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Found 9 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Automatic High Beams Support Suggestion Description: Just like in single player for ATS/ETS2, can we have support for Automatic High Beams where it will automatically detect either players in front of you (either that you are coming up behind or ones across the barriers on the opposite side of the road). Is it possible to make it when it detects another player that it will automatically dim the high beams? Example Image: Why it should be added: There are two main reasons for this feature to be added. The first one, is a safety related reason. When driving with high beams on and refusing to turn them off when approaching other players can blind them which can cause them to lose control of their own vehicle (either truck, bus, and/or ai vehicle). Also having to remember which button/key I’ve set my high beams to is inconvenient when traveling along and I see an appoaching vehicle and so I turn off my high beams manually causing me to take my eyes off the road (game screen) causing for the potential for a crash with either another player or with the environment around my vehicle. The second reason, is mainly for roleplay purposes because in real life you tend to see trucks run with their parking lights all the time but when at night have their high beams when alone and dim them when they enter city limits that have a higher density of traffic. I would like to see this feature as it’s a nice-to-have and is more convenient for those that don’t have dedicated wheel buttons/keybinds memorized or have a hard time juggling multitasking while driving.
  2. Suggestion Name: Revamp a quieter server to Real Simulation Suggestion Description: There are many different types of suggestions out there regarding Real simulation servers, my suggestion is to revamp one of the less used servers to become a Real simulation server. by doing this TMP are not having to create or pay for a new server, They are simply revamping one which is going to get more users. what I think a real simulation server should look like? • Max 90k/h Limit • collisions inside Companies • No Cars (But busses are allowed) • Disable /fix • Disable AFK (the purpose of disabling AFK is so drivers cannot sit at company bays blocking them, or there would have to be some sort of auto kick system if drivers were sat inside companies for more than 3 minutes, this is providing companies did become collision zones) Do you have an example image? No Why should it be added?: This is a simulation game, a lot of us want to drive as realistically as possible. If you do not like the chaos of Sim 1, you’re only option is a server which has an increased speed limit, which makes no sense, since when would a truck in real life go 130! if I’m completely honest, I have slowly gone off TMP, its just about getting as many people into sim 1 as possible and not thinking about the purpose of the actual game which is to simulate real life driving! This server would be a huge success to the people that generally want to drive professionally. I also feel like you should not be allowed access to this server if your account is less than 3 months old or if you have more than 2 active bans within 12 months. Also maybe slightly harsher bans could be issued in this server. The reason for these suggestions is keep the trolls away & keep the server for drivers who want to play professionally!
  3. Hello, I've recently been playing and I wanted to see the gameplay, is there any way to see the gameplay record? Also, I've been wondering, how to track the reports that I submitted with in the game, and not the ones that were submitted via the website? Thanks in advance, Ron
  4. After much fiddling around I got v1.37 to work and started to MP again. All my gamesaves were rendered incompatible, so I cheerully started a new campaign. I finished a very short job, less than 300km and got a "Late" penalty, discounting ALL of the XP and the money. In the checkout chart it was stated that I was late by 22.000~hrs. I get the feeling this is a config error between my connection and the server's own date/time config. How can I avoid this kind of problem? Thanks for any info you can provide on this subject.
  5. ***I tired to look around before making this suggestion but didn't find anything for this specific topic but if there is please feel free to post it.*** Suggestion Name: Online icon for forum members in-game Suggestion Description: To further build upon Krashnz's new update to his tool (if he doesn't have a problem with it) so that instead of showing "Online" in a signature it can now be incorporated on the forum display pictures to show who's in-game with a green circle. Any example images: <<-- Online in-game || Online on forums only ---> || Offline --> Why should it be added?: Allows for further integration of TMP Services and since the tool is already available I feel that the foundation has been laid.
  6. xKijimoshi


    Whether graphic mods works on multiplayer?
  7. How can i fix the lagging problem? I have a very well PC (config below) but i can't get more than 40FPS fixly. Any ideas what to do? my PC: - AMD MSI Radeon RX 580 (8GB) - i7 4770k - Hyperx Fury DDR4 Ram (16GB) - Windows 10 (64 bit) as my operation system. In single player it works well.
  8. Hey, How do I enable the feature to always show the TMPID of a player next to their names?
  9. Hi! Nearly for a year when i started to create gameplay videos for my friends, with my friends, and i saw this is very usefull via Twitch (i mean online), because the unlimited storage, and the "istantly online" being of it and of course for prooving if someone made something rule-less in a multiplayer game... In this year i collected some iformation and tips, so here is the time to share it back! For viewers! If there is two or more player who play your favourite game, multi perpective viewer sites for twitch in order of usability: http://multitwitch.tv/ http://kbmod.com/multistream/ http://demacia.tv/ http://8wayrun.com/streams/multi Bonus off-browser viewer downloader to twich. For youtube a similar site with an example wideo for it with truckers: http://www.SwigView.com/jT1Iana For creators Firstly be clear with your PC-config and your Internet connection and the actual game's requirements: With multi-core CPU, 2-3 storage device (HDD,SSD) and a bandwidth upload 3000Kbps You can get instant Greenlight to do whatever you want. With less potential do not give it up: try some possible solutions... Try this calculator as step one I am Recording/streaming with: OBS : Easy to use program with multiple quality options, and "live picture" editing options and the best thing: Fully FREE (Cpu based) (alternatives: xsplit but not free [Not tried] cpu based, and with newer Nvidia cards, the built in Shadowplay [Not tried personally(i have an AMD card), but i saw at my friend that is limited in setup question. Via boost of Quicksync: With Intel 2xxx CPU or above with IGP. Over: Twitch.tv: (alternatives Hitbox.tv, ustream.tv, google hangouts, etc) This is a basic to start, but with some good tool you can step over (mostly for twitch)! The Absolute multi-tool to Off-browser stream setup, Stream sataistics, In stream notifications, Chat overview ,Stream overlay editors (pop-up if someone subscribed, clock, chat), Button editor to twitch panesl, in-stream listened music data, bitrate calculator, etc-etc. Everithing what you see in a "proffessional" stream. Stream notifier button to forums, like mine in the signature. If i missed something please feel to free to post it! To admins: sorry if it is Off-Topic i saw it lately. If you want, move it to the off-topic topic...
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