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World Of Trucks


Found 6 results

  1. Hello Truckers! This is a fun game, all you have to do is make a guess of what truck the person below likes! Lets start! I guess its Volvo.
  2. Hello Truckers! This game is so simple, each one of you should complete the previous story. Note: Each line can only be a 3 of words in length. Lets start - Cat likes to ...
  3. Hi everyone! This game is very easy! just post a name that you don't people to call you by. and the next person will say it in the beginning of his sentence and say ' Don't Call Me …. ' and so on! Example: Person 1 : Don't call me Trucker! Person 2 : Trucker, Don't call me Ugly! Person 3 : Ugly, Don't call me honey! … Lets start! Don't call me cat!
  4. Hello Truckers! This game is very easy! Name 2 things and next person have to select one to keep and one to put it on trash! the kept thing must be mention in next suggestion until someone send it to the trash! Example: Truck / Motorcycle Person 1: Keep: Truck Trash: Motorcycle > Truck / Car Person 2: Keep: Car Trash: Truck > Car / Train Person 3: Keep: Train Trash: Plane > Train or bike Lets start: SCANIA / MAN
  5. Hi Truckers! ? This game is about guessing! All you have to do is post what you think the next person is doing ! and see if its correct or not! Examples: Person 1: I guess the Next person is eating Pizza! Person 2: Nope! the Next person is playing Ets2 .... Lets start! I guess the next person is watching a music video!
  6. Wie der Titel schon sagt, der letzte der hier was postet gewinnt. Ps: hoffe es gibt noch nicht dieses Spiel im deutschsprachigen Teil. Viel Spaß^^
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