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Found 5 results

  1. How to setup a headtracker with just your webcam (for free) What you need: - A working webcam connected to your PC. - AI-Track (Download) - OpenTrack (Download) If you've downloaded the two softwares above, you first want to open AI-Track. Click the configuration button. You need to make sure "Use remote OpenTrack client" is enabled. Enter "" at the "IP" address field. Enter "4242" at the "Port" field. Click apply, close the settings menu and click "start tracking". If you have the preview enabled, you should be able to see the software tracking your head. Now you want to open OpenTrack. Select the following in- and outputs: Check the settings of the input and make sure the port is set to "4242" ---> Then go to the options menu, and go to the tab "Game detection" Here you want to click the "+" icon. Then you want to browse for your ETS2 / ATS game. You can find this in: D:/Program Files/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common\Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win_x86/ and select eurotrucks2.exe Or D:/Program Files/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x86/ and select amstrucks.exe You can select a profile for it with different settings. If you don't have one (which isn't needed at all) select "default.ini". Now if you click "start" you should be able to see the pink octopus moving, and the game data changing. Congratulations, your headracker is now working. Anyway, there are still some settings to change to make it a bit better for ETS2 / ATS. You can use any settings you prefer, how ever, you can use my settings below. My settings: Open the options menu within OpenTrack. Go to the output tab and invert the pitch. Mapping: Open the mapping settings. You can copy my settings below. I disabled the X and Z movements. In my opinion this is really annoying while driving, as the cam will move to the left / right or front / back if you move your head just a little bit. I hope this guide helped you. Enjoy trucking. Keep in mind that you must have both softwares opened, and enabled to track your head! If you have questions, feel free to leave them below.
  2. سلام برای تغییرات توی پول بازی یا لول ( همون اکس پی ) یا میزان ساعت بازی شده ، کیلومتر بازی شده و... میتونید از فیلم زیر استفاده کنید https://www.aparat.com/v/L7b1e
  3. Türkçe (Turkish) : Merhabalar sayın TruckersMp yönetimi ben banlandım yanlış yol suçuyla 5 gün bu ban bana değilde bana çarpıp benim ters yola düşmeme sebeb olan arkadaşa atılmalıydı kesinlikle burda haklıyım ben yalan yanlış bir videoyla ban yedim bu zoruma gidiyor diğer adam ban yemedi ben düz yolda gidiyordum aniden adam çıktı karsıdan ters yönden bana çarptı takla attım havada ve ters yöne düstüm sonra ilerledim yanlıs yaptımı bende biliyorum ama nereye gideceğimide bilmiyordum hemen ilerde yol vardıı ordan döneyim dedim ve döndüm banlanması gereken ben olmamalıydım lütfen gerekeni yapın İngilizce (English) : Merry to say that TruckersMp administration is the wrong way for 5 days because of the wrong way this ban hit me not me, but I had to be taken to a friend who caused me not to fall in the wrong direction I'm absolutely right here I lie, I have a false video, I have banished this banal, others have banished I was going straight I was going straight, I gave it to me in the opposite direction I took it up in the air and headed in the opposite direction I made it wrong I know it but I did not know where to go I immediately said I was coming down the road and I should not have to be banished .....Regards TruckersMp
  4. Hello! This is free camera tutorial: This is what u need to do: Go to C/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2. Then search for config.cfg. Open it in notepad or in any other program. In config.cfg search for uset g_developer and set it to 1. Then search for uset g_console and set it to 1. To reduce speed use mouse wheel. Go up: 8 Go down: 2 Go left: 4 Go right: 6 Use numpad numbers! Enjoy! If u need step by step video this is tutorial I made:
  5. Guest

    Free style jobs

    İ cant see any free style jobs at the cities. I have checked 3 cities all firms. But i cant see any free jobs. Only there are world of trucks jobs. Anyone help?
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