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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post in the TMP forums for a long while, apologies in advance if I mess anything up! I'm currently experiencing with a bug where TMP freezes for a period of time whenever it tries to load other players (especially when there is a large amount of them), this then leads to me getting kicked from the server for connection problems. Here's a video of what it looks like (loading at the C-D road : https://streamable.com/vjzvqp (freeze starts at 0:41) Here's the game.log file of the session in the video (it wouldn't let me send the file directly.) : https://pastebin.com/84abXkgb If there is a fix please let me know! Anything that helps will be appreciated.
  2. Hello guys, Have you recently experienced a problem with an SSD freezing the OS or game (which can result in unreliable connection kick from MP). Luckily there are solutions to that and I would like to share it with all the others having issues! When buying an SSD, make sure the speeds are listed as MB/s (Megabytes per second), not Mbps. If you plan to get an SSD but don't want to pay a much higher price, then I recommend the Crucial MX500 (not BX500), usually they will be a SATA type. (Make sure they have a DRAM cache) If you would rather have a very high performance SSD then I recommend getting an NVMe SSD (such as a WD Black SN750) IF your PC supports them, these are more expensive but are extremely better performing. Please keep all of the above in mind before purchasing an SSD! ========================================================================================================================== STEP ONE Make sure all your drivers are up to date on Windows! You can do this by opening start and typing "Device Manager". FOR SATA SSDs Look for "IDA/ATA/ATAPI controllers" and select the controller FOR NVMe SSDs Look for "Storage controllers" and select the controller Right click it and press 'Update driver'. Then close device manager. STEP TWO Go to the link below and download the 'registry' file(.reg) - Number 2 https://bit.ly/2EXDe8f Once you have done that and added the registry file, search for "Edit power plan" . Press "Change advanced power settings" Select "Hard Disk" > "AHCI Link Power Management - HIPM/DIPM" > "Setting" and select the option "Active". Click apply and close control panel and power options. STEP THREE If you have a Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, WD Green/Blue/Black SSD or Crucial use the links below to download their SSD Dashboards. Kingston: https://www.kingston.com/en/support/technical/ssdmanager SanDisk: https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15108/~/sandisk-ssd-dashboard-support-information (Download option!) Samsung: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/ (SAMSUNG MAGICIAN) Western Digital: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=279 Crucial: https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/support-storage-executive Once you have installed the manager for your SSD(s), go to your SSD in the dashboard and check for firmware updates. For example this is WD's dashboard And Crucial's dashboard Make sure to check SSD health, status etc... to make sure your SSD is healthy and not suffering any issues. STEP FOUR Once you have updated your firmware, you should be good to go! If you still unfortunately have issues with freezing, I recommend you follow the steps below! STILL GOT ISSUES? Well you have two options which aren't really what you want to do... 1. Re-install windows on your SSD (make sure to backup your data) and wipe the SSD partitions on install. 2. Contact your SSD manufacturer and see if they can help with the issue(s). If you managed to fix it, congrats! Enjoy trucking. Know any others with SSD issues? Link them here!
  3. Guest


    Some people have been asking me if you have any freezing problems if you type in chat or if you freeze when you tab out I have been having the same issues so what I do is if you freeze after typing in chat and your cursor moves still move it to your gps on top of that which is on the right side of your screen click on the mail icon and it will bring up your emails on another screen than click on the x with with your cursor and than on your keyboard f1 and that should fix that if that doesn't fix it tab out by using the keys on your keyboard alt tab than on the bottom right of your screen on windows ten there is a mini menu click on the arrow right click on your mouse on steam icon and click on exit that will click out your steam and ask you if you want to wait to close ats close it than if it doesn't close ats click on cntrl alt delete on your keyboard that will bring up your task messenger than click on american truck sim than click on end task if it asks if you want to end the program say yes bam than reload your game and get to trucking
  4. When the game enters a continuous one-minute minute freezing is the reason for this
  5. Hello, I just recently started playing ETS2 and discovered this Multiplayer mod. I downloaded it today after making my account and got the launcher to open with ease, but now I am seemingly unable to properly download a new update that is on the launcher. It'll go up to a certain point and freeze there. I've tried leaving it and seeing it picks up later, no luck. I've tried restarting the download and that works sometimes but other times, no luck. I'm stuck at the launcher with it unable to patch due to freezing for some reason. Any suggestions? (edit - typo fix)
  6. Hello, I have one big problem always when i teleport to the garage in ETS 2 MP game crash, can someone help me ? please ?
  7. Hello Forum, my problem is, that my game freeze or crash wenn i try to ferry to another countries. I have it everywhere from sweden to poland or netherland to england ! !!! After my game crashed and closed it with Task-Manager i try to open this game in Singleplayer but then the game crash instandly after 5 sec ingame time while doing nothing. i reinstalled ETS2 thats why allready 5 times. NOTES: • Game installed ( complett and fresh ) • TruckersMP installed ( complett and fresh with and without ATS ) • New Ingame Profil ( no drivers and garage complett new ) • Windows 7 64bit new installed ( i have to do that cuz of another problems on my pc ) • all needed driver's installed ( completly ) • Support Ticket is open but no answere yet. I cant open a crash report txt because no feedback from the game and close it with Task-Manager I hope some one can help me. AND PLEASE DONT MAKE unusual comments ! greetings and sorry for bad english xD im from germany so maybe here is someone who can answere me in german ^^ Nice help .. NOT
  8. Im not sure if this is a bug or if its my game and there is a way to fix it. When I launch mp everything is fine. The launcher opens, the game starts, I log in, something about an SDK pops up, I click ok, then the game freezes for about 1 minute (I usually tab out and back in to try make it unfreeze), when the game unfreezes everything is ok until i drop off a trailer and it freezes again. Sometimes it doesnt unfreeze and the crash log doesn't seem to have any info on it. All the crash reports are from months ago. EDIT: It seems to be fine on SP, im trying the suggestions. I will reply with how I get on.
  9. Heya, I haven't been playing for a while but have got myself back into the community again after a while. However, I keep having this problem where I am driving and my game freezes the trucks around me but I still keep moving. According to the other trucks, I carry on moving to them so the problem seems to be just for me. The amount of times I end up going to on coming lanes or into grass verges is starting to annoy me! Any ideas on how to stop these random freezes? Jobawick
  10. Howdy, I am having an issue with ETS2 freezing on the "launchpad" window when using the new TruckersMP launcher. I have no mods at all for ETS2 installed. I can launch the game through steam for single player and the game runs flawlessly. I am using the most current version of ETS2 through Steam "Build Version 1506905" I have verified my game files through Steam and this did not fix the issue. Would you like me to provide my crash data? I can verify that it is an apphangB1 Thanks
  11. Hello As read in the topic my ETS 2 MP keeps crashing or rather freezing when I press F7 and ask for a tow to the nearest Service station, this does not happen in Singleplayer and have never happened before to me on ETS 2 MP. It started happening recently and I have tried creating an entire new profile in the game and try that yet still the same problem. The game just keeps on freezing and I have to reboot my computer. To specify a bit, I used to be able to play the MP without any problem at all. And this problem started occuring in the past month or two however I haven't botherd to try and solve in back then but suddenly got an urge to play some MP today and tried googeling and everything to solve this yet I come up with nothing that works. Anyone got an idea of how to solve this I would much appreciate some help. Best Regards & Thanks in advance Engel
  12. In ETS2 SP, I can quick travel no problem (64 bit). As soon as I get onto ETS2 MP, I try to quick travel but my game freezes on a black screen. I've tried earlier auto-saves, but problem persists. This started happening in & I was able to quick travel in Any suggestions?
  13. Does anyone have any ideas as to this glitch/bug in game in both MP and SP? So my game loads fine, i can drive around as much as i want, But if i F7 or travel between countries by ferry and trains ect, or even try and use the console in SP to quicktravel to a place, My game freezes and i have to restart my pc, ALT+TAB doesnt work or neither does ctrl alt del. Any idead will be much appreciated.
  14. Mod Version: Used: Xbox 360 wired controllerDescription of Issue: Using the ferry causes the game to crash.How to reproduce: Use the ferry.Screenshots / Videos: None
  15. so each time i load in game it just freez's ill just be taking a load to some place and my game just freez's all the time what do i do
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