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  1. What is Share your Desktop? This is a place where users of all likes can share their creations, their workflow area, their something special. How can I post mine? Grab a screenshot of your desktop area. Upload the image to any picture host (e.g. Imgur). Paste the link to the image in a reply to the thread and it will automatically add your image for you. Rules The picture must be of your own desktop area. Keep images suitable for younger audiences This thread is not for posting your setup(s)/tower(s). You can find that thread here. We look forward to seeing your desktops! TruckersMP Media Team
  2. Let's see those setups!
  3. Hello, i'm having some trouble with my game since few days Problem: I'm driving on the map like a normal player, and the game is like doing an automatic ATL + TAB (But I'm NOT doing this), and the game is still running in the background so if there is a curve, i'm crashing into the invisible wall or a player + When I'm doing the ATL + TAB key (by myself), my whole computer is freezing for like 1 second If anyone have a solution, it could be helpfull :)) I've already checked my game files, nothing wrong there Hardrives are not full Game is on the SSD Thanks, Lama
  4. Scraft08_YT


    I know, there are questions like this, but there are only old threads about this. Are there plans to publish TruckersMP on mac in the future? With kind regards Scrafto
  5. Hey Community, with this post i will give you a cutom UI with the Theme: GTAV, Red and Black. Enjoy the UI. Im happy about nice feedback ;D UI Pack Name: GTAV, Red and Black Font Used: original Made For MP Version: Alpha / 1.39.x Download Link: https://workupload.com/file/JzdcWkRrbKA Screenshot(s): Backgrounds: #1 #1.1 #2 #3 Ingame UI: Installation Tutorial 1. Extract Files from Zip Archiv 2. Goto: "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data" 3. Copy "ets2_mod" Folder to this Directory 4. Start TruckersMP and have Fun ;D If you had any questions you cann add Me on Discord: Lucas L.#1024
  6. Hello guys, Have you recently experienced a problem with an SSD freezing the OS or game (which can result in unreliable connection kick from MP). Luckily there are solutions to that and I would like to share it with all the others having issues! When buying an SSD, make sure the speeds are listed as MB/s (Megabytes per second), not Mbps. If you plan to get an SSD but don't want to pay a much higher price, then I recommend the Crucial MX500 (not BX500), usually they will be a SATA type. (Make sure they have a DRAM cache) If you would rather have a very high performance SSD then I recommend getting an NVMe SSD (such as a WD Black SN750) IF your PC supports them, these are more expensive but are extremely better performing. Please keep all of the above in mind before purchasing an SSD! ========================================================================================================================== STEP ONE Make sure all your drivers are up to date on Windows! You can do this by opening start and typing "Device Manager". FOR SATA SSDs Look for "IDA/ATA/ATAPI controllers" and select the controller FOR NVMe SSDs Look for "Storage controllers" and select the controller Right click it and press 'Update driver'. Then close device manager. STEP TWO Go to the link below and download the 'registry' file(.reg) - Number 2 https://bit.ly/2EXDe8f Once you have done that and added the registry file, search for "Edit power plan" . Press "Change advanced power settings" Select "Hard Disk" > "AHCI Link Power Management - HIPM/DIPM" > "Setting" and select the option "Active". Click apply and close control panel and power options. STEP THREE If you have a Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, WD Green/Blue/Black SSD or Crucial use the links below to download their SSD Dashboards. Kingston: https://www.kingston.com/en/support/technical/ssdmanager SanDisk: https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15108/~/sandisk-ssd-dashboard-support-information (Download option!) Samsung: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/ (SAMSUNG MAGICIAN) Western Digital: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=279 Crucial: https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/support-storage-executive Once you have installed the manager for your SSD(s), go to your SSD in the dashboard and check for firmware updates. For example this is WD's dashboard And Crucial's dashboard Make sure to check SSD health, status etc... to make sure your SSD is healthy and not suffering any issues. STEP FOUR Once you have updated your firmware, you should be good to go! If you still unfortunately have issues with freezing, I recommend you follow the steps below! STILL GOT ISSUES? Well you have two options which aren't really what you want to do... 1. Re-install windows on your SSD (make sure to backup your data) and wipe the SSD partitions on install. 2. Contact your SSD manufacturer and see if they can help with the issue(s). If you managed to fix it, congrats! Enjoy trucking. Know any others with SSD issues? Link them here!
  7. Hi all Want to share a little tip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUU-amGbI_0 First ETS2 video, so be gentle Cheers
  8. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  9. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @TheDogHouseLIVE. J'ai récemment créé une vidéo pour les membres de mon entreprise sur comment accepter des missions personnalisées en utilisant le client TrucksBook. Puisque beaucoup d'entre nous sur TruckersMP utilisent TrucksBook avec nos entreprises, je voulais partager cela avec la communauté. Je ferai aussi plus de vidéos pour les autres fonctionnalités de TrucksBook, aussi bien que pour TruckersMP. J'espère que cela vous aidera ! Amusez-vous bien ! Accepter des Missions Personnalisées en utilisant le client TrucksBook
  10. Suggestion Name: Collision vs Non-collision handling Suggestion Description: I think that the collision of trucks outside of non-collision zones with trucks inside non-collision zones can be improved to help with the chaos in front of these zones, and the incapability of players to form a queue for entering and exiting such zones. Especially for company areas where trucks drive onto the parking dialog field and stop, with their trailer still reaching out of the zone. Currently non-collision only works for trucks within the zone, as trucks outside of the zone still collide with those that have no collision, which sounds like a paradox in itself. It would be helpful if all truck were unable to collide with trucks in a non-collision area. I am aware of the gameplay setting of always choosing a delivery spot automatically, but it seems that most players do not know of this option and so every time someone drives onto a company area to deliver their trailer they will block all other players from entering until they've picked their spot and accelerated again. This causes an unnecessary line and people start overtaking while others are trying to exit and suddenly you have Calais-like traffic for no good reason. If you'd like an example of such situations you just have to watch a random Idiots on the road, there's always at least one clip of trucks flipping and stuff because they collide with trucks that are inside the non-collision area. Any example images: As you can see on this image, truck A is standing on the delivery/pickup dialog trigger (white square) inside the non-collision zone, and is therefore in non-collision mode. However if truck B tried to drive onto the area, it would be blocked by the trailer of truck A, because truck B is not in non-collision mode yet. Instead truck B should be unable to collide with truck A in this situation. The same is true for exiting. Often a truck leaves the non-collision zone but the trailer is still partially inside the non-collision zone. Many players do not realise the implications and queue up touching (or being inside) the trailer, which usually results in flipping the truck that is currently leaving, even tho the truck that causes the flip is still inside the non-collision area. And too often does truck C think that truck B is stupid or something and tries to overtake which results in even worse situations. Why should it be added?: Take this suggestion as a follow-up improvement of this one: Extending the non-collision zones would not help this situation at all, the problem would still be the same, but just move to somewhere else. Instead I am positive that if collision detection is changed, it would make entering and exiting non-collision areas much less frustrating and less prone to bad drivers.
  11. PeXArtZ

    Linux Support

    Suggestion Name: Linux Support Suggestion Description: Add Linux Support for Truckers MP. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: Valve is supporting Linux now for a long time and with Steams Proton you can also play Windows titles. Linux is an OS which is constantly improving and growing. Everyday there are many new users joining the linux community just to see that they can't play their favorite game - ATS/ETS with TruckersMP. Gaming on Linux is getting more important everyday, so its just a good view in the future to support linux.
  12. Hi guys, you've got the counters of players online, so why dont you have a counter for views, player etc.? Suggestion Name: Usercounter Suggestion Description: You set up an counte at the bottom of the Website and put all website statistics (registered members, topics, online people, ...). It should be updated hourly or so. Pictures: at the bottom Why should it be added?: I would love to see this great community grow. And not only by how many players are online, but all the time.
  13. Hi everybody, I'd like to know If I'm able to set a personalized logo company in ETS2, so that I could put it in my truck as well. How could I do it? Thank you very much
  14. Уважаеми шофьори, Поради огромното натоварване на входящи имейли във обратната връзка, решихме да променим начина, по който се справяме с тях. Ние се отдалечаваме от електронно базирана система и преминаваме към система, базирана на билети/тикети, свързана с доклади и обжалвания. Тази нова система https://truckersmp.com/feedback ще бъде по-ефективна и ни позволява да се справим с вашите заявки много по-бързо, предлагайки ви по-добра услуга. Има някои неща, които трябва да имате предвид, когато използвате системата за обратна връзка: Мениджърите на TruckersMP, т.е. горен персонал, са тези, които се занимават с билети за обратна връзка; Системата не е свикнала да се оплаквате от забрани/банове. Предполага се, че смятате, че има грешка, която не е разгледана във вашата жалба или от модератора на играта; Ако съобщението ви е за забрана, уверете се, че сте създали първо обжалване на забрана и че Модераторът на Играта го е прегледал. Освен това, уверете се, че имате поне 3 дни за отговор (https://truckersmp.com/appeals/); Ако искате да подадете сигнал за играч, моля използвайте системата за доклади, която е предоставена тук; Конструктивна обратна връзка, предложения, запитвания или оплаквания са добре дошли; Моля, бъдете търпеливи, тъй като понякога ще получите голямо количество случаи за обратна връзка; Английският е предпочитаният език, тъй като означава, че можем да работим по вашия случай незабавно. Писането на други езици непременно ще доведе до забавяне в отговора поради нужда от преводи. Можете да използвате системата за обратна връзка, ако това се отнася за вас: Искате да предоставите отзиви за членовете на екипа на TruckersMP; Искате да давате обратна връзка, да се оплаквате или да обсъждате наказания; Искате да предоставите обратна връзка или да зададете въпроси, които не се вписват в нито една категория на форума; Имате заявка, която съдържа лична и / или лична информация, която не желаете да бъде публично достъпна; Други искания, насочени към горен персонал. Полезни връзки: Доклади за грешки Предложения Помощ раздел Поддържа Важни бележки: Много е важно да свържете всичко необходимо, за да разгледате вашия случай, напр. Ако не добавите това към съобщението си, трябва да го поискаме и това ще увеличи времето за преглед на вашия случай. Моля, изпратете заявките си, като създадете нов билет/тикет за обратна връзка на https://truckersmp.com/feedback и ние ще разгледаме въпроса ви възможно най-скоро. Отбор, Управление на проекти.
  15. I wrote the tag "I can do anything" with I not i, but it lowered it, I know that i is not correct, I is correct. Hello, I'd like to ask if is allowed park double trailers in "I can do anything" difficulty (If it is possible.)? I don't see any reason why not, but I just want to ask. And I would like to ask why I/we can't delete reports? And I would like to ask why is there restricted area for double trailers? what's the purpose?
  16. Hello! I recently reinstalled Bootcamp (due to the fact my mac couldn't work out where it was) and installed ets2 and truckersmp. Keep in mind since this is a recent installation, there is no malware present, only things installed are graphics drivers, steam, truckersmp, and MSI afterburner. My laptop specs is 8GB ram, 1GB VRAM GeForce 650M. I am using an external SSD, Samsung 860 Evo to store ets2. BOOTCAMP is basically running Windows 10 on a Mac, keep in mind I am not saying "MacOS". Now time to get down to the problem. My game (on windows 10) was silky smooth after installation. I had to lower the graphics quality for optimal performance. Windows (10) recently automatically updated. I restarted the computer, started up ets2, and it seems there is a lot of stuttering. Before the update, my resolution was 2880x1800 and low/medium graphics. (Mostly low). After the update, I have to change my resolution to 720p, change all settings to low/disabled. Even now there is still slight stuttering. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?. This is because this is a new installation with 10 or fewer applications. I have also optimized settings in windows from the tutorial on the forums, ie turning superfetch off, prerender 1. I have done all the things in that post. On MacOS, ets2 silky smooth with medium settings, and my native resolution, 2880 x 1800.
  17. Hi There! I have a big problem. I wanna run ETS2 Multiplayer on my Linux but it wont start up. I've installed it via Lutris but nothing. On lutris it says works flawlessy, also on WineHQ. I tried everything. Run manually truckersmp cli. Run steam via ets2multi prefix after truckersmp cli nothing. How can I fix it? Please answer. I tried on Linux Mint 19.1, Arch Linux. Balazs.
  18. Доброго времени суток! Я решил перейти на LINUX! Я что-то не могу разобраться, как подключить мр на нем. Устанавливал и Vine и другие эмуляторы- нет не какой работоспособности. Может есть такие кто уже не первый месяц играют на LINUX?. За ранее благодарю!!
  19. Please also create a Mac / Apple compatible version. There must be a lot of people asking this? Pretty please?
  20. Hey guys! This might be a nooby question but how can I use my own custom made skins in online. I've created my own trailer skin but it wont show in online. Is there a way for them to show online. Thanks
  21. Hello Truckers! I have problem with my steering wheel. I buy TRACER Drifter it was 270 degrees. And i can't setup this in ETS2... Can you send down below your setting for this or maybe commands on setup 270 degrees steering wheel in ETS2 or can remove the view of steering wheel. Please help me. .
  22. Hey guys, I know this is outside the general scope of support but wondering if anyone has this experience. I'm trying to run Truckers MP through wine - there's a guy online who did it with Ubuntu 18 and it seems to be flawless. Currently I'm running the latest Arch Linux distro but I seem to be running into a couple issues. Before installing ATS and ETS2 I installed .NET 4.0 through winetricks, all went well. Installed Steam through wine, then the games themselves. Started both games and made a save file in each. Installed the latest TruckersMP launcher, pointed it to the ATS and ETS2 directories, no issues. When starting the launcher, this is where I run into problems - I've attached a screenshot of the error. I can't really make sense of it, so hopefully somebody has experienced this before. Cheers
  23. Suggestion Description: A mod where it would allow you to roll up or down your windows. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added? Because there is a possibility of reducing some crashes. Crashes that happen by people driving in 3rd person just to hear the sound of their truck and crash because they don’t know how to drive in 3rd person or crashes when people stick their head out the window and drive facing backwards just because they want to hear the outside engine sound from their truck. I doubt this will be accepted everything cool is never added.
  24. Centos 6.x işletim sistemleri için root şifresini değiştirmek için uygulanacak adımlar faydalı olur ise sizlere kısa bir süre sonra sesli videolu olarak anlatımlar yapabilirim takıldığınız yer var ise yorumlarınızı eksik etmeyiniz. İşletim sistemi yeniden başlarken resimdeki anda herhangi bir tuşa basıyoruz ve menü ekranı açılıyor. Açılan menüde a tuşuna basarak kernel sayfasına geçiş sağlıyoruz. Bu sayfanın son satırında bulunan yazının sonuna 1 ekleyip enter’a basıyoruz. Sunucu single mode üzerinden yeniden başlıyor. Açılan komut satırında şifreyi passwd komutu ile istediğiniz şekilde değiştirebilirsiniz. Son olarak reboot komutu ile sunucuyu yeniden başlatarak tvermiş olduğumuz yeni şifremiz ile erişim sağlayabiliriz.
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