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Found 3 results

  1. Suggested name: Green arrow on busy roads Suggestion Description: A green arrow at the Calais-Duisburg Crossings Any example images: (to big data for upload) https://ibb.co/vqY4p3v https://ibb.co/WtpPz7v https://ibb.co/Vwqyrkx Why should it be added?: It would significantly speed up traffic between duisburg calais What is a green arrow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turn_on_red#Europe
  2. Suggestion Name: New easy redesign for the Calais intersection Suggestion Description: For me the easy way to rearange the Calais intersection is to mirror it, cause right now the trucks coming from DU to CA are crossing the trucks going from CA to DU. With mirroring the intersecton the crossing mostly ends and the traffic flow will increase Any example images: Current: https://imgur.com/5TQBABX Future: https://imgur.com/sZLyI7r Why should it be added?: as already said to decrease accidents and increrase traffic flow without using a new giant intersection
  3. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
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