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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I am all for TruckersMP making a simulation server, but why not have an arcade server which has collisions? Europe #2 was essentially that and was the most popular. This way all players get to play on the server they like, all rules still apply on this just not speed restricted (Or back to speed limit of 93mph or higher) If this is not in mind could we have a reason why? It seems strange you remove this style of play when Europe #1 was close to simulation already. This would not effect them at all
  2. Suggestion Name: Calais exit traffic light Suggestion Description: As you all know, the city of Calais traffic is the busiest traffic congestion in the region that is mostly connected to the highway. TruckersMP team can reduce traffic by adding traffic lights. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Why add? Because in this region, the people who think of themselves as a police traffic light blockers and prevented traffic may have relieved. NOTE: The pictures above are taken from ProMods map. Yours truly.
  3. When I login on truckersmp, I am able to connect to Europe 1 and play. But when I change server to Europe 2 or Europe 3 and I login, I get in the game but when I hit "Drive" button in-game it says with red text bottom left in the picture added: Connecting to Europe 2 server... Cannot connect to server, it may be caused by your internet connection issuses. You will be automatically reconnected within next 10 seconds. And, when I wait 10 seconds it still says so, and I have also tried to wait 10 minutes for it to connect but it still does not work. I need HELP!! Please help me fellow truckers! <3
  4. Hi guys, i have a problem. I turned off in TruckersMP options the speed limit, in game options it's off too, but still i can drive online max 90km/h. When i play offline, i can drive so fast as i will, can somebody help me? PS. English is not my first language so sorry for grammar, and yes, i looked for the ansewer, but i didn't find it.
  5. Every time I join the server Europe #2, I am getting kicked right when I join because of my accessories - but I am not having any. I just painted my car metallic green - I am also not in any traffic hot spots, so why can't I play with my skoda?
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