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  1. Here is my Problem in TruckerMP. https://pastebin.com/K4GiiK34 Crash.log
  2. Hey everybody. Iget this error when i press "launch ETS2" in the launcher:any solution?
  3. The caravan in ATS doesn't work. When u select it it will give an error.
  4. NO error massages, NO crash, Correct game version, uninstall and install(luncher, game), anyway i cant fix it but i can play ATS MP What the since 3/20 i cant play ETS2 MP i cant stay anymore i want to see flying trucks in duisburg! please help me
  5. Hello, I have just downloaded trackersmp. I’m registered and i have linked my steam account where I have ETS2 purchased but when I try to login I can’t. First the screen window didn’t let me to use ‘@‘ so I had to copy and paste but now it just says that the information is wrong. I have tried some things from forums but nothing.
  6. Hello, this is probably my 2nd time in my whole career on driving TMP that a I have had to write in the help section. The Problem: My Status Update (Public Message Box) is not appearing on my profile. That chat box which would usually appear on your own profile for people to message you or you to express your own opinion of something cool is not there for me which is very strange. I have checked and it's just not there for me, but is there for others. When did I check this issue: I checked yesterday, but thought it would be back today but it isn't. This is why I need your help if at all possible. I would greatly appreciate your help to get this issue solved as soon as possible. My profile should have a public message box just like everyone else's at the top of my profile, but for some reason it is not. Thank you for your help & Happy Trucking. Kind regards, Matt #CarLadMatt Atlas Logistics
  7. Buenas, en algunas ocasiones, al realizar un reporte en el website de TruckersMP he tenido que buscar el jugador por su nombre, pues a veces causan un accidente y se salen del servidor y no puedo obtener su Player ID, pero he notado que hay algunos nombres que el buscador no los encuentra, aun cuando están escritos correctamente, sobre todos los nombres de usuarios que contienen letras, simbolos y numeros, me gustaria saber si a otros les ha pasado y como puedo reportarlo en caso de que sea un error del buscador del website de TruckersMP. A manera de ejemplo, trate de buscar este nombre: Mercena#GFN007 y me indica que no ha podido encontrar un jugador con esas credenciales, aunque dicho jugador si está registrado con ese nombre y así me ha ocurrido con otros nombres de jugadores con un formato similar, nombres con letras, números y símbolos
  8. Help, when i open the truckersmp appears a page with conection error - retry? Help me please to solve this problem P.S i unistaled and instalet the app for 5 times, and tried to rule the app like administrator but it didn't worked.
  9. hello i get an error, who says "connection error - retry?, to many automatic redirections were attempted" Here is the screenshothttps://i.gyazo.com/062711c908499480f27361965578516e.png Here is the screenshot
  10. I never played this, but when I open the launcher it does not show the buttons to open, only "Install Avaible Updates", I click on it, download the update but nothing happens, only stays on the same button "install avaible updates". Note: Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian and I use Google translator.
  11. i tried to install truckersmp but he still keep telling me this http://prntscr.com/hs05x0. so i tried to fix this by searching the error code but it's still pop up, so i think maybe there is solve for this issue in the forums but there is no solve so her i'am asking for help
  12. How to remove this? http://prntscr.com/hrdply
  13. I want to participate on the new event, but for some reason I cant connect, Its only for me or anyone else? "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE."
  14. I update my MP and it, it keeps repeating for several times, asking to install an update, "coreets2mp.dll" "is an infinite loop, to better understand my error, watch my error, in this link below
  15. Guest

    Invalid Email or password

    ana ekranda geldiğimde parola bölümünde çok oyunculu parola böyle bir e-posta şifresini bulan bir hata verir, ancak sistem bana doğru üye olamazsa yardım edin
  16. Me sale este error y no se si de que es, me pueden ayudar?, Gracias.
  17. I tried to download the mod and got this error, can anyone help me in trying to figure out what to do?
  18. Hello, I have problem with start my ETS2 MP Please HELP!!
  19. Hey guys, for some reason my Launcher suddenly decided to not find any servers whatsoever, despite everything working like a charm yesterday. Got 2 screenshots of the error for you guys: https://imgur.com/0u5kHNL https://imgur.com/oxr1fKa So far i've tried the following solutions/troubleshooting steps: - restarted my PC - restarted my router - checked my Firewall/Antivirus for an error/some kind of blocking -> also tried completely turning everything off....to no avail. - ran the launcher as an administrator - checked for some kind of Windows Update -> nothing happened between yesterday evening and now - cleared my cache dns - finally decided to do a fresh TruckersMP install - that also did NOT help ... PS: My internet connection in general is working absolutely fine - so no, im pretty sure that's not the problem! Im kind of at a loss over here - any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. When entering the game, I get the following error: An application fatal error. Do you wish to send crash.log file to the developers? I need help, please!!
  21. Di recente, avviando il client di TruckersMP, ho riscontrato questo errore: http://prntscr.com/form7b Ho provato a cambiare la versione di Euro Truck Simulator 2, come suggerito in alcune discussioni, presenti anche su questo forum ma nulla (http://prntscr.com/foro3r) Come posso risolvere questo problema? Anche un'altro utente ha riscontrato oggi questo problema.
  22. Arkadaşlar bu sorunun çözümü nedir? " WebClient için özel durum oluştu" hatası hakkında hiçbir şey bulamadım. Bu konu hakkında bilgisi olan var mı yardımcı olabilecek? Birkaç yöntem denedim ama çözüm olmadı. Şimdiden teşekkürler ...
  23. Buenas, queria consultar si alguien conoce a qué se debe que cuando uno encuentra un camión que viene de frente, en una curva, la carga que trae dicho camión se ve como invadiendo el carril contrario y se siente como que va derrapando, (el camión posiblemente viene bien por su carril, pero se ve como si la carga va invadiendo un poco el carril contrario y como que va arrastrada o derrapando) a que se debe dicho error al juego en si o es un error del Multiplayer?, gracias
  24. Hallo, bekomme beim downloaden eine Fehlermeldung, das der Remonte Server einen Fehler zurück gegeben hat. Siehe Grafik Wenn ich OK klicke, läd er von vorne und die Fehlermeldung erschein so ab ca. 3,41MB. Bitte um Hilfe! Gruß Cronka
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