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Found 243 results

  1. when i start uts2mp a message pops up saying Fatal Error Multiplayer couldn't show login window. Enable DirectX mode. i dont know what to do. help please!
  2. ImNooboFlag

    Crashing when open ets2mp

    Hello today i wanted to play Ets2mp but it didnt working it say: Fatal Error Unsupported game version detected! To play ETS2MP you need to have ETS2 (Steam relase)! Do you need help with downgrading? Then i click on yes... Then it say Could not inject dll into the game process (error code8). Please try launching the game again. If this problem still occurs, please try reinstalling the mod. Then i reinstall and nothing happend! Please help! From ImNooboFlag To ETS2MP
  3. TheFirefighter

    ETS2 Multiplayer doesn't work.

    I have a problem when I start the game loads as Euro Truck Simulator 2 Singleplayer. Video of error: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgwqjPuICfY&feature=youtu.be
  4. Jandro


    Hello, everytime when i want to select an delivery my game crashes. The crash says: FATAL ERROR. Do you want to send this error to the game developers. Im wondering if anyone has a solution for this problem!?
  5. Ivanux

    Fatal Error MultyPlayer..

    I have very big problem.. Please help, i can't play game.. http://pastebin.com/CsJycvak
  6. simonlolz

    Can't open ETS2 Multiplayer

    Hi there, I've tried to open up my ETS2 multiplayer, and it isn't working. My normal SP is working fine. I'm using version 1.18.1s. No scandinavia DLC. When i open up ETS2 Multiplayer as admi, i get the following error: "Unsupported game version detected! To play ETS2MP you need to have ETS2 1.18s (Steam release)!" I've tried to downgrade my game using steam, right click on ETS -> Properties -> Betas, and then different patches, still not working. Anyone that have any suggestion on what to do? Best regards Simon!
  7. If you run ETS2MP you should be directed to the signing in menu (entering e-mail, password, and choosing a server you want to play in) But It didn't go that way for me.If I started on ETS2MP it leads me to picking which profile I wanna play, and after 3 seconds or so the screen starts glitching out and blinks couple of times and it starts to go black (It didn't crash, I can still hear the theme song and it my pc still responds normally) CAN ANYONE HELPPP???
  8. SpiderDead

    Fatal Error's

    Hello, This is the first time that i'm using ETS2M. When i start my ETS2M up, i'm comming by the Sign in page. I'm logging in, Picking my character etc. When i'm in the loading screen I'm getting this Error : When i'm reading the forums i need to pastbin my crash log, here is it: http://pastebin.com/n3n8k51K So, i'm repeating it for you guys. this is the First time using this. - SpiderDead
  9. MattRF4

    Constant Fatal Game Crash

    Whenver I play nowadays the game always crashes, especially in busy areas. Its been doing it for a while now and I was hoping a patch would be released to solve this but it hasnt as of yet. When will there be a fix? Its starting to get rediculous now. MP used to work so nicely. Ah well.
  11. RedPassion

    fetal error

    hi all, if i stand still i got an fetal error so i started the game again and i pressed on drive and i got an fetal error how can tat be solfed????
  12. smithdennis4

    fatal error

    Mod Version: 0.1.3 R2 Controllers Used: USB Keyboard & Mouse Description of Issue: I have been haunted with the same crashing to desktop that everyone else is talking about. This happens in the same fashion as before the latest update claiming to fix this. Hopefully the information provided here will be enough to figure out the issue. How to reproduce: Happens randomly during game play. Can be minutes later, or hours. Screenshots / Videos: ("Sorry") Crash log: http://pastebin.com/RBtZ9KC6
  13. roberaz98

    Error al dejar una carga

    buenas pues miren al dejar alguna carga me manda un fatal error el juego alguien me podría decir que puedo hacer?
  14. woofwolf

    Fatal error

    I can not deliver the goods. Error is shown in the screenshot. Mods do not use.
  15. Some truck driver did forget to disconnect the container from the trailer and when the crane tried to move the container, the driver needed some new underwear..
  16. dionisisd

    The game keeps crashing!

    Guys help please I log in to my account and as i hit drive after the connection is established the game crashes....... (i have my own truck) HEEEELP
  17. CptAwesome111

    Im getting an error

    I keep on getting this error that says "Unsupported Game version Detected! to play ETS2MP you need to have ETS21.12.1s(steam Release) Please help!!! (Note: I have verson 1.14.2)
  18. WizaRD Gaming


    Hello everyone! Before few months i started to play this game in Multiplayer and every thing was fine working. Now i reinstaled my PC and instaled ETS 2 back in PC but what do i see when i try to connect to some server??? - He say's: Unsuported game version detected! To play ETS2MP you need to have ETS2 1.12.1s (Steam Release)! Hmmm. What does mean (Steam Release)? Do that means when i don't have a Steamed ETS version or what? - I have Steamed ETS2 and ETS1 + Every ETS updates was made but nothing new comed up. Please help me someone i just don't have any ideas what to do right now...