://imgur.com/a/gBaDypB (They can vary in style and type like dryvan, container, flatbed, logs, etc.). We've got the B-double with an additional load carrier B-Triple classic HCT So my question to you would be: If you drive/or wanted to drive one of those (for whatever reason), which combo would you choose/are you driving and why (maybe why not the other ones)?
  3. In the ETS2 workshop in steam, there are mods with which it is possible to teleport HCT trailers to other countries than Finland. Unfortunately these don't work in TMP and so I'm wondering how I can teleport an HCT trailer to other countries in TMP. Or is it maybe not possible at all?
  4. Ich habe probiert mit Tedit, mein HCT-Trailer anzupassen, also die Lackierung und zwar wollte ich vorne wie hinten die normalen Lackierungen aus dem Frachtmarkt haben, ... also LkwLog GmbH, TransiNET etc... hier mit Bildern zum Verständnis! So sieht mein Versuch aus: Es soll aber so aussehen (die Lackierung ist zwar ein anderes Unternehmen, aber Prinzip ist das Gleiche!) : ich entschuldige mich falls, ich hier falsch bin, aber ich hoffe jemand kann mir helfen und kennt sich gut mit Tedit oder hat eine gute Modifikation die hilft Vielen Dank schon mal im Vorraus!
  5. Hello, I have an HCT trailer in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. Will I break the traffic rules in Europe if I go outside of Switzerland (for example, to Dusseldorf or Calais)? And I would also like to know the duration of the block for such a violation (if there is one)?
  6. Hi all, Are HCT trailers allowed to be driven out of Finland? For example if I have a HCT trailer in Helsinki can I drive it over to Germany on TMP or is it not allowed? Kind regards, [Plasma] Sergey.
  7. Nazwa Sugestii : Powiększenie strefy przyczep HCT Opis Sugestii : Jako wierny wyczekiwacz doubli i Hct jestem mocno zawiedziony że ładunki HCT dostępne są tylko w Finlandii, skoro na serwerach jest strefa na przyczepy tego typu to czemu ogranicza się do Finlandii.(może jednak jest możliwym to aby jednak posiadać takie ładunki? Tylko nie wiem jak to zrobić) Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna? : To dziwne pytanie, może tak nie jest ważna dla wszystkich ale są ludzie którzy jednak chcieli by jeździć dalej niż ta Finlandia.
  8. HCT B-triple made by Additional Customisation Mod, after the new update of July 3rd, the rules do not specifically mention B-Triple trailers, only size, it means that it is forbidden? I have a b-triple that I have always used without any problem today when I was playing some users threatened me with a report for using a b-triple. The photo of the trailer that I use I put in attachment. Sorry for my english, I used google for this. XD
  9. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: PS 3 controller Description of Issue: If you are connected to a HCT trailer and quick travel to a garage in doubles restricted area, for example Luxembourg, the trailer will be left in Finland (game default), only the truck will be taken to Luxembourg and you will be automatically kicked for doubles outside permitted area because the tmp mod assumes you still have your trailer attached. While in fact the trailer is left behind in Finland. How to reproduce: Attach a HCT trailer in a garage in Finland. Travel to a garage in the restricted doubles area. Screenshots / Videos: None.
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