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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Ghost Mode Extension In Traffic Suggestion Description: Ghost Mode currently has a time limit which normally is fine, but when people spawn into traffic jams they start glitching & cause damage to the person they are inside when they move which can send them flying....Having an Extension that stays on till they are clear of other players vehicles would stop this happening ( the person may also not see the traffic & cause lots of people damage due to loading everything in ) Any example images: No Why should it be added?: As stated
  2. Suggestion Name: Ghost Mode Suggestion Description: Ghost mode is a function in the game with the purpose of preventing trucks from colliding Any example images: Why should it be added?: Many truckers are malicious if it is provoked to make the other trucker hit and damage the truck and load affecting the work, so Ghost mode should be added for truckers who do not want to be affected by others avoiding collision between trucks, traffic jams , problems in places where 1 truck can close the road and blocking everyone's passage, so the player would activate Ghos
  3. Suggestion Name: Turn on the headlights automatically Suggestion Description: When it's 08:00 PM on the game, automatically turn on the user's headlights, with no option to turn it off ultil 08:00 Why should it be added?: This measure would end ghost driving and the user won't be kicked if they don't turn on the headlights automatically.
  4. Since there is no way for me to save myself from bad drivers and trolls and hackers I use the autosave feature. My (A) key on my controller is mapped to autosave so I save every 30 seconds or so. I've seen it so many times, Someone loads in and even though they spawn in ghost mode, whoever the unlucky person that was currently inside said truck gets flinged off into the sun. It's happened to me on both sides, and iv'e had someone tell me that i'm recorded and banned for a glitch in the game. Can I really get banned for something out of my control? I would use the no damage mod but well that's
  5. Guest

    Ghost Mode

    Arkadaşlar Ghost Moda Nasıl Geçilir Ve Ghost Modda Neler Ypılır Ghost Mod Bize ne eriyor Nasıl Geçerim Şimdiden Herkese Teşekkürler
  6. Hello everyone I am new to all this RP stuff how ever I do not get why it flashes GHOST MODE at the start and I am in Cardiff on the UK Map, I also see NO other players? I do not get it? I thought this is ment to be multiplayer? Can some one please explain this to me please? Thank you.
  7. Buen día, a ver que suele suceder que al al entrar al MP no hay ninguna restricción justo al momento de aparecer en la carretera se da en muchas ocaciones que la persona aparece y justo va otro camión en ese momento y ocurre un accidente, sería bueno implementar un modo fantasma en el que cada usuario al ingresar al juego, a conducir, tenga digamos 5, 6, 7, no se, segundos en los que no sea tipo objeto físico, sino como el aire, conserve su estado visual, pero que pase un cierto tiempo hasta que sea nuevamente un objeto de colisión para evitar muchas veces desconecciones por ping u otro motivo
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