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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there , recently i updated ETS2 and since then there has been no audio in game whatsover . I have tried removing all my mods , updating drivers and veryfing intergretity of files and nothing seems to work . However , if i downgrade to any older version , it restores audio but then I can't play truckersmp . Does anyone know a fix?
  2. Since the last few days that I've started playing, my truck will often clip through World of Trucks trailers that I'm going to pickup. When I get too far, the trailer suddenly becomes solid and glitches out. If the job is suspended and restarted, the result is the same. The only thing I can do is abandon the cargo. Is there any way to work around this issue while still using World of Trucks? YouTube Video
  3. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. When I log in sometimes ( more than less) I see no jobs anywere with or without a trailer, I have been playing since 2014 and have not come across this until recently. Sometimes I can reset the job board if I fast travel to other part of the map or remove my trailer. Sometimes even when I remove my trailer all the jobs I can see are special or heavy hauling jobs. Sometimes I only see 3 jobs (Ventalation shafts or pipes) and nothing else. is there something I am missing? any help or advise would be greatly appretiated.
  4. You've got no jobs on your job list, what do you do? Follow this guide, and I will talk you through how to fix your jobs list Close ETS2, but keep Steam open Open your ETS2 profiles folder in your Documents (on Windows, this is usually "C:\Users\[your user name here]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles") Navigate to the profile in which the issue is occuring (if unsure, look at the date in which the fodler was "modified" and this will tell you which is which, as long as your last used profile was the one you are having problems with) Open config.cfg with a program. Anything as simple as Notepad can open it, as it is not one of those "awkward" documents Navigate to "uset g_force_economy_reset", usually the 9th line down in the document. Next to the command, change the number in the speech marks ("#") to 1 (it should be 0, if not then you may have to start your game and close it again) Save (Ctrl + S is the quickest) and exit out of the document. Re-open TruckersMP/ETS2 A dialog will appear when loaded acknowledging that it has etetcted a change in the settings, just okay this (note your truck will be parked at its garage due to this change) Done! The number in the document will reset back to 0, so you can redo this when it occurs again. So why did this happen? If you use Quick Jobs, then this is your direct problem. In MP, there are often glitches with the Quick Jobs, mainly because of the time change when you load in. This method might be handy with that as you will be marked as late for your job if you load straight in with a quick job. If you own a truck, then this might be one of rare glitches and you shouldn't really worry. However if this keeps on happening, test single player. If the problem does happen then I would advise that you contact SCS Software (the creators of ETS2) as this might be a problem with the software. If the problem doesn't happen then keep on using this method. If it bugs you too much, contact TruckersMP support, and explain the issue to them. I know alot of people already know about this trick, but I wanted to highlight it to those beginners on TruckersMP who might be experiencing this problem for the first time (as I was in that position not so long ago) I hope this guide was helpful, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have anymore issues about this problem which I didn't mension in the main post. Thanks
  5. 2mara1

    No Jobs

    Hello everyone! Sometimes I run my game and open jobs page. I see nothing on that list and it's empty. When I choose a city where to take a job it do nothing. Sometimes it fix just after restart of game, sometimes after restart of PC or just waiting till something happen. Is there any way to fix it in the moment? :/ Thank you for any idea or solution.
  6. Guest

    Screen is glitching ?

    Hello, Truckers.MP as I was playing today I noticed this screen glitch on my in-game screen the only time this happens is when I'm driving or looking around this glitch seems to go away and come back never seen this before at all and have had trucker.mp for a long time. here's what I see and I tested to see if this was just in only the number one screen instead of all of them but check with all of them and if I move around I can still see this weird glitch https://imgur.com/mgM283q https://imgur.com/rcMDT6k again this is not every minute just here and there but is still very aggravating
  7. I'm recovering from the cant contact update servers glitch and I am following to get rid of truckers mp then download it with admin privileges but im not sure how to is there a separate tab or download or something?
  8. I just downloaded ETS2 and wintermod. I tried wintermod but disliked it, but when I disable it snow still falls from the sky. I reinstalled both the game and mod but to no avail.
  9. Im not sure if its a bug or something. Server is EU2, Speed Limiter and retarder are both turned off in the gameplay settings.
  10. I just downloaded this mod and I loved it! I started my first trucking run and it was super fun seeing other people. All seemed well but when I got to the end I was very confused and concerned. I took about 2 in-game hours but it said I took 15603 hours, which of course I did not. Since this was the time it ended up in taking away so much money I got nothing from my work! Please fix this or is there a way I can fix this? Thanks for any help!
  11. Ignore whole topic!. I'v rushed posting lit bit, ECMD bug explaination. Hi guys,devs etc. I encountered funny bug. After i'v entered the train transport (from Calais to Dover) and i was driving further, the game sent me into abyss. Afterwards game crashed 2 sec later and before that i took 100% dmg. Unfortunately i could not take screenshot it just happend too fast. Im posting this coz' some players could met this funny bug before. PS: Devs: Please take care of this bug when its common. "When it is not i just had bad luck ,topic closed". . THX for reading, drive save and have fun! After login. https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/image_detail.php?id=00000000000F2D82&back=online_profile.php%3Fid%3D550824 300.000 € lost
  12. Mod Version: Current release: 0.1.5 R3 Controllers Used: Keyboard and Mouse (Gigabyte M8900, generic Dell keyboard) Description of Issue:I activate cruise control by pressing the right mouse button. The problem used to be that if you held the 'D' key to turn, and hit the cruise control at the same time, your truck may veer off the right with the player unable to control the steering wheel until after a moment of 'dead steering wheel'. After this issue occurs cruise control cannot be used for quite a while. This issue has occurred more than once throughout the last couple of patches (Since December, 2014) As of 12:04AM 07-04-15, activating cruise control does not allow you to steer at all. In order to steer you have to deactivate the cruise control first. This happens both stationary and in motion. How to reproduce: Occurs randomly from time to time. Using Mouse buttons as the Cruise control may be part of the issue Screenshots / Videos: I will try to gain a video
  13. Ok so I downloaded the latest version of ETS2MP mod and then I entered my email and password correctly and got an error stating that it is wrong even when I copy and paste the correct credentials into their respective boxes. Mod Version: 0.1.4 R3 Alpha Controllers Used: Keyboard and Mouse Description of Issue: When I enter my email and password correctly I get and error stating, "Invalid email or password" How to reproduce: Unknown Screenshots / Videos: None
  14. Mod Version: 0.1.4 R2 Controllers Used: XP-1800 GAMING KEYBOARD Description of Issue: If you use the snow mod, you can very easily exploit the outside areas of the map. How to reproduce: You can reproduce by using the winter mod and just simpily drive over the small snow hills (snow hills replace the guard rail) I think that's what they are called xD Screenshots / Videos: Video can be seen here (PLEASE NOTE I GOT THE ADMINS PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS BUG) This is unedited just to let you know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeYygpKIyOs&feature=youtu.be
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